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A FinTech company utilizes SleekFlow to react faster and catch up with the speed

Rome was not built in a day but not everyone wants to build ‘Rome’. Most people just want a prompt response when they reach out to businesses with questions in mind. According to a study, 39% of social media users expect a response within 60 minutes. But for the investment industry, the time frame maybe even shorter as a one-minute delay may affect an investment decision and ultimately lead to a loss.

Headquartered in Hong Kong with a presence across several regions, AQUMON offers digitalized wealth management services in hopes of bringing a more accessible, affordable, and intelligent solution to empower investors using top-notch technology. The leading Fintech firm has been expanding rapidly and closed a USD 30 million Pre-B funding in 2020.

With hundreds of messages coming in every day, AQUMON needed to search for a solution in order to speedily provide a better customer experience. At last, they found SleekFlow. Caroline York, Head of Corporate Communication, is here to share their journey with SleekFlow.


How do you communicate with your customers?

As a FinTech company, it is crucial for us to keep in touch with our customers. Sometimes they have questions about our products or want to learn more about our latest promotions. We use email services for larger campaigns to inform important updates or send useful articles. But customers usually contact our customer service team directly via WhatsApp for less formal inquiries and expect a very quick response.


What were your biggest challenges?

As our business scales up, our customer service team is continuously growing. Back then, we had to share one WhatsApp account, which made it almost impossible to serve a large number of customers simultaneously. But in the investment industry, every second matters. Therefore, we looked for solutions that can increase our responsiveness and make our internal collaborations easier.


Why did you choose SleekFlow?

We took around two to three months to source and review the solution that suits us the best. To assure our customers of their privacy and safety, we do not ask customers to share personal information via WhatsApp however we take every precaution to ensure all our clients’ conversations are kept private. SleekFlow understood our concern and scheduled a number of demonstration calls and consultation sessions to walk us through the details. After an in-depth analysis, we were confident that SleekFlow would help us overcome the hurdles. Another reason why we chose SleekFlow was that they were a local vendor. We felt more comfortable working with a team of local experts as they could provide instant support and make the whole onboarding process a lot smoother.


How has SleekFlow helped you boost productivity?

Before using SleekFlow, we could only assign one customer service representative to answer all the inquiries at a time, and it was an extremely time-consuming task. But SleekFlow has helped us reduce 50% of the response time required to revert to our customers. It is very useful, especially when it comes to campaign management. We can access everything in one place, from sending out information to reviewing analytics, to checking how many people actually engaged with the messages. SleekFlow also facilitates lead generation. We usually hold two to three events every month. Previously, we had to confirm the attendance of guests manually, but now everything is done automatically with SleekFlow, which has saved us 1 to 2 hours for each event and allows us to keep track of replies.

One of our key findings is that people prefer to read messages on WhatsApp. After using SleekFlow, we observe a dramatic increase of 40% in open rates of our communications.

Caroline York

Head of Corporate Communications at AQUMON


What does it mean to you to have a WhatsApp Official Business Account?

Having a green badge next to the contact’s name definitely helps us build customer confidence and trust. It proves that it is a verified business account on WhatsApp and when our customers see it, they can rest assured that it is not a scam and know their security and privacy are guaranteed.

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What are your favorite features?

I really like the message blasts. We can check the number of people who have read the messages at once and it provides practical data for further analysis. I also like the fact that it allows us to take internal notes so that other team members can take over the conversation fully aware of the thread of conversation and can follow through seamlessly.


How would you describe SleekFlow?

I would say SleekFlow is a very helpful assistant in communication.

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