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A logistic company leverages SleekFlow to provide automated solutions

The problem of global warming is becoming more serious and poses a more significant threat to biodiversity. Fighting climate change is an urgent task, and every stakeholder has the responsibility to protect our planet. However, striking a balance between growing business revenue and lowering carbon footprints is not easy. Despite that, alfred24 did it.

alfred24 is an emerging leader in the logistics industry, providing services to online shops in Hong Kong by offering around 800 pickup points including smart lockers and convenience stores. To build a better planet for our future generations, alfred24 puts a great emphasis on a smarter and greener operation. Their automated solutions have increased the capacities and efficiency of the delivery team, enabling couriers to make more deliveries with fewer vehicles. This helps reduce both the operating costs and carbon emissions. Besides that, alfred24 also promotes greener, water-soluble packaging that is not harmful to the environment.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made online shopping more common, and the demand for delivery services has increased as well. So, how does alfred24 handle the increasing amount of delivery orders and meet the high expectations of users? Alvin Lee, General Manager of alfred24, is here to share their journey with SleekFlow.


How are communication tools important for a logistic company?

They are very important to us. In the logistics industry, we need to communicate with our merchants and end customers a lot in our daily operations. Merchants always have inquiries about the delivery status of their parcels and when they will be received by the end customer. Similarly, the end customers will want to track the exact location of their parcels, locate the lockers, or request to change the delivery time.


Why are you using WhatsApp but not SMS to communicate with your customers?

We used SMS for a long time, but it doesn’tguarantee that all the customers will receive the messages. A few customers did not receive the messages because of ‘no service’ errors or connectivity issues. Therefore, we switched to using WhatsApp, as it helps us ensure that all customers get our messages and they can go pick up their parcels from our lockers.


What problems did you wish to solve with SleekFlow in the beginning?

In the beginning, we tried a lot of WhatsApp solution providers, but some of them were not using the official WhatsApp Businessl API. They didn't have an established connection with WhatsApp, which resulted in many connection problems. The connection might crash if WhatsApp Web was not working or the phone's connection was bad. Apart from that, we also wanted to send WhatsApp notifications to notify customers about the parcel’s arrival, so that they can pick up the parcel from our lockers. We tried working it out with many companies, but most of them can’t provide both of these solutions for us. That's why we chose SleekFlow in the end!


How long did it take for you to decide to use SleekFlow, and why did you choose SleekFlow?

We spent around two months exploring more about SleekFlow before we started using it. Having used WhatsApp for three to four years, we knew what we wanted so Itwas not a long process . With SleekFlow, we’ve noticed how stable it is. This is very important because we don't want to have disconnection and risk missing our customers’ messages. SleekFlow has all the functions that we wanted.


How did your workflow become more efficient after using SleekFlow?

There are a few parts. The first part will be the pickup notification sent out to end customers. We can switch to WhatsApp to ensure that most customers get our messages. Secondly, we can have a more stable platform with SleekFlow. Our previous experience is not really good, and WhatsApp always got disconnected twice or thrice per week.As a result, we missed some messages. With SleekFlow, we can consolidate all the conversations, and our team can collaborate on SleekFlow to reply to customers’ inquiries.

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Which function of SleekFlow surprised you the most?

The most prominent feature is still the WhatsApp notification. We can send out WhatsApp notifications effectively for the customers to pick up the parcel. The second function will probably be the templated messages and the quick reply function. Those are quite easy to use. They have enhanced our CS team's the template messages allow us to quickly reply within a few clicks.


What industry would you recommend using SleekFlow?

Maybe restaurants, because I think most of them are still using phones for table booking right now. If they use WhatsApp on SleekFlow to automate the process, everything can be recorded systematically. Then, they won't need to rush to pick up phone calls. Especially during peak hours, they might not have enough manpower to manage phone calls.They can consolidate everything on SleekFlow without missing their customers’ messages or bookings.

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