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WhatsApp Business API Malaysia pricing & case studies

WhatsApp Business API in Malaysia

Is your recurring question: what is an API?

API, which stands for Application Programming Interface, refers to an intermediary software that permits two applications to locate one another. It's like a middle person, for example, a property agent liaising between the owner and the tenants.

Similar to that, the WhatsApp Business API is like a bridge connecting businesses to more consumers. Multiple WhatsApp users can even log in to the same phone number using the Official WhatsApp Business API!

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Pricing in Malaysia for WhatsApp Business API

In early 2022, WhatsApp introduced a new pricing model where conversation-based charges are implemented. Depending on the country, fees are imposed for two types of conversations, specifically business-initiated and user-initiated conversations.

In June 2023, WhatsApp launches a new pricing structure which further breaks down business-initiated conversations into 3 categories:

  • Utility conversations for post-purchase notifications or recurring bill statements

  • Authentication conversations for one-time notifications or 2FA

  • Marketing conversations for broadcasting promotions

A conversation can have countless messages, but once the customer doesn't reply to you after 24 hours, businesses must start a new conversation.

User-initiated conversations are also identified as service conversations.

Free conversations on WhatsApp for business accounts

The good news here is, you can get 1,000 user-initiated conversations for free each month!

On top of that, you will also get Free Entry Points Conversations when you use click to WhatsApp ads. This means that if the customers chose to start a WhatsApp conversation through the CTA (call-to-action) buttons on your Facebook ads, you will get a free conversation. What's more, this free conversation will be extended from 24 hours to 72 hours!

Now that you understand how WhatsApp conversations are categorised, here's the pricing for each type of conversation:

WhatsApp Business API pricing for Malaysia (started in June 2023)

Type of conversationPrice in USDPrice in MYR
Utility conversations (business-initiated)$0.02RM0.088
Authentication conversations (business-initiated)$0.018RM0.08
Marketing conversations (business-initiated)$0.086RM0.38
Service conversations$0.022RM0.097

*Price in MYR is based on the exchange rate as of March 2023.

In summary, the WhatsApp Business API pricing in Malaysia is approximately RM0.08-RM0.38 per business-initiated conversation and RM0.097 per user-initiated conversation.

Put them to good use, and the revenue generated will definitely be worth more than that.

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Although it's as good as it seems, these charges above are only the conversation pricing set by WhatsApp, and they still require an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) to offer you the services. As different WhatsApp BSPs have different subscription plans and pricing, you would still need to review the options available and select the best for your business.

How to choose a WhatsApp Business API provider? Go through our essential guide.

WhatsApp Pricing Calculator

You can now calculate your messaging cost using SleekFlow's calculator!

WhatsApp Business API pricing MYR

Quick maths! How much budget do I need to use WhatsApp Business API?

Big names in Malaysia have already established their WhatsApp Business API 

Small businesses and medium and large business in Malaysia

Hap Seng Star improved customer relationships with WhatsApp

Hap Seng Star/BMW Malaysia

Photo by

Hap Seng Star, also known as Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, started utilizing WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app to communicate better with their customers. This has allowed their customers to contact them whenever and get responses in real-time using a secured, end-to-end encrypted texting app.

Hap Seng Star company worked with one of the WhatsApp partners to establish the WhatsApp Business API’s services. Since WhatsApp Business API allows multiple logins from different devices, all the call centre personnel that are responsible for using the WhatsApp API can respond to customer requests via WhatsApp.

Hap Seng Star WhatsApp customer support

WhatsApp is also used by the Hap Seng Star to notify and remind their customers to book a service appointment and renew their car insurance. They then saw a drastic increment in the number of consumers using the texting app after launching the WhatsApp service at the end of 2019.

After utilising this WhatsApp marketing strategy, they started seeing the following results by May 2020:

  • Delivery rates increased by 30% more than other channels

  • Read-message rates increased by 55% above other channels

CIMB Bank launched their own WhatsApp Business account

CIMB bank Malaysia

Photo by The Star

At the moment, CIMB Bank has acquired its own official WhatsApp Business API account. You can start texting CIMB Bank on WhatsApp to see the latest update on your application status, check the current bank interest rates or locate the closest CIMB ATM machine or branch.

