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How Natural Signature yields 5X contacts with enhanced customer experience via SleekFlow

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Natural Signature is Malaysia’s pioneering brand for an unmanned furniture experience showroom. While the term "unmanned" might imply a lack of staff within the company, it actually means the opposite. Evolving with the modern-day working society, Natural Signature leads with a shift in working mode for their sales staff, allowing employees to work from home with greater flexibility.

Without making an appointment, customers are welcome to experience stress-free, self-service furniture shopping anytime during business hours. By scanning the QR code on the door, they will get a passcode for entry through WhatsApp. Every product in the store comes with its own unique QR code for the customers to access detailed product information, view additional photos and videos, or even make direct purchases online.

Challenges faced by the O2O furniture retail 

Dispersed enquiries and conversations across channels

Natural Signature relies on WhatsApp Business App, Facebook, and Instagram to engage with customers. However, in the past, these accounts were managed on different devices by distinct customer service representatives. When one account receives an influx of queries, the team needs help to provide consistent support, leading to fragmented, inconsistent platform responses.

A limited number of simultaneous logins on the free WhatsApp Business App 

Initially, Natural Signature engaged with customer queries through a WhatsApp Business account, and they encountered a roadblock—the free WhatsApp Business App has limited simultaneous logins. Consequently,  the customer service team had to share a single account and device, resulting in delayed responses, customer frustration, and a potential loss of interest.

Fragmented communication channels and lack of visibility across channels

With communication scattered across platforms, assessing customer feedback and service quality becomes daunting for management. In instances where timely conversations are not responded to in a timely manner or go unnoticed, the overall customer experience will be impacted. This lack of transparency risks customer dissatisfaction and potential customer attrition.

Ineffective results with other unstable business solutions

Before adopting SleekFlow, Natural Signature experimented with other business solution providers to overcome these obstacles. Unfortunately, these attempts failed to deliver the needed stability and efficiency, leading to subpar customer service and dissatisfaction.

SleekFlow’s omnichannel Solution for the O2O furniture retail

Natural Signature has revolutionised its customer engagement strategy with SleekFlow, integrating WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and its official website into the SleekFlow Inbox. This seamless integration empowers the customer service team to handle enquiries efficiently without the hassle of switching between multiple platforms.

1. An official verified WABA account for enhanced customer trust

Natural Signature Green Tick Verified

Security and reliability are paramount for online businesses. With the official WhatsApp Business green tick verification, Natural Signature has enhanced its brand credibility and instilled confidence in its customers. When Natural Signature sends out WhatsApp broadcast messages, customers can quickly identify the business, reducing the risk of the account being reported and banned.

Natural Signature Broadcast Campaign

During Ramadan, Natural Signature has leveraged its verified status to run its #NSJomRaya campaign efficiently. They sent out carefully crafted WhatsApp messages to their extensive customer base, inviting them to visit unstaffed showrooms, snap a photo, and stand a chance to win enticing prizes such as RM888 e-vouchers and RM88 e-vouchers.

Even without customers saving the brand’s phone number in their contacts, the WhatsApp Business account prominently displays the brand name. This simple yet effective approach showcases professionalism and fosters trust among recipients. As a result, their broadcast messages achieved an impressive read rate of 70%.

2. Harnessing WhatsApp QR code for swift access to passcode and tracking showroom visitors

Natural Signature door passcode
Natural Signature send door passcode via WhatsApp

Natural Signature has taken convenience to the next level by displaying its WhatsApp QR code at all the showroom entrances. This innovative approach allows customers to scan the code and be swiftly redirected to WhatsApp to access the entrance passcode. All it takes is to send a quick message, pre-set by Natural Signature, including the store location, and voila! Customers will receive an automated WhatsApp message with a passcode right away. 

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Natural Signature utilises these WhatsApp interactions to accurately gauge customer traffic at each branch. This not only helps them efficiently identify potential customers but also ensures that customer data is seamlessly stored in the SleekFlow CRM system, setting the stage for future marketing strategies.

3. Streamlined conversation flow with automated WhatsApp workflows

Natural Signature has implemented an automated chat flow that significantly improves the efficiency and quality of its customer service. They've established a WhatsApp chatbot where customers initiate the conversation with a preset message, triggering an automatic reply with interactive chat buttons. Customers can select their preferred service language before seamlessly routing the conversation to the appropriate customer service representatives for further assistance.

