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What's new in SleekFlow: WhatsApp groups, read receipts & filters


Close the social distance with WhatsApp groups! 

May there be better days ahead! After a couple of weeks of working from home, our SleekFlow team is finally back together. As almost everyone was confined to their homes, we had a surge in requests for WhatsApp Groups and read receipts 😂

It was no doubt a challenge to conceptualize and deliver these changes while being apart, but we pulled through! 

In the meantime, our team at SleekFlow wishes everyone good health as we fight through COVID-19 together! 💪

All in this together

WhatsApp Groups are now available on SleekFlow through Chat API, the Third-Party WhatsApp Business API provider! 

We’ve also received many queries on the differences between Twilio, the Official WhatsApp Business API Provider, and Chat API, the Third-Party WhatsApp Business API. As such, we’ve written a blog post about it! Read it here.

*Update: Chat API is no longer in service since June 2022 due to Meta's policy change. Learn how to apply for WhatsApp Business API with our guide here.

Chat API

Read receipts

We’ve added more visual cues to our team inbox and removed the guesswork that comes with sent messages!

Read Receipts

First up, here are the basic read receipts:

  • Clock: Sending message

  • Single Grey Tick: Sent to the receiver

  • Double Grey Tick: Received by the receiver

  • Double Blue Tick: Read by the receiver

Basics of read receipts

Next, we added error indicators and tooltips to explain the issue further. Let us know whether this helps!

Filter & split

With the addition of multiple WhatsApp accounts, we’ve improved the user experience by allowing you to filter and split conversation views by channel!

Filter and split

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