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Increase in Open Rate


Decrease in Response Time

In the financial industry, security is always the number one priority. Corporates are always managing their risks and doing their utmost to ensure the protection and security of their customers’ information. That is precisely why it is important to find trustworthy service providers, who are aligned with this value, to deal with sensitive information related to financial transactions and invaluable personal data.

AQUMON is a leading Hong Kong-based FinTech company that offers digitized wealth management services in hopes of empowering investors with a more accessible, affordable, and intelligent investment solution through top-notch technology. Like other FinTech firms, AQUMON highly prioritizes the security and privacy of their users’ data. Therefore, after a rigorous search for a compliant communication tool that can also deliver a better customer experience, AQUMON chose to partner with SleekFlow.

One of our key findings is that people prefer to read messages on WhatsApp. After using SleekFlow, we observe a dramatic increase of 40% in open rate in our communications.

Caroline York

Head of Corporate Communication, AQUMON

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The challenges AQUMON once faced

Growing reliance on instant messaging applications

Building a good customer relationship has never been more important. With the rise of chat commerce, businesses from different industries are getting more acclimatized to offering customer services via instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

AQUMON similarly found their audiences increasingly preferred to connect over Whatsapp instead. Although they are using emails for more extensive campaigns to inform important updates or send out weekly articles, customers usually contact the customer service team of AQUMON directly via WhatsApp as they expect a quicker response time. Hence, AQUMON felt the need to develop a strategy to utilize these channels better.

Lack of scalability as the team grows larger

As the business scales up, the AQUMON customer service team also had to expand to meet the growing business demands. Previously, all customer service agents had to share one WhatsApp account through one phone. With hundreds of messages coming in every day, only one customer service representative could be assigned to answer all the inquiries at any given time, which made it almost impossible to serve a large number of customers simultaneously. 

Delayed response to the needs of customers

Customers have great expectations of rapid response time. According to a study, 39% of social media users expect a response within 60 minutes. But for the financial industry, the time frame maybe even shorter as a one-minute delay can affect an investment decision and ultimately lead to lost business. Utilizing one phone to take turns and reply to inquiries is not AQUMON’s ideal workflow.

Security and privacy concerns

A security incident is the last thing any organization wants, especially companies in the financial industry, who generally have access to sensitive information relating to their customers and their financial accounts. AQUMON would never ask customers to share personal information via WhatsApp and other messaging applications and ensure that all conversations are kept private to protect their users.


How SleekFlow helps AQUMON change the game

Make collaboration easier with simultaneous multiple logins

One of the most valuable functions of SleekFlow is multiple logins. You can have SleekFlow installed on various devices, allowing team members to log in to the same account simultaneously. Even if AQUMON expands to other regions in the near future, members across different business units or even regions can provide instant support simultaneously.

Plus, SleekFlow allows AQUMON to take internal notes so that other team members can take over the conversation when necessary, which facilitates an easier collaboration and seamless follow-through for clients.

Save time and get back to customers faster

The function of multiple logins enhances scalability and increases productivity. Getting back to customers is no longer a time-consuming task for AQUMON. Instead, AQUMON has reduced over 50% of the time it usually takes to reply to messages with the help of SleekFlow.

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Greatly increase efficiency for event guest list confirmation 

The function of automation facilitates attendance confirmation for large events. AQUMON usually holds two to three events every month and had to confirm the attendance of guests manually. However, now with the help of Sleekflow, everything is done with just a few clicks. It has saved the team 1 to 2 hours for each event and allows AQUMON to keep track of replies.

Review everything in just one place

Everything is now consolidated in one place. It is very useful, especially in campaign management, from sending out information to reviewing analytics, to checking the number of people who read the messages. This actionable insight allows them to adjust and improve campaigns constantly.


Safeguard security and privacy

The security concerns shared among the industry are real. Therefore companies tend to seek a comprehensive understanding of the software capabilities before they actually sign up. To address such concerns, several demonstration calls and consultation sessions were scheduled so that AQUMON got to know all the details. 

Provide responsive support from the localized team

Excellent customer service is the heartbeat of any SaaS business. A localized team of experts knows the challenges you face better than anyone else. Therefore, AQUMON could seek instant support from SleekFlow, which is headquartered in Hong Kong, and enjoy a smoother onboarding process.

aqumon whatsapp green badge

Prove credibility with a green badge

Having a green badge next to the contact’s name helps build customer confidence and trust. It proves that it is a verified business account on WhatsApp, and when customers see it, they can rest easy knowing that their security and privacy are guaranteed.

Realize the full potential of WhatsApp

One of the critical findings of AQUMON is that people prefer to read messages on WhatsApp. After using SleekFlow, they observe a dramatic increase of 40% in the open rate of communications. And this is just the beginning. As social commerce becomes more prevalent, the number will only go up in the coming years.

More About AQUMON


AQUMON is a leading digital wealth management company based in Hong Kong. Our mission is to leverage technology to make next-generation investment services smarter, simpler, and more accessible to individual and institutional investors. Through proprietary algorithms and scalable, technical infrastructure, AQUMON empowers anyone to invest and maximize their returns. AQUMON was rated by KPMG as China's Top 50 Fintech companies and has partnered with over 150 financial institutions.  Incubated by the HKUST, the company has successfully closed a series of fundraising rounds since incorporation and is backed by leading investors and innovators including Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, Cyberport, and Lenovo Capital.

AQUMON is one of the first robo advisors in Hong Kong to be fully licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Asset Management Association of China.


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