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WhatsApp Web: A simple guide to WhatsApp Desktop from any device

Everything you need to know about WhatsApp Web and Desktop

What is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Business Web is one of the main ways that many users use WhatsApp on their computers. If you need to work on a desktop, it is more convenient for you to reply to messages and chat with friends, family, and colleagues on the computer. Many customer service teams also use WhatsApp Business Web to respond to customer inquiries, making communication with customers more efficient.

Log in to WhatsApp web with QR

How does WhatsApp Web work?

Log in to WhatsApp Web with linked devices settings
  1. Visit WhatsApp Web’s website.

  2. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone, go to the Settings page, and click on "Linked Devices".

  3. Click on the "Link a Device" button on your phone and complete the biometric authentication. Then, scan the QR code on the computer page to log in.

After logging in, you can use WhatsApp Web on your computer to chat with customers. Its functions are the same as those of the WhatsApp app, and you can send voice messages, images, videos, and send invoices among other files.

How to use WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Web 桌面版/  WhatsApp for Desktop

In addition to WhatsApp Business Web, you can also use the WhatsApp Desktop App, which does not require you to keep the browser open all the time.

To use WhatsApp on your desktop, you first need to download and install the WhatsApp Desktop App. After installation, please have your WhatsApp app on your phone ready to scan the QR code generated by the computer app to complete the login process.

Here are some differences between using the WhatsApp Desktop App and WhatsApp Business Web on a browser:

  1. Security: WhatsApp Desktop App is more secure than using WhatsApp Web on a browser because it is a standalone application that uses end-to-end encryption. Only you and the recipient can see the messages, and third parties cannot read them, better protecting your private information.

  2. Functionality: WhatsApp Desktop App has more features than using WhatsApp Web on a browser, such as voice calls and the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to edit and reply to messages.

WhatsApp Web shortcuts

WhatsApp Web also provides many convenient keyboard shortcuts that allow you to complete certain actions faster. Here are some commonly used keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + N: Create a new chat

  • Ctrl + Shift + ]: Next chat

  • Ctrl + Shift + [: Previous chat

  • Ctrl + E: Search contacts

  • Ctrl + Shift + M: Mute/unmute chat

  • Ctrl + Backspace: Delete selected chat

  • Ctrl + Shift + U: Mark chat as read

  • Ctrl + Shift + N: Create a new group

Multiple logins on WhatsApp

Starting in 2021, WhatsApp supports multi-device login, which allows users to use up to 4 linked devices and 1 phone simultaneously. You can use WhatsApp on different devices such as computers, tablets, and phones at the same time without interrupting the use on other devices. In addition, multi-device login also provides higher security because each device will get its own encryption key, which means that even if someone unauthorized accesses one of your devices, they cannot access your WhatsApp account.

If you want to enable the WhatsApp multi-device login feature, simply go to the "Settings" menu and select "WhatsApp Web/Desktop" or "Linked Devices" to start using this feature. With the multi-device login feature, you will be able to use WhatsApp more conveniently without worrying about device limitations.

Unlimited logins on WhatsApp

Note that a phone number can log in to a maximum of 5 devices, which can still be difficult for larger customer service teams to handle all customer requests. Besides, for multi-device logins, you will still need to keep your WhatsApp active on the phone regularly to avoid being logged out automatically on your WhatsApp Web after a few weeks. If you want to save on human resources and time costs, using the WhatsApp Business API is even more appropriate!

WhatsApp Business API does not only allow unlimited logins on the same WhatsApp Business account, but also enables customer service teams to easily manage multiple communication platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Moreover, businesses can improve customer experience and satisfaction through automatic contact segmentation, customer data integration, and better analysis.

Find out all you need to know about WhatsApp Business API and its pricing in 2024.

How to offer premium customer experience on WhatsApp via SleekFlow

SleekFlow omnichannel interface enables multiple logins on whatsapp with a web api

Other than being able to manage multiple communication channels with teams, SleekFlow also has many features to help businesses improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Access your WhatsApp Business account anywhere

With the mobile app and web app available, SleekFlow allows you to log in to your WhatsApp Business account anywhere and anytime, as long as you have internet access. You also do not have to worry about being logged out automatically when you’re halfway through chatting with customers.

WhatsApp auto replies & chat buttons

Businesses can use SleekFlow's auto reply feature to respond to customers' messages based on pre-set templates or automated processes. These automation features can save your customer service costs, while at the same time, reducing customer wait times, and improving customer experience and satisfaction.

There are also WhatsApp interactive messages such as chat buttons which you can use to increase customer engagement when you broadcast promotional messages or collect customer feedback. 

WhatsApp chat labelling

SleekFlow's chat label function makes it easier for businesses to broadcast messages to customers. By categorizing customers according to priority and setting up personalized broadcast messages, businesses can send relevant messages to customers at designated times, such as sending May birthday promotion offers to customers with May birthdays.

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