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How businesses are using Telegram Marketing to reach more audiences

How to use Telegram Marketing to reach more audiences

700 million monthly active users are now on Telegram. Being such a popular and widespread instant messaging platform, Telegram for Business has become an essential instant messaging app for business and customer communication. 

To enable businesses to reach their target audiences quickly and effectively, Telegram for Business continues to improve the platform by offering a range of features such as customizable automated Telegram bots, Telegram Ads, and Telegram broadcast messages along with analytics that allows businesses to optimize their communication strategies.

With a Telegram marketing strategy, businesses can reach out to their prospects faster and more efficiently than with traditional methods. It also provides a cost-effective way to engage with their customers on a more personal level by allowing them to reach out directly via private messages or group chats. Find out where to begin with your Telegram marketing strategy with our guide below.

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How does Telegram marketing work

Using Telegram for Business to benefit your brand

Telegram Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses the Telegram messaging app to reach potential customers. It can be used for various purposes, including customer engagement, lead generation, brand awareness, and more.

Businesses can use Telegram Marketing to engage with their customers through channels, bots, groups, and ads. 

  • Telegram Channels: allow businesses to broadcast messages to their followers

  • Telegram Bots: automated chatbots that can interact with customers in real-time

  • Telegram Groups: provide an opportunity for businesses to engage in conversations with multiple users at once

  • Telegram ads: allow businesses to promote their products or services on the platform

By using these features of Telegram Marketing effectively, businesses can reach out to potential customers and build relationships with them while also increasing brand awareness and generating leads.

Telegram Channels to increase brand exposure

Telegram Channels to boost brand exposure

Telegram Channels are similar to social media pages, and businesses can use them to share their content with a wide audience. These channels are public, and anyone can join them by searching for the business on Telegram or by clicking on the link provided by the business.

Businesses can use Telegram Channels to send a one-way Telegram broadcast message to promote their products, services, and other content by regularly updating their followers with new information, offers, and deals. Telegram Channels can also be used to build brand awareness and loyalty by providing useful and engaging content to their followers.

Telegram Groups to build community and brand connection

Telegram Groups are another way for businesses to engage with their customers and foster a community. Unlike Telegram Channels, in private Telegram Groups, members need to be approved by the group admin before they can join. Businesses can use Telegram Groups to create a more intimate setting where they can engage with their most loyal customers, share exclusive content, and create a sense of community. Telegram Groups can also be used to gather feedback, conduct surveys, and host events.

The difference between Telegram Groups and Telegram Channels can be summarized as follows:

FeatureTelegram ChannelTelegram Group
PrivacySubscribers cannot see other participants in the channelMembers can see all members of the group
ModerationMultiple adminsSingle/multiple admins
Use CasesBroadcasting, news, product updates, events and promotionsCommunity building, customer support, membership program

Telegram Bots for automated customer engagement

Use Telegram Bot for different business purposes

Telegram Bots are interactive tools that can be programmed to automate various tasks, such as customer service, sales, and engagement activities. Free APIs are provided for businesses to tailor Telegram Bots and engage with their customers in real-time by, for example, answering FAQs, providing information, and taking orders. They can also be used to personalize customer interactions by tracking their preferences, previous interactions, and purchase history.

Telegram Ads to generate qualified leads quickly

Telegram Ads are a paid form of marketing that allows businesses to reach out to a more targeted audience. With Telegram Ads, businesses can display sponsored messages on Telegram Channels with 1000+ subscribers to promote their products or services to Telegram users. Telegram Ads contain a few components, including an ad title, ad message, and an ad URL which is linked to the business's Telegram Channel or bot, but no external links are allowed.

Explore how to get started with Telegram Ads with this step-by-step guide.

Tips for running a successful Telegram Ads campaign

Running a successful Telegram Ads campaign can be an effective way to reach a targeted audience and achieve specific marketing goals. Here are some tips for executing a rewarding Telegram Ads campaign:

Step 1: Define your audience and choose the right Telegram Channel

Before launching a Telegram Ads campaign, it's essential to define your target audience. This includes factors such as demographics, location, interests, and behaviors. With Telegram Ads, you have to choose the right Telegram Channels to show your sponsored messages, so that your ads reach the targeted audience and generate better results.

Step 2: Create compelling ad content

Your Telegram Ad content should be eye-catching and informative to grab the attention of your target audience. Since Telegram Channels generally have big chunks of information, your Telegram Ads must be presented with clear and concise language to capture attention and strike an impression.

Step 3: Set a budget for your Telegram aDS

Telegram Ad budget is set using CPM (Cost-Per-Mille), where you pay the price for every one thousand views of your ad message. The minimum ad budget on Telegram is €2(around US$2.12), and you can decide how much you want to spend on that particular ad message for every CPM.

Plan properly as you will not be able to change the budget once the ad is published. You may, however, duplicate the ad and set a lower budget, then delete the existing one. Setting a budget that aligns with your marketing goals and the ad format you choose can help you reach your desired ROI.

You will need to add ‘Funds’ to your Telegram Business account if you’re creating Telegram Ads for the first time.

Create budget for Telegram Ads

Step 4: Monitor your Telegram Ads campaign

Monitoring your Telegram Ads campaign is crucial to track your progress and measuring your success. Use analytics tools to keep an eye on the performance of your ads, including click-through rates and impressions.

Step 5: Optimize your Telegram Ads

Based on the insights gathered from your ad campaign monitoring, optimize your ads by tweaking your message content or target audience in specific Telegram Channels to improve the performance of your ad campaign.

Some of the successful examples of Telegram Channels for marketing

Since Telegram Channels are a great way to get your message out to a large audience, businesses should consider creating one by referring to some successful examples from large brands.

1. The New York Times

The New York Times uses Telegram Business account for marketing

The New York Times has a Telegram channel where they share breaking news and updates about the Russia-Ukraine war. With over 108k subscribers, the channel provides an excellent opportunity for the news platform to efficiently share the latest information with their readers and engage them with message reactions. 

2. Watson’s Malaysia

Watson's Malaysia uses Telegram Business account for marketing

Watson’s Malaysia, a leading health and beauty retailer in Malaysia, has a Telegram channel where they share promotional offers, festive wishes, and even memes. With over 29k subscribers, the channel provides an excellent platform for the company to promote their offer and packages such as ‘Kaw Kaw Deals’ and entertaining visuals to engage their customers. The channel works as an announcement board for their customers.

3. Samsung Russia

Samsung Russia uses Telegram Business account for marketing

Samsung Russia has a Telegram channel where they share product updates and special features about their products. With over 18.4k subscribers, the channel provides an excellent platform for Samsung to showcase their products creatively. They often send out messages in the form of a storyboard or attach the information with appealing video content. They even use the poll feature to collect customers’ opinions from time to time. 

SleekFlow: the best Telegram Marketing software

Connect Telegram for marketing on SleekFlow

SleekFlow, as an omnichannel social commerce platform that connects the most popular messaging apps, is the best option for your Telegram marketing strategy. It provides a comprehensive suite of features that help you, as Telegram marketers, reach your goals faster and more efficiently. With SleekFlow, you can create powerful broadcast Telegram campaigns and send personalized messages to your target audience. You can also monitor the performance of your campaigns and get detailed analytics on how they are performing.

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