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Top 5 live chat apps in 2023: must-know tricks for Shopify e-commerce success

Top 5 Live Chat Apps

It is evident to every business owner that customer service is vital. No matter if it’s a restaurant, boutique, physical store, or eCommerce platform. 

Customer experience is particularly essential for eCommerce platforms as there are no physical customer touchpoints. There are no physical stores, decorations, or staff, so customers’ experience on the website and the quality of their interactions define everything. However, common sense is not a common practice. It’s often easier said than done, as many factors can affect the result. One of the most significant factors is loading time. 

"73% of customers in a survey indicated that they would abandon their eCommerce purchase if they had to queue for over five minutes."

– How Long Does It Take To Lose Your Customer report

There are many reasons why an interaction can be slow. Still, any one of them could cause significant sales loss, as customers wouldn’t hesitate to leave if the experience becomes too frustrating. So, keeping your customer updated and adding a humanized aspect to your eCommerce platform can go a very long way. The easiest way to achieve that is through live chat apps. Let’s discuss what live chat apps do and how they could transform your eCommerce business! 

What is a Live Chat app?

live chat app is a customer service tool that allows you to chat with customers in real-time as an e-commerce staff or owner. It functions similarly to an instant messenger. Through it, you can quickly respond to customers’ inquiries and requests through the website. Right now, live chat apps serve as add-ons for many eCommerce platforms, which owners can source the right one and add to their interface.

An excellent live chat app helps balance phone and email customer support. Customers can receive a reply in real-time and have their needs sorted out in minutes instead of by telephone or email, which could take hours or even days. Live chat apps can let you inform your customers or help alleviate problems in advance. This way, you can assure them that their purchases are being well taken care of. 

Two men who are trying to use live chat apps

Live chat is your virtual sales consultant

As this shows, live chat apps can significantly uplift your eCommerce business’ customer experience and service. A timely live chat with the right and human message can be reminiscent of a friendly sales staff in a physical store, making a huge difference. That’s why one in three companies has already added live chats as their website assets. 

Why do you need a Live Chat app?

As we’ve mentioned, live chat apps are a perfect tool for enhancing your customer service experience. Now, let’s look into that in detail. 

Live chat apps are crucial in setting your business apart from competitors. There are no bigger turn-offs for customers than having to send an email for help, waiting for days for a reply but only to receive a robotic and unhelpful response. With live chat, customers can seek assistance immediately without being put on hold. Enhanced accessibility to your customer support staff can immediately reduce customers’ stress and the chance of them dropping off. Since we value our time, adding a function that can enhance efficiency will be hugely beneficial. This is the reason live chat apps are slowly becoming a standard for customer service.

Conversely, live chat apps can let your customer service representatives work on multiple cases at a time. The structured layout also means representatives can clearly follow through a case and respond to various customers accurately while saving time in transitions between tickets. Your representatives can hence focus on each case much more efficiently and uplift the experience for all customers. 

Adopting essential straightforward, live chat apps can help you reach more customers. Right now, 70% of customers are interested in live chats or using it, and a half reach out to companies via live chats. Customers are gradually expecting live chat apps as a standard service, so adapting them will help you acquire more customers by retaining their confidence. Therefore, the right live chat app can significantly help you build a rapport with your existing and potential customers. 

Last but not least, live chat apps can give you unparalleled data and insights. Shopify Live Chat App and SleekFlow App can give you a real-time view of details like customers’ cart content, purchase time, and purchase trends. With this level of clarity, you can provide relevant suggestions, have a clear idea of what customers want, and track shipping and delivery statuses. Also, insights from live chat apps can show you which products have higher demands and the popularity of your products by time or demography, so you can better plan your business or inventory.

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How to choose the right live chat app?

Choosing the right live chat app takes time. There are many types of offers out there, and each may tweak your business in different ways. But it is more important to pick one that is compatible with you. We have the following criteria to guide you through:

✅ Personalization – your live chat app should let you customize changes that align with your brand motifs, like colors or fonts. Also, it should integrate with your website and your content management system and house style.

 Lead generation – your app should let you collect basic customer details through either requesting email addresses or providing forms for customers. The information should turn into CRM contacts. 

 Visitor action-oriented – your app should trigger the chat based on the visitor’s actions and quickly access visitor data like location, language, and time zone.

 Targeted messages – your app should let you send one-time campaign messages to customers based on their data and personas.

 Chatbot and templates – your app should have chatbot options for common questions and basic customer service and support template responses. 

Reports and clarity – a good app should capture and compile customer data into reports while supporting features like tags and status to help sales representatives handle multiple cases accurately.

Here are a few common Shopify live chat apps we’ve sourced, along with their features and pricing.

Shopify Chat

Shopify chat is Shopify’s own live chat function that supports real-time conversations on your Shopify interface. It allows a custom chat button on your online store and product recommendations for customers. 

Price: free


  • clean and intuitive navigation

  • free


  • slightly complicated and requires Shopify’s Ping app 

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The offering combines the best of everything. SleekFlow supports live chats across different platforms and essential dashboards for clarity. 

SleekFlow live chat

Price: With a free plan supporting 100 customer contacts while other solutions at different pricing to cater to your business needs! 
Check out the pricing page


  • dashboards for clear insights

  • clear interface and tagging for collaboration

  • great customer support

  • free and exclusive advance functions:
    such as contact forms before conversation starts, tailored pop-up messages on different pages, and more!

Check out more in our product update blog! 


  • the free plan has a customer contact limit of 100 and is shared by 3 team members only but you can upgrade the plan

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HubSpot is one of the most popular software for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service among businesses. Its chat feature allows you to integrate with their other paid ‘hubs’ easily.

Price: Free


  • can be customized with your company colors, agents’ pictures, greetings, and away messages


  • relatively basic compared to most other chat apps

Pure Chat

Pure chat is regarded as one of the most convenient live chat apps for Shopify, but it only focuses on live chats.

Price: USD49 per month, but a 30-day trial is available


  • extensive integration

  • customization of user experience


  • only provides live chat 

  • no other social messaging elements

eDesk Live Chat

Two key features of eDesk Live Chat are its vast templates and fast response. It helps create a positive customer experience around the clock. 

Price: from USD 55 per month with a 14-day free trial


  • Good customer service 

  • Clean interface


  • lack of essential live chat features

SleekFlow, the all-in-one platform that can boost your customer service effortlessly

At SleekFlow, we’re here to help you boost your customer service capabilities. Our live chat app function supports all major messenger channels. Look at the bottom right, no matter if you’re using Facebook, WeChat, Line, or WhatsApp for your Shopify account or CMS, we’ve got it covered. We can fully integrate our SleekFlow apps with different web components and interfaces, so your live chat app will be fully integrated with the rest of your eCommerce store. 

Don’t know where to start? WhatsApp our product experts. 

Also, SleekFlow supports customer segmentation and remarketing, so you can target the right customer at the right time. And with segmentation comes growth and conversion tracking. At SleekFlow, we care about helping your business expand. Our dashboards and data will help you visualize your sales projections while managing different groups of customers at a time, so you can always plan. 

✅ Live chat plus other hot social messaging apps

✅ Monitoring and tracking

✅ Marketing automation

It takes time to find the right live chat app for your Shopify or eCommerce stores. Contact us if you have any questions or needs. We’re always happy to help.

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