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[2023 update] WeChat Web & Desktop: a user guide for your business in Singapore

WeChat Web guide for business in Singapore

WhatsApp, the messaging service with the largest user base worldwide, made waves with its convenience and user-friendliness when it launched its web version in January 2015. Since then, WhatsApp users have been able to communicate with their contacts on WhatsApp using their computers, making it more common for colleagues to use the web version in the office. 

Many seem to think that WhatsApp was the first to make instant messaging accessible on the web; however, according to Baidu Baike, Tencent had already announced the launch of WeChat Web on the QQ browser in February 2014.

As of Dec 2022, WeChat has over 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide. Following the partnership of WeChat and Grab in Singapore in Feb 2023, where WeChat users are allowed to book e-hailing rides through the Grab mini program on WeChat, the collaboration of these two super apps further supports the growing Chinese market in Singapore. This just shows how WeChat is an important channel for businesses to target Chinese customers in Asia countries. Want to learn to communicate with customers on WeChat Web or WeChat Desktop App? Read on.

What is WeChat Web/WeChat Online

WeChat Web QR code

WeChat Web or WeChat Online is the web-based version of the WeChat messaging app, which allows users to access their accounts and chat with friends or customers on their computer's web browser.

Features of WeChat Web/WeChat Online

Since WeChat Desktop was introduced, there have not been a lot of updates for WeChat Web or WeChat Online. Occasionally, users even experience login failures on WeChat Web. However, users can always install WeChat Desktop to manage the WeChat account on the computer, as it consists of more advanced features. 

Undoubtedly, businesses can still choose to use WeChat Web/WeChat Online. It still receives minor updates from time to time. Plus, WeChat just officially launched the WeChat Web/WeChat Online file transfer assistant in March 2023, allowing users to update messages in real time and use different versions of WeChat simultaneously without being logged out.

WeChat Desktop features

WeChat often makes adjustments based on user feedback. In 2022, WeChat released the latest update, WeChat for Windows 3.8.1, with the following useful features:

Private chat function

Similar to WhatsApp, WeChat Desktop's private chat function supports texts, images, videos, emojis, voice calls, and video calls.

Group chat function

A WeChat group chat can have up to 500 people, and you can usually enter by scanning a WeChat QR code. If the group has more than 200 people, only members of the group will be able to invite others.

  • When inviting friends, you can share the group chat history

Previously, joining a group chat halfway through meant that you wouldn’t be able to view previous messages. Now, this feature solves that problem, and new friends won't miss any important information.

  • Group admins can pin messages

Group admins can pin messages to make them more visible. With the number of messages sent every day, it's easy to miss important ones, but pinning messages helps everyone stay informed and not miss anything important.

WeChat Moments

WeChat Moments on the app

After the 2021 update, users can browse their friends' Moments directly on WeChat Desktop. Similar to Facebook Pages, users can share posts, photos, and comments on articles. 61% of users check WeChat Moments every time they open the app. This is why many businesses prefer to work with key opinion leaders to promote their brand on WeChat for Business, share articles, and attract customers through Moments.

WeChat Official accounts

The nature of WeChat Official accounts is similar to Facebook Business, which helps businesses gather followers, promote products and services, and direct customers to their official websites. Now, WeChat users can view the official WeChat accounts they have followed on WeChat Desktop.

The advantage of WeChat Official accounts is their push notifications, which alert users with chat notifications on their list of conversations. After clicking and opening the message from an official WeChat account, customers will be able to see a section at the bottom of the chat message list with links to the business's website, URL, or mini-program.

Find out how to set up WeChat Official accounts for your business in Singapore.

WeChat Search function

WeChat search engine

Through the built-in search engine in WeChat, you can directly search for information, including articles from official WeChat accounts, mini-programs for news, and videos.

Share a link on WeChat

Caption: How to share a link on WeChat

How to download and log in to WeChat Web?

Download WeChat for Windows

Currently, WeChat Web is supported for Windows and Mac. Users can download WeChat Web for Windows from the official website.

If you are using a Mac, you can go to the website of WeChat for Mac to download the program:

Download WeChat for Mac

When you search for "WeChat Web" online, you will find a webpage with only a WeChat QR code:

Google search WeChat Web

You can follow the instructions and scan the WeChat QR code with the WeChat app on your phone. 

How to scan QR code on WeChat

If you have not downloaded the official program, you will see the following message:

Unlike WhatsApp Web, WeChat's official login method requires you to download the mobile app before you can use WeChat Web. 

After you’ve successfully logged in, the following interface will appear:

Successfully logged in to WeChat Web

How to install WeChat Desktop App

You can download the WeChat Desktop App directly from the link below:

WeChat for Mac - download WeChat for Mac

WeChat for Windows - download WeChat for Windows 

How to login to WeChat Desktop 

If you are logging in to WeChat Desktop for the first time, you need to scan the WeChat QR code using your WeChat mobile app. After clicking the login button, you can start using the WeChat Desktop App.

How to download WeChat Web for Business? What are the features?

If you want to use WeChat for Business on your computer, you can go to the official website of WeChat for Business:

WeChat Work - WeChat for Business

Then, follow the instructions to download the corresponding app for Windows or Mac:

Download WeChat for Business

Caption: Hover your mouse cursor over your selection to view its QR code.

For example, from an update on September 18, 2020, the "customer contact for employee handover function" was added. When Employee A resigns, you can assign Employee A's customers to Employee B, seamlessly passing the customers to Employee B.

Other features for customer contact management include:

  • External payment collection: admins can collect payment from customers using multiple payment accounts

  • Team members can use the "customer contacts" function to complete a business card for customers to add their WeChat Business account, making their brand image more professional

  • Employees can directly collect payments from WeChat users in chats

  • Businesses can view the current number of customers that can be added

  • Group owners can send important notifications, holiday greetings, and other content to multiple customer groups at once

How does SleekFlow market to WeChat users?

Eau Thermale Avène WeChat

SleekFlow integrates messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat, supporting customers in real time through a single platform. Based on customer preferences, it allows businesses to incorporate advanced communication and automation tools to reach more potential customers.

In addition, SleekFlow users can currently send WeChat broadcast messages through SleekFlow.

Benefits of sending broadcast messages through SleekFlow:

  • Conversation labels: SleekFlow allows users to label and classify customer conversations, in which different messages can be sent at different times according to labels and priorities, such as new customers in May, Facebook Lead Ads customers, customers with birthdays in May, etc.

  • Automated, personalized broadcast: Sending broadcast messages on SleekFlow does not require manual scheduling, as SleekFlow can automate the relevant processes. For instant, when potential customers fill out a form on Facebook Lead Ads, their information is automatically synchronized and updated in your SleekFlow platform's customer library. What's even better, is that you can develop subsequent marketing strategies based on this list.

Sign up for a free account on SleekFlow to maximize your WeChat business strategy!

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