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Automated WhatsApp solutions for your business in the UAE

Automated WhatsApp solutions for your business in the UAE

Automated WhatsApp solutions involve the use of automation tools and the WhatsApp Business API for smoother communication with customers on the messaging platform. By implementing a WhatsApp enterprise solution, businesses in the United States of Emirates (UAE) can set up automated responses, send transactional messages, and integrate chatbots to provide instant customer support, streamline sales processes, and improve the performance of marketing campaigns. 

With WhatsApp as the most used platform for over 79.6% of social media users in the UAE, WhatsApp Business solutions can help reach a wider audience and equip businesses with a competitive advantage that will enable them to thrive in the UAE market.

Why use WhatsApp Business solutions for the UAE market

Customers in the UAE shopping online

With WhatsApp as the most used platform for over 79.6% of social media WhatsApp users in the UAE, WhatsApp Business solutions can help reach a wider audience and equip businesses with a competitive advantage that will enable them to thrive in the UAE market.

1. Trustworthy WhatsApp business profile

Example of a business profile on WhatsApp Business

Moreover, with WhatsApp Business solutions, businesses can create a verified business profile to establish trust and credibility with customers. By applying for a green tick and including essential business information like a description, address, and contact details, businesses can increase their brand's legitimacy and let customers know that they are interacting with an official business entity.

2. WhatsApp automation for efficiency

WhatsApp automation

WhatsApp Business automated messages allow businesses to save time with pre-set greetings and quick replies to common queries, providing customers with instant responses. Additionally, businesses can utilize WhatsApp broadcasting capabilities to reach a large group of customers at once, making it useful for marketing campaigns or product updates.

See the section below to explore more on creating WhatsApp Business solutions for broadcast campaigns.

3. Analytics for better marketing and sales results

WhatsApp campaign analytics

By implementing automated WhatsApp Business solutions, businesses gain enhanced agility and responsiveness. Before a human agent takes over the WhatsApp conversation, WhatsApp Business automated messages can be used to understand the user intent and collect valuable data which includes customer preferences and demographics. You can also gather some feedback on the messaging platform after these customers complete their purchases. Consequently, you will be able to optimize customer interaction, products, and marketing strategies to improve offerings that will resonate with your target audience.

4. Higher engagement as compared to SMS

WhatsApp interactive message templates, text message, list message and reply button

Brands that have incorporated a WhatsApp Business solution have noticed a high open rate and engagement rate for their messaging campaigns. With interactive tools available, WhatsApp often generates a higher engagement rate as customers can easily reply with just a click of a button as compared to SMS messages. 

Discover the differences between WhatsApp marketing and SMS marketing and choose the right one for your business.

If you are still interested in SMS marketing, find out how you can use it for your business in the UAE.

Examples of WhatsApp solutions for your business industry

WhatsApp live chat widget by SleekFlow

1. Restaurant booking via WhatsApp solutions

Purchasing food on WhatsApp and paying for it

Image from Meta

Make restaurant bookings easier

Restaurants can create a business profile with essential details like location and contact information to enable customers to directly message the restaurant for reservations or inquiries. Restaurants can incorporate WhatsApp's automated responses or chatbots to efficiently handle common booking questions such as the booking date and time, number of people, and branch location to save time for both customers and staff. When needed, restaurant staff can engage in real-time conversations to provide an individualized and pleasant booking experience.

Simplify food order management

By incorporating WhatsApp Business solutions, restaurants can create a menu on the WhatsApp catalog showcasing their dishes and prices and simplifying the food ordering process for customers. What's more, customers can make seamless payments through WhatsApp using in-chat payment links which eliminates the need for additional payment apps and ensures quick and hassle-free transactions. Upon placing the order, a WhatsApp Business automated message can be sent as a delivery confirmation to assure the customers and notify the estimated time of arrival.

Find out how to create a WhatsApp catalog for your customers to easily access in the chat.

Enhance customer service with CRM integration

Integrating WhatsApp with CRM databases empowers restaurants to access valuable customer information, order history, and preferences. The admin team of restaurants can then access customer details right next to the chatbox and resolve inquiries efficiently and accurately. 

Need a new marketing strategy? Discover CRM Marketing for your business.

2. Real estate agency communication services via WhatsApp solutions

A real estate agent supporting customers in the UAE

Personalized service for homebuyers

Offering personalized service can set agencies apart from the rest. WhatsApp Business solutions like WhatsApp chatbots enable agents to send photos, videos, and detailed property information to clients. Integrate the chatbot with your CRM to provide a more tailored recommendation based on the client's preferences. This personal touch allows clients to get a better sense of the properties they are interested in. 

Also, real estate agencies can use WhatsApp labels to properly segment the customers based on projects, interests, demographics, and more, so that the customers can be assigned to the right agent and attended to accordingly.

Automated FAQs to free up time for your real estate agents

With the use of WhatsApp Business automations, real estate agencies can effectively address common client inquiries. Agents can set up automated instant responses to FAQs about financing options, property types, and the buying process. This automation saves time for both clients and agents, making the overall experience more convenient and pleasant.

Follow-up notifications to shorten the property sales cycle

After property viewings, follow-up communication is crucial for nurturing leads and maintaining client engagement. WhatsApp Business solutions allow real estate companies to set up automated workflows for sending follow-up messages. These messages can include requests for feedback, congratulatory notes for successful sales, and one-of-a-kind messages that leave a lasting impression on clients.

3. Hotel communication services via WhatsApp solutions

A hotel in Dubai, UAE

Image from Pexels

Pre-arrival assistance and information sharing for travelers

Before their arrival, guests can benefit from automated WhatsApp booking confirmations, directions, and information about hotel facilities and local attractions. This proactive approach not only streamlines the check-in process but also adds to the overall anticipation of a delightful stay.

