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Pristine Aroma strikes success with up to 18% conversion rate on WhatsApp marketing via SleekFlow

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Pristine Aroma, one of the leading online home fragrance brands in Singapore, is committed to delivering quality and unique olfactory experiences. Having expanded to countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, the USA, and Canada, Pristine Aroma sees great importance in having a seamless online buying journey curated for their customers. They are dedicated to offering a quality customer-centric shopping experience with maximised conversions and productivity.

Challenges faced by the international e-commerce business

Pristine Aroma's product on the e-commerce website

Low engagement rate for email marketing

Despite efforts in email marketing, Pristine Aroma encountered challenges with low engagement rates. As the marketing trends evolve, traditional eDM campaigns no longer resonate much with their target audience. They knew they had to find a way to grow out of the limited traction and suboptimal returns on investment.

Lack of a unified messaging platform

For Pristine Aroma, customers often come streaming in from various platforms. Especially with distinctive customer behaviour and preferences in each region, Pristine Aroma has to cater to a large variety of audiences that prefer using different platforms and messaging apps. They struggled with the absence of a centralised messaging platform. Without the desired cohesion, communication with customers across regions is hindered, leading to disjointed interactions and, occasionally, missed opportunities for engagement.

No oversight of conversations across regions

Managing conversations across different regions proved to be a logistical challenge for Pristine Aroma. With scattered communication channels, monitoring and tracking interactions with customers became increasingly complex. As they tried to deliver consistent and personalised experiences, the process became demanding and time-consuming.

SleekFlow’s omnichannel solutions for cross-border commerce

With SleekFlow, Pristine Aroma now consolidates all the customer messages on one single platform, including WhatsApp Business API, Facebook, and Instagram. They also integrated their Shopify store for a streamlined omnichannel strategy.

1. Generating high-potential leads with automation: Aroma Concentrate Bundle giveaway campaign on Facebook and Instagram

Pristine Aroma giveaway campaign automated replies

Pristine Aroma orchestrated a successful giveaway campaign for their pure essential oils on Facebook and Instagram, garnering significant traction with 215 new followers and 947 post interactions within a span of 7 days. Using automated comment replies, Pristine Aroma has managed to facilitate campaign management for boosted reach and engagement, all without exhausting their internal team.

Pristine Aroma has also utilised SleekFlow's automated messaging capabilities to create personalised auto replies for customers. Whenever new leads come in, the welcome messages will automatically greet and engage these high-potential customers. The enhanced customer satisfaction helps nurture leads through targeted communication and lays a strong foundation for long-term relationships.

2. Accomplishing an 18% conversion rate and 13X WhatsApp marketing ROI with seasonal broadcast campaigns

Pristine Aroma sends personalised WhatsApp Broadcast

Pristine Aroma has acquired a WhatsApp-verified green tick for their business account via SleekFlow. With bolstered credibility and instilled trust among their customer base, they are more likely to get replies from customers. As they approach leads and contacts, their target audience can be rest assured that the messages are not from scammers. 

On SleekFlow, Pristine Aroma also sends out personalised WhatsApp broadcast messages to effectively distribute discount codes to targeted customer segments during sales days or festivals. This tailored approach has not only brought them closer to their customers but also incentivised purchases for increased conversions.

For the 9.9 sale campaign in Singapore, Pristine Aroma offered customers a 20% discount code via WhatsApp Broadcast. They achieved an impressive 18% conversion rate and a 13X ROI through WhatsApp marketing. From the UTM tracking links and analyses, they also discovered a striking 56% open rate and a 16% click-through rate for the campaign. 

Pristine Aroma's 9.9 sale

Other than the double-day sales, they have also created marketing broadcasts during festivals like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya, driving much higher engagement and rewarding results as compared to email marketing campaigns from before.

SleekFlow has served a great purpose in helping us curate an omnichannel strategy for multiple markets, with up to 14X ROI achieved on WhatsApp marketing.

Lincoln Thong

Lincoln Thong

Brand Director & Co-Founder of Pristine Aroma

3. Accurate and prompt customer support with Shopify integration

Pristine Aroma integrated their Shopify store on SleekFlow to offer customers a frictionless shopping experience. On the right side of the chatbox, the customer support team can access complete customer profiles, including details such as personal information, location, order history, and more. They no longer have to keep switching tabs to assist the shoppers with confidence, providing personalised recommendations accurately and effectively.

Pristine Aroma's Shopify integration on SleekFlow

4. Centralised multi-communication for internal transparency

Live chat widget on Pristine Aroma's website

SleekFlow empowered Pristine Aroma with a comprehensive omnichannel messaging solution for customers to reach out to their brand from across various touchpoints. On their official website, the no-code live chat widget is used to engage customers in real-time. Clients can choose their preferred messaging channel from the live chat tool and start a conversation to make enquiries about the product that they’re interested in.

Besides, even if the customer leaves the website halfway through, Pristine Aroma will still have a record of their conversation history. The contact details and product interest can be kept track of in their SleekFlow Contacts.

Once the messages are received in SleekFlow’s omnichannel inbox, Pristine Aroma can reply to all the conversations. The centralised communication guarantees quality customer service and seamless collaboration using the inbox tools. The auto-assignment feature also ensures that the chats are automatically distributed to the agents evenly, making sure that no customer conversations are missed. 

On top of that, the manager can easily monitor the consolidated conversations and data across channels, and frame a cohesive approach to customer engagement using the valuable insights gained.

Team efficiency has increased by around 90% with SleekFlow Automation. Since I manage the chats from several online platforms daily, the SleekFlow Automation really helps as all communications are unified.

Nurul Fatin Alia

Nurul Fatin Alia

Customer Service Manager at Pristine Aroma

5. Automated post-order follow-ups for a healthy customer feedback loop

Pristine Aroma now automates post-order follow-ups through SleekFlow. This means that even if the enquiries and orders come flooding in, they can still maintain consistency and nurture a healthy customer feedback loop. By soliciting feedback and addressing concerns promptly, Pristine Aroma can demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction to generate long-term loyalty from lasting clients.

Pristine Aroma automates post-order follow-up

About Pristine Aroma

Pristine Aroma's product

Pristine is Singapore’s no.1 home fragrance brand online. Founded in 2019, aromatic experiences have been curated, designed, and delivered for the everyday home in an accessible and sustainable way. To date, they have 15 unique curated scents rigorously tested for scent and quality.

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