Natural Signature has also integrated easy-to-access WhatsApp call-to-actions (CTAs) into their social media posts and ads, encouraging interested leads to connect to the brand directly via WhatsApp, where the preset message will trigger automated replies for understanding the customers' genuine interests and specific needs. The high-potential consumers will then be steered down the sales funnel all on WhatsApp, ultimately optimising resource allocation and boosting the conversion rate.

I would recommend SleekFlow to businesses with customer service teams of more than 2 people. It helps improve customer service efficiency and the quality of customer support.

Victor Gan

Victor Gan

Marketing Director, Natural Signature

4.  Spiking Facebook post engagement rate by 80% with comment auto reply

Natural Signature Facebook Campaign

Natural Signature regularly hosts contests and promotions on Facebook and Instagram to boost brand visibility and draw in potential customers. Customers can easily participate either by tagging friends or leaving a specific comment as instructed by Natural Signature on the corresponding post.

Once customers engage with the post, SleekFlow's comment auto reply feature will automatically respond to their comments. Supported by Facebook and Instagram algorithms, the marketing post will gain exposure with increased organic reach and engagement.

For instance, for the Chinese New Year giveaway on Facebook, Natural Signature has observed a notable boost in both click-through and engagement rates. It attracted over 300 participants, received 845 likes, and garnered more than 280 shares, along with an impressive 80% surge in user engagement rate.

5. Shared inbox for seamless team collaboration members

With SleekFlow's shared inbox, Natural Signature can now save preset FAQ replies for quick access. Customer support representatives can promptly respond to common inquiries, such as product details, business hours, or delivery policies, with a standardised answer in just one click. This means that the management can be rest assured that responses from different employees remain consistent with accurate and reliable customer service.

When collaborating on the same conversation, the team members can also  have internal discussions using SleekFlow's internal notes feature. They no longer have  to switch platforms or hold in-person meetings before replying to the customer, thus amplifying service efficiency.

On the other hand, the management, with the role of admin, has access to all conversation data and can effectively supervise the customer service team's performance. With clear visibility into who handles each conversation, the manager can step in promptly to offer guidance and make adjustments, avoid miscommunication, and ensure that the service quality is always maintained.

SleekFlow's omnichannel inbox has revolutionised our internal communication flow. Now, whenever a message lands in our inbox, all our customer service team members receive instant notifications simultaneously. When there’s a need for team members to reply concurrently, they can discuss in the customer chat without switching platforms, significantly reducing customer wait times.

Victor Gan

Victor Gan

Marketing Director, Natural Signature

6. 5X WhatsApp contacts and 98% increase in message volume with efficient team collaboration

Natural Signature has productively streamlined its workflow and  handled the influx of enquiries with SleekFlow’s business solution. Other than refined collaboration and operational efficiency, the enterprise has also significantly boosted the performance of their high-quality customer service. In turn, Natural Signature has escalated its return on investment with reduced risk of potential customer loss.

By offering various entry points on WhatsApp, such as click to WhatsApp ads and WhatsApp QR codes, Natural Signature has witnessed a substantial 98% increase in enquiries. The number of WhatsApp contacts also soared 5X, laying a robust foundation for future marketing strategies.

Furthermore, Natural Signature's marketing campaign achieved remarkable success with the auto reply feature for social post comments. This initiative attracted over 300 customers to participate in the contest on Facebook, leading to an impressive 80% increase in customer engagement.

About Natural Signature

Natural Signature Unmanned Physical Store

Established in 2015, Natural Signature is a world-renowned furniture brand that produces and exports premium solid rubberwood furniture worldwide. Committed to sustainability and innovation, the brand empowers customers to create distinctive living environments that reflect their personal style and values. 

From the cosy confines of the living room to the heart of the kitchen and the serenity of the bedroom, Natural Signature's diverse product line caters to every facet of contemporary living. The brand does not stop there but extends its commitment to holistic living by providing furniture solutions that harmonise human and pet living spaces. 

With its wide range of furniture options, Natural Signature allows individuals to incarnate into their own interior designers—freely mixing and matching pieces to design their spaces according to their own preferences. Guided by the belief in "one house, one style," Natural Signature ensures that each nook and cranny of the home exudes its own distinctive personality and lifestyle ethos.

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