Broadcast messaging for hotel room promotions and traveling exhibitions

By utilizing WhatsApp broadcast messages, hotels can keep guests informed about ongoing events, promotions, and exclusive offers. Other than increasing guest engagement, this targeted approach also encourages customers to participate in the hotel's activities. If you’ve successfully fostered a sense of community and connection with the visitors, they are also more likely to return for future visits and become loyal customers.

Integration with CRM to maximize efficiency

Hotels can integrate WhatsApp with their CRM system to store and manage customer data. With a centralized database, hotels can manage bookings, preferences and special requirements to provide a pleasant stay for their guest. Additionally, integrating with CRM allows hotels to assign the most suitable travel agents to address customer inquiries promptly. Travel agents who have easy access to real-time data can communicate with customers efficiently. This real-time information exchange between the hotel and travel agents helps minimize the chances of miscommunication and errors. 

How to use WhatsApp Business automations to connect with UAE customers

SleekFlow automation for building chatbots

WhatsApp Business automated messages for sales

In-chat payment link used by Le Dessert, an online patisserie

WhatsApp Business offers useful automation tools to boost your sales and connect better with customers. Multiple team members can access the account together, allowing you to work seamlessly with teammates and respond quickly to messages. 

With WhatsApp catalog, you can nicely display your products and share them easily with customers. This makes it simple for them to see what you offer and buy from you.

You can also use automated messages to send specially crafted payment links so they can complete purchases without leaving the chat. 

WhatsApp Business automated messages for marketing

Example messages for marketing on WhatsApp UAE

Image from WhatsApp

With WhatsApp Business solutions, you can collect data to provide tailored broadcast messages for your customers based on their interests, past purchases, locations, and more. You can personalize WhatsApp Business automated messages with variables and avoid copying and pasting the message content, then editing them one by one before sending them out to different customer groups. Once you manage to create more accurate targeting campaigns, the ROI will also increase. 

We always go the extra mile for our customers and having the ability to personalize communications is super important. I’d recommend SleekFlow to other businesses, as it has given us the full picture across our retail channels. It eases the workflow, improves customer experience, and we’ve seen a good return.

Kate Kikano

Kate Kikano


If a customer leaves items in their shopping cart without completing the purchase, you can also use automated abandoned cart reminders through WhatsApp Business broadcast campaigns. These reminders can offer special discounts or time-limited deals to encourage customers to come back and complete their purchase, helping you recover potentially lost sales.

Customized content increases the likelihood of customers engaging with your ad and making a purchase by up to 40%.

WhatsApp Business automated messages for customer support

Example messages for customer service on WhatsApp UAE

Image from WhatsApp

Understanding what your customers think is essential for your business to grow. With WhatsApp Business automations, you can use Flow Builder or chatbots to conduct surveys and get feedback easily from your customers. This helps you improve your products and services based on their valuable input.

To save time for both your customers and support teams, you can also set up quick responses to common questions for your customers to get instant answers, making them happier and reducing the time it takes to reply.

Other than that, you can sort and label customers based on different factors by integrating WhatsApp solutions with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This makes it easier to handle customer support and direct them to the right representatives quickly and efficiently.

SleekFlow enables us to get customer feedback fast, which is important for us to learn and iterate our services from serving each customer.

Wael Ali

Wael Ali

Marketing Manager, Anigma Technologies

How to choose a WhatsApp enterprise solution for your business in the UAE

SleekFlow WhatsApp Business API

Selecting the right WhatsApp enterprise solution is crucial for maximizing the benefits of automation. There are some factors that businesses should consider when choosing a WhatsApp Business Provider.

  1. WhatsApp onboarding experience: Make sure the solution has a simple and quick setup process so you can start using WhatsApp without any delays. 

  2. Automation and chatbots: Look for tools that can help you automate tasks and set up chatbots to handle common questions, saving time for your customer support team.

  3. Support for green tick verification: Customers trust businesses with a green tick, so choose a solution that helps you get verified for added credibility.

  4. Mobile app availability: If you have teams traveling to various locations to meet customers, choose a WhatsApp enterprise solution provider that offers a mobile app, so that your WhatsApp Business account can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

  5. Omnichannel features: Find a solution that can manage messages from other platforms like Facebook Messenger and Instagram to keep everything in one place.

  6. Analytics: Get insights into customer behavior and interactions to improve your strategies.

  7. Easy integration: Make sure the solution can work well with your existing systems for smooth customer support.

Choose the best official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider in the UAE

SleekFlow official WhatsApp BSP WhatsApp Business API concept

Choosing a reliable WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) is crucial for businesses looking to foster more active customer participation and optimize communication processes. SleekFlow is an official WhatsApp BSP in the UAE that adheres to WhatsApp's guidelines and provides essential features that can elevate your customer support and marketing efforts. 

With SleekFlow’s mobile app, available both on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you can manage your WhatsApp Business account effortlessly while on the move. Engage with customers, respond to inquiries, and handle orders easily from your smartphone or tablet. You no longer need to miss out on essential interactions, even when you're away from your desk!

Whether you're a startup or a well-established enterprise, our user-friendly interface caters to businesses of all sizes. Get up and running on WhatsApp quickly with minimal training. Our intuitive design ensures that you and your customer support team can utilize the platform effectively, boosting communication efficiency on the same WhatsApp Business account.

At SleekFlow, we believe in providing exceptional customer support. Our dedicated team is always available to assist with any queries or technical issues you may encounter. From setup assistance to troubleshooting, we've got your back, so you can focus on delivering top-notch customer experiences.

Don't miss the chance to optimize your UAE business and start now with SleekFlow’s WhatsApp solutions!

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