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How CATS College uses WhatsApp Business API to improve their marketing strategies

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International College of Creative Arts Technology (CATS College), a higher education institution in Malaysia, has been unswervingly committed to cultivating future-ready talents through innovative and creative arts courses driven by cutting-edge technology for the past two decades.

However, amidst the challenging backdrop of the global pandemic, CATS College undertook a transformative journey of rebranding and repositioning itself, with a renewed vision to bridge the digital creation gap in Malaysia and Southeast Asia by producing graduates capable of competing in the global arena through sound, visuals, and imagination of the arts.

CATS College offers students affordable Diploma programs fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) to equip students that require financial assistance, with the knowledge and skills needed to become pioneers in their chosen fields within the ever-evolving creative industry.

This distinctive positioning sets CATS College apart as a beacon of specialised education, where students can explore their passions and unleash their creative potential, making it a pivotal institution in the realm of creative arts and technology-driven education.

Challenges once faced by CATS College

Lack of an effective marketing channel

CATS College was struggling to find an effective social marketing channel to carry out their rebranding and marketing strategies. It was a significant roadblock to identifying the right platform to engage with their target audience effectively while traditional marketing strategies were no longer yielding the desired results in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Moreover, traditional telemarketing strategies proved less efficient for CATS College, as they encountered challenges in reaching their target audience effectively and gaining insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns. The limitations of telemarketing prompted the institution to seek a more streamlined and data-driven approach for its outreach efforts.

Fragmentation of communication channels affects brand authenticity

CATS College was using three different mobile numbers to address enquiries from prospective students and parents. This fragmentation in communication confused potential applicants and casted a shadow on their rebranding efforts. It also hindered the establishment of a clear and authentic brand image.

The need for mobile flexibility

With a small but dedicated team, CATS College faced the uphill task of managing their marketing efforts effectively. The team members had multiple responsibilities, and they often had to attend various education fairs and events across states and cities, which demanded a high level of mobile flexibility. They urged for a solution that would allow them to work seamlessly from any location, to address enquiries in a timely and efficient manner even while on the move.

SleekFlow has provided the availability for my teams to work anywhere at any time during working hours, not dependent on the physical locations as we attempt to balance between right-sizing the recruitment team. I need to use technology to make things very efficient and effective while the teams often are travelling for work-related matters.

Goh Doh Hau

Goh Doh Hau

VP of Sales and Marketing at CATS College

SleekFlow’s WhatsApp Business marketing solution for educational institutions


In the face of marketing challenges, CATS College required a game-changing tool to help them overcome their hurdles and reinvigorate their marketing efforts as an educational institution. They turned to the WhatsApp Business API, an innovative solution provided by SleekFlow.

1. WhatsApp QR code and chat button on website as diversified entry points for conversations

CATS College has diversified its communication strategy with the WhatsApp API to reach students both offline and online. They have created and incorporated WhatsApp QR codes with custom messages on printed brochures, specifically designed to cater to students without immediate mobile access during offline education fairs. This ensures that students, even without immediate mobile access, can easily connect once they do, while also allowing CATS College to identify the source of leads. Simultaneously, CATS College has integrated a WhatsApp chat button on its official website, providing an easily accessible and user-friendly channel for online engagement. 

The WhatsApp API's versatile multiple entry points seamlessly enable proactive and real-time interactions between prospective students and CATS College, fostering engagement for intake enquiries. Moreover, CATS College can deliver instant personalized advice through WhatsApp conversations, encouraging students to respond promptly. This approach has led to a significant boost in the response rate compared to traditional telemarketing methods.

2. Social CRM system and contact segmentation

SleekFlow’s social CRM system plays a pivotal role in refining CATS College's outreach efforts. The institution employs precise labelling and segmentation based on both demographic and behavioural factors, ensuring a targeted and strategic approach.

For example, they labelled the students from the same school in Kuala Lumpur and grouped them in a customer list. In the future, when there are relevant workshops or education fairs located in close proximity, they can instantly send a targeted yet personalised message in bulk to these prospective students.

Prospective students' responses, such as "Yes, I want to know more" or "No, I have intake to other universities," can provide valuable insights as to how they can proceed with their marketing strategy for respective target groups. 

These interactions are also an opportunity for CATS College to deepen engagement and provide special offers in future conversations. On top of that, prospects opting out can be given lower priority when choosing not to be notified, optimising resource allocation and focusing efforts on more engaged prospects.

3. Broadcast personalised WhatsApp marketing messages

CATS College also broadcasts WhatsApp campaign messages with SleekFlow. CATS College sends WhatsApp bulk messages with interactive chat buttons to reach out to prospective students. 

During the last intake in October, CATS College targeted students who didn't secure placement in public universities. The broadcast messages highlighted exciting advanced programs offered by CATS College, to encourage these students to explore alternative educational opportunities. This approach serves to rekindle interest and provide viable options for those facing placement challenges.

CATS College Broadcast

Meanwhile, for students who are financially challenged, CATS College emphasises scholarship opportunities in its WhatsApp broadcast messages. They have devised a plan to match the tuition fees with the PTPTN student loan offered by the government so that the fees can be supported. As a result, these students will only need to pay for a small amount of resource fees and begin their life-changing journey.  

The WhatsApp broadcast feature enables us to sieve through responses from top funnel awareness right down to the consideration stage within a very short period, from days to minutes.

Goh Doh Hau

Goh Doh Hau

VP of Sales and Marketing at CATS College

4. Unified inbox with multiple logins to streamline workflow

SleekFlow has provided CATS College with a unified inbox for the team to easily manage conversations and assign tasks to teammates. The platform’s ease of use saves them from bearing extra steps and unnecessary work and at the same time, ultimately contributes to a more effective and organised student recruitment process for CATS College.

As the team travels across Malaysia, heading to Penang, Johor Bahru, and other locations, SleekFlow's mobile app provides them with mobility, allowing them to handle conversations on the go. The teams don't have to be physically present in the office but can be virtually present at any time when communication is needed.

8X increase in marketing efficiency, achieved 60% ROI with a robust WhatsApp strategy

In one single WhatsApp broadcast campaign for UPU applicants, CATS College has managed to generate above RM50k in billings within 30 days. The campaign reached over 8,000 prospective students, utilising segmentation and interactive chat buttons to yield an outstanding 20% increase in read rates and achieved a 10% response rate. The impact goes beyond mere engagement, as the WhatsApp strategy has allowed the prospects to delve into deeper conversations with CATS College. 

CATS College has attained a noteworthy 60% return on investment (ROI) from the SleekFlow platform. The success story extends to the 8X efficiency gain CATS College has experienced by strategically allocating resources to focus on the right pipeline opportunities. They are now faster to reach a larger group of prospective students when compared to the previous telemarketing strategy. 

With enhanced engagement and optimised resource utilisation via SleekFlow, CATS College has witnessed significant success in student recruitment efforts and achieved scalability with impressive results. 

SleekFlow is your best WABA partner. The management and usage fees of SleekFlow are very friendly, as they offer three-tier pricing plans, from the free plan to a Premium plan and a Custom Plan, while everything is all in one.

Goh Doh Hau

Goh Doh Hau

VP of Sales and Marketing at CATS College

About CATS College

CATS College

CATS College is a boutique institution that strongly believes in converging creativity with technological innovation, fostering a sustainable ecosystem within the Creative Arts sector. With a remarkable 92% employment rate among graduates, CATS College is dedicated to producing well-prepared graduates ready to thrive in the future job market.


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