4 benefits of SleekFlow-Shopify integration

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4 benefits of SleekFlow-Shopify integration

Since the onset of the global pandemic, eCommerce platforms have been growing in popularity as more consumers opt for online shopping to better safeguard their health and wellbeing. With the convenience it brings, eCommerce continues its prevalence even as we transition towards living with the pandemic. This explains the estimated total of 70 million more online shoppers observed in Southeast Asia, and why the number of digital consumers is expected to reach 380 million by 2026. 

The surging number of Ecommerce trends has never stopped. In fact, it is forecasted that an estimated 25% of global retail sales will be from Ecommerce by 2025. Google’s SEA economy report in 2021 has also predicted that the GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) in SEA could prosper up to $1 trillion by 2030. 

This has led to organisations realising the importance of eCommerce, but more essentially, an eCommerce system that integrates seamlessly with their businesses. SleekFlow understands the need for such integrations, which is why they’ve made the integration of Shopify store with SleekFlow available for the customers. In this article, we explore some of the benefits a Shopify-SleekFlow integration brings.

Enhanced customer management

Quality customer management starts with the proper organisation of customer data. At the most basic level, customer information should match between the customer relationship management (CRM) platform and the eCommerce system. 

Prior to the development of social CRM platforms like SleekFlow, manual entering of customer data was required. However, as eCommerce platforms reign dominance at an accelerated pace, manual methods are no longer a viable option. 

Businesses must look at integration systems to keep themselves relevant and competitive in the digital landscape. The SleekFlow-Shopify integration enables this process to be much more seamless. With this integration, businesses can view their customer purchase profiles, including the order status, purchase history, and more, all on just one interface.

Improved inventory management

Social CRM Improved Inventory Management

Apart from having organised customer management, proper inventory management between the social CRM platform and Ecommerce system is key as well. An Ecommerce store typically translates to thousands of products, and all products, including new additions, need to be synced with the CRM platform. 

Inventory must also be kept up to date with the products’ stock unit to empower an impeccable online shopping experience for customers. Without an integration system, calculating and entering thousands of products manually is time-consuming and may result in higher risks of error. 

The SleekFlow-Shopify integration streamlines this process. From conversations and customer purchase history to delivery status, business teams gain a better visual representation of their inventory to ensure that the CRM and Ecommerce inventory tallies up.

Quicker customer support

Social CRM Quicker Customer Support

Quick customer support has become a primary demand businesses must deliver when it comes to online shopping. Popular Ecommerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora all have their very own efficient customer support system, making assistance accessible just within a button’s reach.

In the past, customer support was performed in person, over phone calls, or through email. Now, social CRM is all the rage. With SleekFlow-Shopify integration, customer support can be delivered quickly and efficiently. As an omnichannel social commerce platform, popular social CRMs, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, are conveniently combined into one place. Should there be customer enquiries about Shopify orders, businesses can simply log into the SleekFlow platform and reply to any messages from there regardless of the chat platform customers used.

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In addition, the SleekFlow-Shopify integration also offers a live chat on-site function. Live chats allow immediate responses as customer service representatives can work on multiple cases at a time. 

With this feature, businesses can also gain valuable data and insights. For instance, the Shopify live chat app and SleekFlow app provides a real-time view of details from cart content to purchase trends. This enables businesses to better understand their customers and deliver quality support.

Advanced order processing 

Cycle orders are an essential part of any eCommerce business. Cycle order starts with the placement of an order, creating an invoice for the said order, delivering the order, and finally managing the stocks linked to the order. 

In an eCommerce business where thousands of orders are placed every day and customers demand efficiency, businesses are required to step up their game. Platform and system integrations such as SleekFlow-Shopify advance order processes so that they are made seamless, efficient, and accurate. It is even implemented with an abandoned cart reminder as a remarketing tool to drive sales.

As seen from the above, there is no denying the myriad of benefits that come with integrating your Shopify store with a social CRM platform. But, choosing the right platform is key to maximising the experience. As eCommerce is associated with a multitude of customer management and queries, investing in an omnichannel platform to streamline this process is the ideal solution. This is where SleekFlow comes in handy, merging all your customers’ favourite chat apps into a single, easy-to-use platform. 

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