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What’s new in SleekFlow: new Platform API endpoints and enhanced documentation

SleekFlow Platform API

Did you know that 50% of internet traffic flows through via APIs? At SleekFlow, we're all about making connections - not just between people, but between different systems and software as well. 

That's why we've been working hard to enhance our Platform API (previously known as Public API) and technical documentation. 

Our goal is to make sure the SleekFlow platform can communicate more effectively with your tools and work together harmoniously. These updates will greatly benefit our users and partners who want to develop custom solutions and integrations. Let's take a look at what's changed and how it can benefit your business.

Exciting new features and what they can do

1. Revamped API documentation platform

We've redesigned our API documentation platform, making it more intuitive and easier to navigate. The new layout and structure will enable you to better understand the functionalities of our platform API, and get started faster.

SleekFlow Platform API

For a quick start, check out the API category, request type, and required authentication on the Home page

2. Improved description and copywriting

We've improved the way we describe and document our APIs, making it simpler for you to understand their parameters, methods, requests, responses, and other programming constructs. Reduce the effort in deciphering jargon and spend more time building innovative solutions.

3. Try and test the API within the documentation

Our new documentation platform now allows developers to access request and response samples, as well as try and test the API directly within the documentation platform itself. Integrate the APIs into your own codebase with ready-to-use code snippets. Experiment and play around until it feels right. This hands-on approach means you can quickly see how the API works in real time, making it simpler to develop and troubleshoot your integrations.

SleekFlow Platform API

SleekFlow Platform API provides code samples in popular languages like Curl, C#, Node, Python, Ruby, Java, and more.

4. New API endpoint additions

We've expanded the functionality of our Platform API by adding new endpoints to Messaging APIs, Inbox APIs, Contact APIs, and Staff and Team APIs. Plus, we've improved existing endpoints to make them even more powerful.

Practical applications and benefits

Now, let's dive into the potential impact these updates can have on you in the realms of software development, marketing automation, and CRM software integration.

Create messaging features on your app

Developers will now be able to build even more innovative and efficient solutions using the SleekFlow Platform API. Our new endpoints and enhanced documentation make it easier to create custom integrations that facilitate better in-product communication. By enabling the flow of information between software programs used by various functions in your company, the Platform API also facilitates internal collaboration. For example, you can prompt follow-up actions to a specific business unit when receiving an incoming message.

Some of our customers have had great success with integrating SleekFlow Platform API into their product strategy:

In the Automate mobile app, users can select services and generate a pre-filled WhatsApp message with their inquiry details. The app then prompts customers to continue on WhatsApp, where our team can quickly create quotations and close the deal. - Jason Law, Head of Product, Automate

Read the success story of Automate, a one-stop car service platform trusted by over 100,000 customers.

Implement cross-channel marketing automation

Imagine the possibilities! With our new and improved API, marketing teams can integrate SleekFlow into their existing marketing automation workflows on various platforms. 

Consider a scenario where your business has just made a sale to a customer. It's always a good idea to follow up with an email thanking them for their purchase and highlighting any special perks. Sometimes customers may not respond to the initial email. You can set up a follow-up WhatsApp message that offers a limited-time promotion to encourage the customer to make another purchase.

This means you can streamline your marketing campaigns, reach your audience more effectively, and analyze the performance of your campaigns in real time.

Connect your customer data from different databases

If you integrate the SleekFlow Platform API into your CRM software, you can give your support team a major efficiency boost without sacrificing control over your customer data. You get to choose which data you want to share with SleekFlow and how you want it to be used. Easily manage customer inquiries, track the status of support tickets, and keep your team on top of their game.

Maximize your experience, check our enhanced Platform API documentation now!

About What’s new in SleekFlow

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