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CRM & Customer Service

4 benefits of a centralised customer communications management platform

Omnichannel centralised customer communications management platform

When it comes to successful businesses, customer service is key. It determines how customers perceive your brand and can make all the difference in whether they purchase your products or engage in your services. Over the years, customer relationship management has evolved with digitalisation. Where customer service was once managed in person or over phone calls and emails, they now are performed through online chats and social messaging platforms also known as social CRM. With social CRM, expectations of customer service are rising, with a greater demand for efficiency. One of the best ways to meet such expectations is through centralised customer communications management (CCM). Therefore, we will now take a look at the benefits an omnichannel platform can deliver.   

4 benefits of a centralised customer communications management platform

Personalised messages with chatbots or live chats

Having a recognisable brand that generates greater top of mind recall and sets you apart from a sea of competitors revolves around personalisation. Centralised CCM empowers greater personalisation. Through existing content, templates and data, businesses can create personalised, engaging communications. 

An omnichannel platform is capable of broadcasting these custom communications across any channel and adapting to new channels as they emerge. Today, one of the most popular additions to centralised CCM are chatbots or live chats on site. Businesses can create personalised messages that reflect their brand through this feature and even integrate them with voice assistants to deliver content in real-time. 

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Social CRM live chats

Enhanced customer support with consistent information   

Without centralised CCM, sending promotional messages or informing customers of any important business information becomes a challenge. As different customers may use different social CRM platforms, businesses have to also leverage a bevvy of different platforms such as Whatsapp API, Facebook Messenger for business, and more just to get the same message across. Manually doing this on each platform may result in slight discrepancies of information, which decreases consistency. On the other hand, an omnichannel platform eliminates this concern. Since designs are created in a channel-agnostic way and delivered via the channels customers prefer, centralisation not only improves consistency but also enhances the customer experience.

Achieve efficiency and scale businesses quickly 

With centralised CCM, greater convenience is achieved as a single message can be delivered across all integrated social CRMs simultaneously. This also increases efficiency, allowing you to get the right message to the right audience quickly. With one platform for all your customer communications, fewer steps are taken to reach the target market more quickly. In this way, more time can be dedicated to important business matters including campaigns and decision making processes. 

Apart from empowering convenience with regards to broadcasts, centralisation also provides greater convenience between different business teams as several platforms including SleekFlow offer features such as automatic chat assignment and internal notes that enhance the collaboration process. 

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Automated workflow to drive sales and conversion

Social CRM workflow automation

A big part of driving sales lies in the productivity and operational efficiency of an organisation. In our current digital landscape, automating workflows is the go-to solution to increase efficiency. Many centralised social CRM platforms incorporate functionalities that automate workflows such as SleekFlow’s automation features. For instance, SleekFlow’s keyword auto reply eradicates having to reply to customers repeatedly by simply triggering messages based on the customer’s interest. SleekFlow also understands the popularity of Facebook Lead Ads in generating sales with an average conversion rate of 12.54%. Hence, as a persuasion technique, SleekFlow has integrated automation capabilities with Facebook Lead Ads by starting an automatic WhatsApp greeting message when customers click on the ad.

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Sybil Sleep Tech, a Singapore retailer worked with SleekFlow to boost work efficiency

SleekFlow Google Play mobile app download

Sybil Sleep Tech, a mattress and pillow retailer, has been leveraging SleekFlow to automate their chat marketing campaigns and finding success with it. Before using SleekFlow, Sybil Sleep Tech realised the restrictions of sending bulk messages with the WhatsApp Business App and the inability to automatically respond to incoming messages, leading to inefficient processes. 

With SleekFlow however, broadcasting messages to a large audience became possible. They were also able to automate replies according to their customised needs, which saved 20% of the time needed to handle messages and accelerated their work efficiency by 25%.

Through centralised CCM platforms, companies can create a holistic customer experience and maintain more control of all communication channels. By establishing a complete overview of customers in this manner, organisations can elevate and transform their external communications for the better. 

SleekFlow, as one of the best omnichannel social CRM platforms, delivers all the benefits mentioned above. Merge all your customers’ favourite chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, and more into a single, intuitive platform to serve quality services in the most effortless way possible. Chat with customers using humanised interactions, develop deeper connections, and get paid directly all in one place! 

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