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Retail O2O

O2O social commerce for retail sales growth

Boost your O2O sales and transact seamlessly with no fuss. Enable remote selling to break through retail sales limits. Consolidate all messaging platforms in one place. Fully own all your customers' contact and conversations without worrying about sales turnover.

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customer traffic


conversion over chats vs other channels


increase in abandoned cart conversion

Get paid on messaging with in-app product catalog and payment solution

Unique in-app catalog and payment functions enable remote selling via product sharing on WhatsApp, IGDM, and more. Continue the conversation from offline to online.

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Intelligent conversation routing

Segment, label, and assign inquiries automatically to specific stores or frontline staff. An organized lead distribution enables clear division of labor and revenue attribution.

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Code-free e-commerce integration

SleekFlow supports various e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and more. Sync up contacts or the membership database, and connect to your e-commerce shop without coding effort. View conversation, order history, and manage orders all in one place.

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Track sales and marketing conversion with advanced dashboard analytics

Keep track of the sales performance on social messaging according to different sales units such as store location. Track O2O campaign performance and reply rate. Boost customer satisfaction and build a loyal customer base through real-time analytics on SleekFlow.

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Empowering Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) Retail

WhatsApp chatbot empowers our customers to act upon their desires immediately, securing a reservation to experience our products without delay. SleekFlow’s WhatsApp Business solution has played a significant role in our O2O operations.

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Winnie Ho

Commercial Director, De'longhi Hong Kong & Taiwan


More unique features for retail

Collaborators and access grant

Designated teammates in the same store can co-own the conversations and receive notifications on their own devices. Both frontline store salespersons and customer support can handle the conversation swiftly.

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Internal notes

Internal notes on conversations allow smoother communication between supervisors and frontline staff.

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Quick reply

No more copy-and-paste replies — Answer enquires and FAQs such as store addresses, opening time, etc with 1-click and consistency.

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Free Live Chat for your e-commerce site

The Live Chat widget is more than an online customer support agent. It also provides full visibility of your customers' website behavior such as what page they are browsing.

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