Apart from that, customers can also WhatsApp CIMB bank for the subsequent services:

  • Check the most recent rates for fixed deposits, foreign exchange, gold investment, and loans for houses, vehicles, and private usage

  • Check the status of the application for personal financing and credit card

  • Locate the nearest ATM machine or CIMB Bank branch

  • View the how-to video for CIMB Clicks

CIMB Bank initiates WhatsApp API services

Once you select one of those services, the auto reply chatbot will respond to you with a link, providing relevant content related to the CIMB Clicks website, Google Maps, or YouTube. For those who do not enjoy surfing the CIMB Clicks website on their own, WhatsApp could make the process a little bit easier as it offers immediate guidance when you get lost, even though the whole process is not entirely done on WhatsApp.

They also announced that more WhatsApp features will be added in the near future, so look out for that!

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Order Pizza Hut through WhatsApp messages

Pizza Hut Malaysia

Photo by Palm Mall Seremban

Pizza Hut Malaysia changed its logo from red to green on 6 September 2020. They wanted to announce to their customers that they will now be able to order pizza through WhatsApp.

Here's how it works:

  • Select your preferred solution, Delivery or Self-pickup.

  • Then, an auto reply chatbot will help you order food from Pizza Hut all the way until payment.

  • To make payments, you can either pay using cash or with a debit or credit card.

  • If you are to pay with a debit or credit card, it will send you a link to a payment gateway to complete the payment.

Pizza Hut improves customer relationships with a WhatsApp Business account

As simple as that! Customers can now seamlessly enjoy an easy-to-use ordering system without downloading any additional mobile app. Also, there is no need to register for a new account on more platforms to browse different pages of the menu. By saving Pizza Hut’s number on the phone, you can place an order and make a payment for your favourite pizza.

See how other brands like Kiehl's and Tesco Malaysia empower social CRM strategies.

Looking to incorporate WhatsApp Business API in your own app? Explore our programmable messaging API for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business App vs WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API welcome message

Different from WhatsApp Business App, the phone number that is using WhatsApp Business API will not be blocked by the receiver. This is often because the Template Message has already been approved and thus, will not be marked as spam.

Got blocked on WhatsApp Business App? Learn how to revive your account and prevent it from happening again.

Another major difference is that companies using the Official WhatsApp Business API are going to be recognised and verified. This suggests that the business names are going to be displayed even if the customers did not save your contact number. There will also be a green tick next to the business name on WhatsApp to point out that the phone number has been authorised.

Find out all you need to know about applying for a WhatsApp Business green tick verification.

WhatsApp Business API should be included in your SEA social commerce strategy

80% of consumers in China bought items on social media, followed by Singapore (50%), India (49%), and Indonesia (48%).

- Essence Global

In a mobile-first country like Malaysia, where customers are ready for transactions on social media, each profitable business and company needs to seek a unique and straightforward medium to promote their businesses and connect with customers seamlessly through a digital medium. And this is often what WhatsApp Business API stands to offer to businesses.

WhatsApp Business API offers a wide range of amazing features. To unleash its full potential, you need to source a social CRM platform to connect with your customers on the world’s hottest messaging app channel. Enters SleekFlow.

  • Easy-to-use WhatsApp Business API integration

  • Integrate with other leading platforms in the e-commerce and CRM ecosystem such as Shopify, Salesforce and HubSpot

  • An omnichannel solution which combines popular social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, WeChat, and more

  • Automation rules can be designed such as triggering OTP messages and abandoned cart reminders

  • Allows sales agents to instantly generate an in-chat payment link for customers to pay in WhatsApp without switching apps or tabs

  • Free comment auto reply tool for your Facebook and Instagram Business account

  • Free omnichannel, no-code live chat widget to install on your website

SleekFlow offers a complete solution that allows you to sell and support through your messaging channels easily. What’s the best part? It’s FREE to start!

SleekFlow localised experts are now in SEA. Want to know more?

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