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What’s new in SleekFlow: Programmable Messaging API for WhatsApp

Messaging API for WhatsApp

Introducing our latest product - the messaging API for WhatsApp! Designed for enterprise users and independent software vendors (ISV), the API offers a flexible and modular approach for developers to integrate their systems or applications with WhatsApp without being restricted by a specific front-end system. 

Accessible through SleekFlow API portal, you can configure an unlimited number of WhatsApp Business accounts (WABA) and generate API keys for each WABA phone number with ease using a dashboard.

Messaging API for WhatsApp

Key features and use cases

With the Messaging API for WhatsApp, developers can easily integrate WhatsApp messaging into their own custom-built applications or services to send messages, manage templates, and handle various types of media, such as images, videos, and documents. 

Our Messaging API for WhatsApp is designed to be highly flexible, so developers can generate webhooks programmatically. We support incoming webhooks, which allow you to send WhatsApp messages in real-time based on your system's triggers. For example, businesses can set up incoming webhooks to receive a customer's request for an OTP, and then automatically send the requested OTP back to the customer via WhatsApp.

Messaging API for WhatsApp

Similarly, our API can be configured with outgoing webhooks, which can be used to notify other applications when specific events occur on WhatsApp, such as when a new message is received or a customer is added to a contact list. 

For example, a logistics company can send a shipping update via Whatsapp to a customer. Customers could use interactive buttons in the message to track the delivery status or reschedule the delivery. If the customer chooses to reschedule, an outgoing webhook can be configured to notify the driver dispatching system of the new delivery date. 

Messaging API for WhatsApp

With our Messaging API for WhatsApp, there are endless possibilities to create innovative customer experiences. For example, a department store could create a virtual help desk that can search the company's catalog, recognize uploaded images, and provide personalized recommendations to customers. By using the API to call up specific items based on customer requests, businesses can avoid the need to import the entire catalog into a help desk system. This not only saves on development effort but also reduces costs associated with storing and maintaining large amounts of data on third-party platforms.

Messaging API for WhatsApp

For more detailed information about the functionality, please check out the API document available here.

5 Benefits of SleekFlow's Messaging API for WhatsApp

1. Leverage a badged Meta Business Partner’s expertise

As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, SleekFlow is authorized by Meta to help enterprises and ISVs to configure and manage the WABA for their subsidiaries or clients.

For enterprise users, our team of experts is available to provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth and efficient messaging experience that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, including:

  • Detailed API documentation and guidelines

  • Industry-specific consultation

  • Free onboarding support for yearly plan users

  • Priority support with predefined SLAs and escalation path

  • Escalation path to Meta after investigation

  • Access to incentive programs (such as discounted pricing, beta beatures) exclusive for partners

SleekFlow is a Meta partner for business messaging

SleekFlow is now an official Meta Partner for business messaging.

On the other hand, ISV or SaaS companies can partner with SleekFlow and use the messaging API for WhatsApp to provide their clients with a secure and compliant messaging solution that meets their unique needs.

Want to build a business solution that integrates with WhatsApp on behalf of  your clients? Use the Messaging API for WhatsApp.

2. Faster throughput rates with WhatsApp Cloud API

SleekFlow offers the WhatsApp Cloud API hosted by Meta, which is faster than on-premise. You can send and receive up to 500 text and media messages per second.  Within your rate limit (messaging volume and number of WABA), the API automatically scales and adjusts to handle your workload.

3. Unleash your creativity with a free 1000 conversations trial

Want to try out before committing to a subscription? SleekFlow offers a free trial of up to 1000 conversations and free WABA phone numbers to test and evaluate the API's effectiveness. Additionally, there is no time limit on the trial. Take time to decide whether our product is the right fit for your needs.

Experience the power of programmable messaging API for WhatsApp.

4. Take full control of your customer data

By integrating the API with your own systems, businesses can ensure that all customer data collected through WhatsApp is managed and stored securely in-house, without relying on third-party platforms. It's easier to maintain internal security and data protection protocols because the API allows for controlled access to data and functionality. 

5. Sign up and manage unlimited WABA with one dashboard

SleekFlow's messaging API for WhatsApp is highly scalable, allowing businesses to sign up for an unlimited number of WABA through the portal. 

Businesses can sign up for WABAs with a streamlined embedded signup process on the portal quickly. There are only 3-5 steps and you can start messaging customers immediately. 

Upon setting up the WABA, the API allows other systems to obtain information about the WABA, such as the phone numbers connection status and messaging credits balance. This makes it easy to manage and streamline communications across multiple teams and departments.

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