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Live chat software for the UAE: tips and free solutions for your business

Live chat software for the UAE: tips and free solutions for your business

Effective communication with customers has become a crucial factor for the success of businesses. Approximately 30.40% of users in the UAE engage in social media scrolling with the specific intent of finding products or services to purchase.  As a result, businesses in the UAE are increasingly adopting live chat software for their website to connect to visitors in real-time. By offering instant support and personalized interactions, secure live chat has revolutionized customer engagement and provided businesses with a valuable means of catering to the growing demand for seamless online shopping experiences. 

Moreover, according to recent statistics, businesses that utilize live chat experience a significant boost in customer satisfaction, with 79% of consumers stating that they prefer live chat over other communication channels. Additionally, companies that implement live chat on their websites witness a 20% increase in conversion rates on average. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of live chat software specifically tailored for the UAE, empowering businesses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to enhance customer experience, increase sales, and gain a competitive advantage.

What is live chat software?

Live chat software is a web-based tool that facilitates real-time communication between businesses and their website visitors. It serves as a live chat solution for websites, providing a direct channel for businesses to engage with their customers. It typically appears as a chat widget (or a button) on the website, enabling visitors to ask questions, seek support, or inquire about products and services. 

Live chat goes beyond traditional contact forms or email communication by offering instant responses and personalized interactions. Whether you're looking for secured live chat software for businesses or a free version - there are options available to meet your specific requirements. These solutions empower businesses to engage with customers in a conversational manner, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

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Why use live chat solution for websites

Phone in a live chat with social CRM

By implementing a live chat software for websites, businesses in major cities of the UAE such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, can unlock many benefits and harness the power of real-time interaction with their customers. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, utilizing a secure live chat software for business offers distinct advantages such as enhanced customer experience, improved lead generation, and increased sales. Moreover, with the availability of free live chat software, businesses of all sizes can access this powerful tool without additional cost burdens.

  1. Enhanced customer experience: Live chat software provides a convenient and efficient channel for customers to interact with your business. They can get instant responses to their queries, reducing wait times and improving overall satisfaction.

  2. Increased sales and conversions: By offering immediate assistance and personalized recommendations, live chat helps businesses guide customers through the sales process. This personalized approach can lead to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

  3. Cost-effective customer support: Live chat solutions for websites enable support agents to set up chatbots and automatic replies to handle more chat conversations simultaneously, reducing the need for extensive customer support staff. This cost-effective solution allows businesses to provide quality support without compromising their budget.

  4. Competitive advantage: Implementing a secure live chat solution sets your business apart from competitors who rely solely on traditional communication channels. It showcases your commitment to customer service and modernizes your approach to customer engagement.

  5. Multilingual support: In the multicultural environment of the UAE, a multi-lingual live chat software can cater to customers in their preferred languages, including English and Arabic. By providing multilingual support, businesses can effectively engage with a diverse customer base and eliminate language barriers.

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How to choose the right live chat solution for your business in the UAE

A person using a laptop and phone at the same time

Choosing the right live chat solution for your business in the UAE is crucial to ensure seamless customer engagement and efficient operations. Here are some key factors to consider especially when selecting free live chat software for websites:


Look for free live chat software that allows you to personalize the chat experience. This means being able to customize the chat widget's appearance, automatic welcome messages, and agent greetings. By adding a personal touch, you create a warm and inviting environment for your customers, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Lead generation tools

Lead generation tools

A live chat software with lead generation capabilities is invaluable for expanding your customer base. These tools enable you to capture visitor information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, directly through the chat widget. With this data, you can follow up with potential leads, nurture relationships, and ultimately increase conversions.

Chatbot and templates

SleekFlow automation for building chatbots

The inclusion of chatbot functionality and pre-built templates in a live chat solution can greatly enhance your customer support. Chatbots can handle routine inquiries, providing automatic responses and freeing up your support team's time. Look for a solution that offers both rule-based chatbots and AI-based chatbots. Rule-based chatbots are effective for simple inquiries and frequently asked questions, while AI-powered chatbots provide more advanced responses to complex queries and offer personalized interactions. Having access to templates also allows you to create consistent and efficient automatic responses to frequently asked questions.

Interested in finding out about AI chatbots? Dive into SleekFlow’s powered AI chatbot and gain an understanding of how it works. 

Omnichannel capabilities

Look for a business live chat software that integrates with popular messaging applications and social media platforms. This allows you to engage with customers across multiple channels, providing a seamless experience and reaching a wider audience. With omnichannel live chat, you can provide a consistent and cohesive customer experience, regardless of where your customers choose to engage with you.

Real-time tracking and analytics

Analytics example from SleekFlow omnichannel platform for WhatsApp marketing

Having real-time tracking and analytics features in your website’s live chat provides valuable insights into your customer interactions. You can monitor important metrics such as chat volume, response times, customer satisfaction ratings, and conversion rates. These insights help you measure the effectiveness of your live chat strategy, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your customer support efforts.

Data security

Prioritize a secure live chat solution that ensures the security and confidentiality of customer data. Look for solutions that utilize industry-standard encryption protocols, secure data storage, and compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR. By prioritizing data security, you can build trust with your customers and safeguard their sensitive information.

We always go the extra mile for our customers and having the ability to personalize communications is super important. I’d recommend SleekFlow to other businesses, as it has given us the full picture across our retail channels. It eases the workflow, improves customer experience, and we’ve seen a good return.

Kate Kikano

Kate Kikano


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SleekFlow: the best free live chat software for your UAE website

SleekFlow omnichannel inbox live chat widget on e-commerce website

SleekFlow is a leading provider of free live chat software for your website that can enhance your business's customer engagement, streamline processes, and gain a competitive advantage in the UAE market. With SleekFlow, you gain access to a customizable and secure live chat solution that seamlessly integrates across various channels, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience. 

Additionally, their free live chat software offers a user-friendly platform, incorporating all the essential features mentioned above. Below are some of the additional features offered by SleekFlow.

  • Code-free integration with popular social channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and LINE and an all-in-one social live chat widget for websites. You can continue chatting with the customers even after they leave your website.

  • Proactively engage website visitors by sending chat invitations based on specific triggers, such as time spent on a page or when specific actions are taken.

  • Automated chatbots that can answer common questions, saving time for support agents and providing quick responses to customers.

  • Welcome message pop-ups tailored to each webpage and customizable widget designs for personalized customer experiences.

  • Multiple team members are allowed to co-own conversations and access the same chatbox, which enables simultaneous responses while ensuring a smooth and efficient support process.

Try SleekFlow’s live chat solution now and see the difference it can make for your business in the UAE.

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