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Intriq Journey boosts customer service efficiency by 20% with SleekFlow omnichannel solution

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Increase in customer service efficiency


Broadcast message read rate

Intriq Journey, a bespoke luxury travel expert, specialises in designing personalised tours for discerning travellers. Their tailor-made holidays allow clients to fully immerse themselves in the culture and customs of their destination. Committed to delivering exceptional service, Intriq Journey constantly seeks innovative solutions to enhance their customer interactions and operational efficiency.

Challenges once faced by the luxury travel expert

Intriq Journey’s clients, often comprised of high-profile and demanding travellers, expected quick, seamless, yet personalised responses. Traditional methods of handling inquiries, such as emails, phone calls, and walk-ins, became inadequate for the fast-paced demands of modern travel planning. Emails could be missed, phone lines could be busy, and walk-ins require physical presence, leading to inefficiencies in sales and fragmented customer service.

Although Intriq Journey used the WhatsApp Business App to handle inquiries, each account only allowed one phone login at a time. This limitation made it difficult to handle multiple WhatsApp inquiries and conversations simultaneously. To address this challenge, they sought an omnichannel solution that supports multiple WhatsApp users and integrates with Facebook and Instagram to consolidate and streamline online communication in one place. 

SleekFlow’s omnichannel solution for the luxury travel agency

SleekFlow empowers Intriq Journey to host multiple WhatsApp Business accounts (WABA) that cater to serve a diverse clientele from Hong Kong and Singapore into a single, unified platform, while integrating their Facebook and Instagram accounts. This helps Intriq Journey maintain a clear brand identity and allows the team to conveniently manage all interactions within a centralised inbox.

1. Establish brand authenticity with Official WhatsApp Business Accounts

Intriq Journey-green tick verified

To emphasise brand authenticity, especially for high-profile clients, Intriq Journey acquired WhatsApp-verified green ticks for their Singapore and Hong Kong WhatsApp Business accounts through SleekFlow.

Intriq Journey WhatsApp click to chat button

With a WhatsApp click-to-chat button featured on their website, Intriq Journey allow users to inquire about travel packages easily. Even if contact numbers are unsaved, the official WABAs display a green tick badge and business name, enhancing business credibility. This assurance boosts client confidence in sharing information, knowing their privacy is protected.

Moreover, verified WABA accounts are less likely to be marked as spam, ensuring the successful delivery of booking confirmations, itineraries, and promotional messages through WhatsApp.

2. Customise every traveller's journey with automated chat flow and smart chat routing

In the bespoke travel industry, personalised service is crucial, especially for bespoke travel arrangements where each client’s preferences and requirements vary. To address this, Intriq Journey has implemented an automatic workflow on SleekFlow that routes incoming conversations to the appropriate team based on region. This empowers their travel specialists to promptly provide region-specific and tailored assistance, preventing leads from being overlooked or lost.

Intriq Journey -autoamted message

They also set up auto reply messages through SleekFlow for off-hours inquiries on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, promising a prompt response the next working day, instead of letting inquiries go unanswered. For urgent assistance, customers can contact the emergency number provided in the chat, staying true to their commitment to guarantee peace of mind for all their travellers.

3. Engage customers across channels with an omnichannel inbox

Intriq Journey - Omnichannel inbox

With SleekFlow's omnichannel shared team inbox, Intriq Journey consolidates customer messages from Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp channels into a unified chat room. The travel specialists can engage with customers seamlessly across channels, eliminating the need to switch between accounts and apps.

The unified inbox also ensures consistent service quality and a cohesive customer experience. Regardless of how or where customers initiate the conversation, travel specialists can view all interactions comprehensively across platforms. Features like internal notes enable team members to have internal discussions or drop quick reminders, allowing other specialists to take over chats without customers repeating their questions, fostering team collaboration.

On top of that, managers can easily each team member's performance, including response time, response quality, and service satisfaction rate. They can also provide discreet guidance and feedback by leaving internal notes for them. This approach enhances customer engagement, facilitates the sales process across multiple regions, and improves their operation efficiency by 20%.

SleekFlow has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency, allowing us to streamline communication and customer engagement seamlessly. I would highly recommend SleekFlow to any business looking to improve their operational workflows and customer interactions.

Jess Yap

Jess Yap

Founder of Intriq Journey

4. Reconnect with customers through personalised event broadcasts

Intriq Journey-Broadcast message

On SleekFlow, Intriq Journey can send WhatsApp broadcast messages to their marketing list. Recently, they reconnected with over 3,000 previous travellers by sending personalised messages, inviting them to join an exclusive wildlife event. These messages include interactive chat buttons, allowing customers to respond quickly with just one click and prompting them to visit the website or call for more information. This strategy proved highly effective, achieving a 75% message open rate.

With SleekFlow's analytics dashboard, Intriq Journey can now track the performance of their messaging campaigns, enabling quick readjustments for effective targeting strategy and create better marketing content. To respect their customers' preferences on not receiving promotional messages, Intriq Journey implements an automated opt-out workflow to remove unsubscribed customers from their marketing list automatically.

About Intriq Journey

About Intriq Journey

Intriq Journey is a premier tailor-made holiday and luxury travel expert. Based in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Beijing, Asia is their home, and the world is their playground. They combine personalised luxury with sustainability and innovation to create the ultimate travel experience, offering bespoke tours to unique destinations long before they become popular.

With over 60 years of combined experience, Intriq Journey deeply values and understands travellers' needs and desires. Their knowledgeable travel specialists meticulously curate each journey, saving travellers the hassle of planning and allowing them to focus on what matters most to them.


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