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How to do WhatsApp Marketing through broadcasting and bulk messages

WhatsApp Marketing in Malaysia and send Broadcast messages and Bulk messages via WhatsApp

According to Statista, almost 99% of Malaysians say WhatsApp is their preferred messaging app, compared to 40% who say Telegram is their preferred messaging app.

With millions of active users, WhatsApp provides an immediate and convenient way for businesses to connect with their target audience. It is quick, easy to use, and reaches a large number of people. You can blast messages in bulk to all of your contacts or target market.

Malaysia WhatsApp users always blast WhatsApp message

Plus, there are a variety of add-ons and integrations that you can use to make WhatsApp Marketing even more effective. So read on to learn more and get started today!

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How to send bulk messages in Malaysia using WhatsApp

Nowadays, almost everyone has a WhatsApp account. This is especially true in Malaysia, where the messaging app is widely used for personal and business communication. If you are looking to send bulk messages to your contacts in Malaysia, here is how to do it using WhatsApp.

Sending bulk WhatsApp messages to your targeted audience can be a great way to keep them updated on your business. There are two ways that you can do to send bulk WhatsApp Messages.

2 types of WhatsApp tools to blast WhatsApp messages for marketing services in Malaysia

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WhatsApp Official Business Account

You do not have to be afraid well of mobile numbers getting blacklisted.Approval of the WhatsApp API is required.
Messages can be scheduled using a dependable solution for automation.This product is not for private usage.
Chatbots that respond automatically are possible to create.WhatsApp must authorize templates before they may be used. Promotional communications are now possible with strict guidelines.
A large group of customers can be contacted by a number of agents who can log in and respond.N/A
To communicate transactional updates, APIs can be connected with other systems.N/A
Obtaining a Green Tick Verification is a possibility.N/A
blast WhatsApp messages as mobile marketing strategies using whatsApp business app

You can use the WhatsApp Business account to broadcast text messages to all of your customers at once, or blast messaging on WhatsApp. This could be a great way to keep them informed about new products, sales, or events. Here is how to bulk send messages using the 'New broadcast' and 'Labels' features.

WhatsApp broadcast list features

You may carefully segment your clients and generate an endless number of Broadcast Lists by establishing a Broadcast List. However, each list should only have 256 persons on it.

You may send a message to up to 256 individuals at once by dividing your clients into lists, and the receivers will get a broadcast message that seems to be a private message from you directly in their chat log.

However, we highly advise against sending a huge number of messages simultaneously since this may cause your account to be banned. Go to the broadcast list, then to the new list and you can choose the client that you want to add.


Using labels is an excellent approach to categorizing your clients. The nice thing about WhatsApp labels is that you can use them to customize individual message bubbles, and therefore WhatsApp blast messaging defined group of customers.

Go to the more option on WhatsApp, then tap labels. Select the Label for which you wish to build a Broadcast List. To send a Broadcast to customers, go to More Options and choose Broadcast. Start drafting your message by selecting the green tick at the bottom right of the page.

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Do not get blocked - use the Official WhatsApp API

WhatsApp announced in the past that the support for third-party apps would end. This meant that if you were not using the Official WhatsApp API, your account would be blocked.

The fact is that several organizations overstepped the mark and downloaded a false WhatsApp Business from Google Play before the API was exposed, ostensibly in a rush and may be oblivious of the ramifications. Around 5,000 people were believed to be duped.

After WhatsApp was alerted to the problem, they moved fast to remove the app in Google Play Store. When it comes to enforcing its policies after consenting to them, WhatsApp does not hold back.

And, as anyone can see from the previous sentence, the ramifications are not insignificant. The WhatsApp API's policy on punishing non-official connections and the severity of the punishments are quite apparent.

Read further if you want to understand how WhatsApp Business API works.

How to make a WhatsApp broadcast message on SleekFlow?

Why SleekFlow is the best software for WhatsApp Blaster with Shopify integration

mobile app marketing using whatsapp blast and shopify

The WhatsApp API may be used with platforms like SleekFlow with Shopify integration to make it faster and more efficient to post messages while also functioning as an interconnected Management System that handles difficult challenges like private data collecting.

SleekFlow allows you to see all of your clients' purchasing profiles in one place, including order information, past purchases, and more. A time-limited promo code will be activated automatically 24 hours after an empty cart alert rule has been set up.

Showing the latest order on SleekFlow after blasting whatsapp messages

This offer coupon sent to clients' WhatsApp chat seems to be more enticing than any of the adverts that appear on other websites.

Also consider the opportunities a WhatsApp blast software for messaging in bulk can bring to your internal teams, when reaching out to clients for different purposes.

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MyEG utilises WhatsApp marketing for promotion

MyEG has just introduced a new feature that allows customers to compare and pay for vehicle insurance renewals using MYDC Wallet and receive a 10% discount. All MYEG customers are eligible for the deal, which they may now take advantage of by paying premiums using their MYDC Wallet.

Customers of MYEG may now quickly renew their automobile insurance through evaluation by MYEG and pay with MYDC Wallet to receive an additional 10% discount!

How does MyEG utilise WhatsApp marketing in Malaysia

For this matter, MyEG utilizes WhatsApp Marketing to introduce the latest promotions to its clients in Malaysia. The promotional message can be directly sent to the clients via WhatsApp at a high open-rate score.

WhatsApp promotion message template ready for use

In Malaysia, you can imitate what MyEG has done to leverage WhatsApp Marketing when the business has new items or stock arrivals. Also, you can use it for sale offers and promotions. You may use some of the examples of promotional messages via WhatsApp described down below.

  • Here is a sneak peek at our newest [product title]!

  • You purchased, you left comments, and we listened.

  • We know how powerful our [other goods] were there with you, so we have combined the greatest aspects of every one of our products to make our brand-new [item name]!

  • Are you as enthusiastic as we are about the upcoming launch? Visit our website to learn more about them: [link]

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do have any queries!

SleekFlow, the WhatsApp Marketing solution provider

WhatsApp Marketing is going to be huge in Malaysia and will continue to grow. Companies are using WhatsApp API to communicate with their customers officially. WhatsApp blast softwares like SleekFlow can help you optimise your teams' time and converse with your customer faster.

SleekFlow, as an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) assigned by Meta, is the best tool for WhatsApp Marketing because it offers an easy way to create automated messages, track replies, and measure results. You can set automated rules to assign conversations, send personalized engagement messages and develop chatbots that suit you the best. All these help streamline workflows and shorten response time, boosting productivity instantly.

One of our key findings is that people prefer to read messages on WhatsApp. After using SleekFlow, we observe a dramatic increase of 40% in open rates of our communications.

Caroline York

Head of Corporate Communications at AQUMON

Watch the latest episode of That’s Why I SleekFlow to learn how AQUMON, a leading FinTech company, utilizes our omnichannel platform to react faster and catch up with the speed.

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