WhatsApp Business API in Malaysia. How top brands use WhatsApp to up their social commerce game
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WhatsApp Business API in Malaysia. How top brands use WhatsApp to up their social commerce game

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You would possibly ask what is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface and it refers to an intermediary software that permits two applications to locate one another.

Similarly, that is exactly what the WhatsApp Business API does. Using the Official WhatsApp Business API means multiple WhatsApp users can log in to an equivalent telephone number are now possible.

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WhatsApp Business app vs WhatsApp Business API

Different from WhatsApp Business App, the phone number that is using WhatsApp Business API will not be blocked by the receiver. This is often because the template message has already been approved and thus, will not be marked as spam.

Another major difference is that companies using the Official WhatsApp Business API are going to be recognized and verified. This suggests that the Business’ names are going to be shown and there is often a green tick next to the Business’ name on WhatsApp to point out that the telephone number has been authorized.

Pricing in Malaysia for WhatsApp Business API


The fee depends on the country code together with the number of message templates delivered in a month. WhatsApp has compiled the usage fees in 6 currencies, including United States Dollar, Euro, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Pound Sterling, and Australian Dollar.

The WhatsApp Business API Pricing in Malaysia is approximately RM0.17 per message template.

Check out all other pricings: WhatsApp Business API Pricing Worldwide.

WhatsApp decided the price above and each solution provider of WhatsApp API has its unique subscription plans and pricing. Hence, you need to review the payments and invoices to understand the billing better once your business starts to utilize the WhatsApp Business API.

Big-names in Malaysia have already established their WhatsApp Business API 


Hap Seng Star improved customer relationships with WhatsApp


Image via facebook.com

To communicate better with their customers, Hap Seng Star started utilizing WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in Malaysia. This allows their customers at the most comfortable time to contact them in a secure two-way texting app in real-time.

This Hap Seng Star company worked with one of the WhatsApp partners to establish the WhatsApp Business API’s services. Since WhatsApp Business API allows multiple logins from different devices, all the call centre personnel that are responsible for using the WhatsApp API to respond to customer requests via WhatsApp.


WhatsApp was also used by the Hap Seng Star to notify and remind their customers to book a service appointment and renew their car insurance. Hap Seng Star saw a drastic increment in the number of consumers using the texting app after launching the WhatsApp service at the end of 2019.

After utilizing this WhatsApp marketing strategy, they started seeing the following results by May 2020:

  • Delivery rates increased by 30% more than other channels.

  • Read-message rates increased by 55% above other channels.


CIMB Bank launched their own Whatsapp business account


Image via facebook.com

At the moment, CIMB Bank has acquired its own official WhatsApp account. You can start texting the CIMB Bank WhatsApp account to see the latest update of your application status or check the current bank interest rates or locate the closest CIMB ATM machine or branch.

Now, customers can message CIMB bank WhatsApp business account for the subsequent services:

  • Check the most recent rates for fixed deposits, foreign exchange, gold investment, and loans for houses, vehicles, and private.

  • Check the status of the application for personal financing and credit card.

  • Locate the nearest ATM machine or CIMB Bank branch.

  • View the how-to video for CIMB Clicks.


Once you select one of those services, the auto reply chatbot will respond to you with a link to the relevant content on the CIMB Clicks website, Google Maps, or YouTube. For those who do not enjoy surfing the CIMB Clicks website on their own, WhatsApp could make the process a little bit easier to obtain information even though the whole process is not entirely done in WhatsApp.

It has been announced by CIMB that they will add more features to their WhatsApp business account in the near future.

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Order from Pizza Hut through WhatsApp messages


Image via facebook.com

Malaysia Pizza Hut, on 6 September 2020 changed its logo from red to green. They wanted to announce to their customers that they will now be able to order pizza through WhatsApp.

Here is how it works:

  • Select your preferable, Delivery or Self-pickup.

  • Then, an auto reply chatbot will help you order food from Pizza Hut all the way until payment.

  • To make payments, you will select either to pay using cash or with a debit or credit card.

  • If you are to pay with a debit or credit card, it will send you a link to a payment gateway to complete the payment.


Now, customers can seamlessly enjoy an easy-to-use ordering system without downloading any additional mobile app. By saving Pizza Hut’s number on the phone, you can place an order and make payment for your favorite pizza.

Not only can you order pizza for delivery, you can also order pizza for pickup with their WhatsApp business account. Furthermore, there is no need to register or download an additional mobile app to browse different pages of the menu.


WhatsApp Business API should be included in your SEA social commerce strategy

80% of consumers in China bought items on social media, followed by Singapore (50%), India (49%), and Indonesia (48%).

- Essence Global

In a mobile-first country like Malaysia, where customers are ready for transactions on social media. Each profitable business and company needs to seek a unique and straightforward medium to promote their businesses and connect with customers seamlessly through a digital medium. And this is often what WhatsApp API stands to offer to businesses.

WhatsApp API offers a wide range of amazing features. To unleash its full potential, you need to source a social CRM platform to connect with your customers on the world’s hottest messaging app channel. Here comes SleekFlow.

  • Easy-to-use WhatsApp business API integration

  • Integrate with other leading platforms in the ecommerce ecosystem such as Shopify

  • Omni Channels including popular social platforms like Facebook messenger, Instagram and WeChat

  • Automation rules can be designed such as triggering OTP messages, and abandoned cart reminders

SleekFlow offers a complete solution allowing you to sell and support across your messaging channels easily. What’s the best part? It’s FREE to start!

SleekFlow localized experts are now in SEA. Want to know more?

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