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OTO, a renowned leader in the healthcare and massage product industry, faced unprecedented challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis shifted the retail landscape, necessitating a dynamic approach to customer engagement and service.

Challenges of selling healthcare and massage products

Customers often have many questions when considering purchase 

Customers are increasingly seeking more interactions both before and after their purchases. Traditional media channels were no longer sufficient to reach their diverse audience. The need for enhanced online communication became indispensable, especially in an industry that requires detailed customer education about product features, health benefits, instruction manuals, and troubleshooting guides.

Outsourcing WhatsApp broadcast compromised autonomy

Previously, OTO relied on outsourcing WhatsApp broadcasts to engage potential customers and members. This approach, while functional, was less ideal due to its lack of direct control and the need to share data with external parties.

SleekFlow’s  solutions for merging online and offline sales

In their pursuit of promotion autonomy and enhanced customer interaction, OTO turned to SleekFlow.

1. Centralizing customer engagement on one platform

OTO integrated various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and a WhatsApp API account (WABA) into SleekFlow for unified operations. SleekFlow’s Inbox facilitates multiple user access, allowing retail staff to build relationships on an individual level instead of using just one number for each retail store. This allowed for easy monitoring and maintaining of service standards.

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2. Empowering retail staff with a mobile app

OTO chat routing

More than 100 staff members, including sales promoters from 20 retail stores, use SleekFlow’s mobile app to directly engage with customers. Each retail staff member features a WhatsApp QR code on their name card, linking retail customers to the dedicated staff in SleekFlow for prompt and accountable follow-up online.

We were one of the pioneers in our industry to adopt chatbot technology, setting a new trend that even our competitors are now following.

OTO Retail Operations and Marketing Teams

OTO Retail Operations and Marketing Teams

3. Offering customer service for after-sales support

Going beyond just selling, OTO now also offers after-sales services to customers via SleekFlow, including maintenance and complaints. The automated chat assignment workflow ensures that customers are taken care of within an hour. Staff members can also utilize saved reply templates for common customer inquiries to maintain consistent quality in customer support. Furthermore, they also categorize customers with labels like ‘VIP’, 'members', and 'ordered’ that facilitate personalized services and notification efficiently. This act could help upkeep customers’ loyalty to the ‘OTO’ brand.

4. Conducting marketing broadcasts more effectively

OTO broadcast

With an enhanced CRM, they now share new product updates, promotions, and personalized content with VIP customers through SleekFlow’s Broadcast feature. They have achieved an impressive average read rate of 65% and a reply rate of 6.6%, indicating high levels of customer engagement and interaction.

Our journey with SleekFlow has been transformative. The user-friendly interface, especially of the mobile app and Broadcast, has simplified our operations significantly and brought a noticeable increase in online sales conversions.

OTO Retail Operations and Marketing Teams

OTO Retail Operations and Marketing Teams

About OTO

Originated from Singapore, OTO develops healthcare and massage products to help people live better and longer. OTO has four categories of products: Relaxation and Fitness products could keep bodies rejuvenated and vital; Diagnostics products could help monitor health, while Therapeutic products could alleviate pains and ailments. With over 45 years of experience, OTO is not just a health brand but also a brand for the people, emphasizing building lasting and trusting relationships.

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