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Wasp Car Rental boosts sales by 20% through SleekFlow's WhatsApp CRM solution



new contacts per month


CRM-driven sales growth

Wasp Car Rental provides car rental services through an innovative mobile app and online system. This system simplifies the rental process, enabling customers to compare prices, select a car and rental duration, confirm orders, make payments, and declare insurance all via the mobile app. It also mitigates common issues in traditional car rentals, such as price fluctuations and disputes about insurance and maintenance.

To ensure a satisfying experience, Wasp Car Rental maintains communication with customers. Consequently, it's vital for them to have customer engagement software that supports multi-user management and conversation tracking.


Inefficiencies in responding to customers through the WhatsApp Business App

Car rentals come with risks and responsibilities, so consumers are naturally more cautious and pay more attention to understanding the details of rental terms and conditions before making a payment on the mobile app.


Previously, Wasp Car Rental addressed these inquiries through phone calls or WhatsApp messaging relying on a single company mobile phone. This phone, tied to a WhatsApp Business App, was managed by one colleague. If other team members needed to respond to customer inquiries, they had to physically pass the phone around, making multi-agent communication a time-consuming process. Furthermore, it was difficult for team members in back offices and various rental locations to continue a customer service dialogue without understanding the context and progress of the conversation.

Wasp Car Rental deploys SleekFlow's WhatsApp Business API Solution

Wasp Car Rental now uses SleekFlow's WhatsApp Business API solution, which consolidates general inquiries resolution, pre-sale services, and promotional activities on a single platform.

1. Answering FAQs and gathering customer intentions via WhatsApp Chatbot

Wasp Car Rental has used SleekFlow to develop a WhatsApp chatbot equipped with menu lists and quick reply buttons to handle a wide array of FAQs, enabling a self-service experience for customers. For example, upon selecting the 'Rental Information' button, customers can access a query directory that includes details about rental requirements, deposits, delivery methods, and driving restrictions. They can then explore further by selecting the sections that pique their interest. This conversational approach, unlike web page navigation, is designed to engage customers at various buying stages by presenting them with the most relevant information.

WASP chatbot

Caption: WASP has set up a WhatsApp chatbot that includes interactive list messages and quick reply buttons, empowering customers to find help on their own.

Moreover, they have found the data collected by the WhatsApp chatbot very useful for understanding the needs of customers. By tracking the buttons a customer has clicked, like 'short-term rental', the team has been able to gain insights that help them provide more personalized rental plan suggestions. This approach has significantly enhanced the speed and accuracy of their service.

2. Team inbox facilitates multiple logins and streamlines collaboration

SleekFlow has enabled 6 members of the Wasp Car Rental team to collaboratively handle queries, regardless of their locations. They can tag each other for quick assistance or invite colleagues to join the conversation in the chatroom. Standard responses saved on SleekFlow also serve as an internal knowledge reference for the team, ensuring consistent and accurate service, regardless of who replies.


Caption: The WASP team is always on the go, and with the SleekFlow mobile app, they can access all WhatsApp conversations and collaborate to respond to customers efficiently.

While most customers might not need a car immediately and may only take action weeks or months after their initial inquiry, the Wasp Car Rental team often keeps the leads engaged by using SleekFlow's snooze feature to schedule reminder messages. The team members will then be reminded to re-approach customers on the day the customer is likely to rent a car.

SleekFlow's Internal Notes feature has streamlined our response process. Instead of taking screenshots of conversations and discussing issues in private chats, colleagues can now directly tag each other in the common chatroom and view all contextual information.

Stefanie Ng

Stefanie Ng

Marketing Director, Wasp Car Rental

3. WhatsApp-based CRM for segmentation and broadcast campaigns

Wasp Car Rental has found SleekFlow's labels extremely useful for segmenting their large customer base. By labeling customer contacts with key details like preferred pick-up location and rental plans, they have been able to swiftly understand a customer's profile when addressing queries. This strategy also allows them to filter out customers with specific tags effectively for future communication.

For example, if a customer wants a car that's currently unavailable, they can bookmark it in the app. Wasp Car Rental then assigns these customers relevant labels on SleekFlow, so that the customers will be notified via a WhatsApp Broadcast when the car becomes available.


Caption: WASP sends out broadcast messages to engage new app users and maintain regular contact with renters.

Moreover, Wasp Car Rental has been using SleekFlow to send bulk WhatsApp messages when rental contracts approach their end. These messages inquire about customers' rental experiences and ask if they intend to renew their contracts. With the automatic sending of WhatsApp Business API template messages, customers are contacted at the most suitable times. Furthermore, these messages come with preset responses that allow customers to interact with just a simple click, making their communication with Wasp Car Rental more straightforward and convenient.

Thanks to SleekFlow's CRM features, especially labels, we can take a quick grasp of our customers' profiles and easily pinpoint those that are more likely to be interested in other services for retargeting.

Stefanie Ng

Stefanie Ng

Marketing Director, Wasp Car Rental

20% sales boost with proactive WhatsApp outreach to new app users

Each month, Wasp Car Rental's mobile app draws an impressive 600 new users. By actively importing this user data into SleekFlow and initiating conversations, they are able to understand each user's car rental needs and challenges. As a result of this direct engagement, they have seen a solid 20% sales increase compared to the previous month, prior to using SleekFlow.

SleekFlow has helped us connect more closely with our customers. It also fostered better teamwork among colleagues, enabling us to track and assist each other's tasks more effectively.

Stefanie Ng

Stefanie Ng

Marketing Director, Wasp Car Rental

About Wasp Car Rental

Wasp Car Rental solves the everyday needs of Hong Kong drivers. They offer free parking services across multiple districts, powered by AI contactless technology for effortless, card-free access. Download their iOS or Android mobile app and discover their exciting, newly launched 'Car Rental with Parking Space Plan'.



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