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Sleektern’s story: most insightful internship experience in my life

Sleektern’s Story- Most Insightful Internship Experience in My Life

Inside SleekFlow | Intern’s story | This piece is written by our intern Eunice, summarizing her 4 months at SleekFlow.

I have never imagined that being a marketing intern could be that fruitful. In shorts, thanks to SleekFlow, I have the opportunity to work with Microsoft, meet executives from Lalamove and Citylink, get my hands dirty to play with SEO and SEM, use Figma and have a taste of how UXUI design works, and of course, there are definitely a lot more that we can talk about.

People usually said that all intern does are “backend” tasks that you will never get the sense of making an impact after all those hard work. This is definitely a falsehood for interns in SleekFlow. From brainstorming ad content to designing promotional materials and optimizing the website for SEO, your job will never be repetitive. In only 4 months of internship, I have already left my footprints on SleekFlow’s Instagramblog, and many other platforms that you may not know yet. As a person who is less text sensitive, I found creating content that draws people’s attention quite challenging. Through weeks of training, trying, and receiving guidance from my supervisor, I have learned to put myself into other shoes, and be able to create intriguing content. 

Working in such a dynamic and fast-paced environment, I admit I sometimes do feel overwhelmed with this wide range of tasks. But this is also what makes the whole experience exciting, not only you will carry out tasks, you in fact will also learn, think, review and evaluate your growth throughout the whole process. One foremost thing that I have deeply felt and learned throughout my journey in SleekFlow is to grow with the company. What makes talents in a promising start-up like SleekFlow special is that they are constantly learning, adapting, improving, and reaching higher ground. Seizing every moment to absorb is what an internship is all about and it is definitely my pleasure to be able to learn from the incredible SleekFlow team.

I am really thankful for all the trust, opportunities, and knowledge that the SleekFlow team has provided me, and working in SleekFlow is truly an eye-opening experience that I can already tell, this is one of the most insightful internship experiences in my life.

Editor’s note: Can’t describe how lucky it is for SleekFlow to have this super intern who touches UX, UI, SEO, SEM, design, filming and etc. for the past 4 months. We all are impressed by her extraordinary Photoshop skills and how she owns our Instagram. (Yes. You should check that out.) Kudos to all the efforts and most importantly the time we enjoyed together! 

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