Quick Guide to WhatsApp “Click-to-chat” Link for business

Ever since its emergence, WhatsApp has brought a huge change to the social media advertising industry at a lightning-fast speed. Despite the fact that this messaging app is now the easiest and most convenient way for individuals to get in touch, many businesses still find it difficult to acquire customer-initiated conversations since adding phone numbers into the contact list might be a bit annoying.

Here comes the good news for both parties – WhatsApp allows users to send messages to unsaved contacts without installing any third-party tool! As long as you have an active WhatsApp account and a valid phone number, you can generate a “click-to-chat” link and make it hassle-free for customers to begin a chat with your team. In this article, SleekFlow will explain what is it, why use it, how to create one and examples of best results. Let’s look into it.

Simply speaking, a WhatsApp link is the URL that people use to open a WhatsApp conversation. Through clicking on the link, neither the business nor the customer needs to save any number before sending a message to an unknown contact.

This feature works on both mobile phones and websites, you can embed these links in an image or across various platforms according to your own needs.

1. Direct Link

A usual “click-to-chat” link composed of two parts: the standard link and your phone number.


For example, if your phone number is 6123 4567 whereas the country code is +852, your WhatsApp link will be https://wa.me/85261234567.

Please make sure you do not include any special characters such as brackets and dashes when filling in your phone number, otherwise, the link will be useless.

2. Direct link with pre-filled messages

When clicking into this type of WhatsApp link, a template message will automatically appear in the text field. The format is as below:

https://wa.me/?text=<pre-filled message>

Assuming the phone number remains unchanged while adding the welcoming message “Hello, I am interested in knowing more about your WhatsApp API service”.

Your link will be:

https://wa.me/85264522442?text=Hello,+I+am+interested+in+knowing+more+about+your +WhatsApp+API+service.

3. Only a pre-filled link

A  pre-filled link is also applicable for sending broadcast messages. You can choose whom you want to send the message to after opening the link.


If your message is “Thanks for registering!”, type in https://wa.me/?text=Thanks+for+registering!. The link will redirect you to a list of contacts, you can then select multiple people and send all of them the unique message.

The biggest advantage of the WhatsApp link is to allow customers to engage with you almost effortlessly. Forget about filling in a lead form and writing an email, your audience can now send the first message to you within just one click, which can definitely improve your lead generation and sales. Not to mention being a more accessible company is conducive to building a loyal recurring customer base.

On top of that, businesses can guide customers to ask the right question by including a predefined message. Very often, customers’ enquiries might not be specific enough and need more clarity, which can lead to a series of subsequent follow-up actions that are quite time-consuming. A pre-filled text can thus help the customers to structure their message at your convenience, minimizing any unnecessary workload.

One more great feature about WhatsApp link is its multiform nature – it can be used as a hyperlink, QR code, and be integrated into an image or even a GIF. As a bonus, you can embed the URL in whatever forms you like, ranging from websites to banner ads, from logos to emails, helping you to craft the perfect CTA button.

You can create the WhatsApp link directly on the WhatsApp Business, go to Settings > Business Tools > Short Link.

WhatsApp link

You can copy the hyperlink shown on the landing page or take one more step by adding a custom message. The format of the link will be https://wa.me/message/your unique code.

However, this button is not available in the normal version of WhatsApp. If you wish to generate create a URL, do refer to the earlier section: Types of WhatsApp Link.

1. Websites

Adding a WhatsApp link to your website is one of the most effective ways to convert your visitors. Instead of using a simple link, be creative to embed it in an attractive banner saying “Contact Us on WhatsApp” or “24/7 Support on WhatsApp”.

2. Social Media Pages

Almost every social media platform encourages businesses to add their website address to the pages. If your customers prefer sending you a direct message instead of surfing alone, you can place your click-to-chat links here. Facebook even provides businesses with an option to add a WhatsApp button directly on their pages: go to your Facebook page, click on Add Button > WhatsApp > Set up Whatsapp number, and you will be all set.

3. Social Media Posts

If you wish to drive traffic to your WhatsApp chat, remember to embed your link across all active platforms. Apart from the ordinary posts, you can also include a link into Story and CTA. You can track the reach, engagement and click-through rate at backstage to see how this short link is helping your business.

4. Google Profiles

Needless to say, a complete Google Business Profile can enhance your brand’s visibility as well as search engine performance. So don’t neglect the importance of adding your “click-to-chat” link into your company profile.

Using a chat widget on your website is a great way to gain more chats and turn visitors into customers. Chat widget refers to the little box on the corner of your website. By clicking on these bubbles, a chat box will pop up right away, customers can therefore open the communication with no hassle.      

Chat widget
Live Chat Widget

As a leading social commerce messaging platform in Hong Kong, SleekFlow has helped various businesses to install a “Live Chat Widget” to their websites, including but not limited to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. With SleekFlow, you can easily bring your customer communication to a whole new level.

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