Cutt & Grill achieves operational efficiency with SleekFlow

Cutt & Grill Tantangan Operasional

Cutt & Grill, a member of the LDS Group (PT Langgeng Dunia Selaras), is a steakhouse that offers a contemporary and modern experience. Cutt & Grill provides a variety of high-quality meats, including Australian beef, USDA dry-aged beef, wagyu, and many others.

See how Cutt & Grill succeeded in achieving greater efficiency and how they did so with SleekFlow.

Challenges encountered by Cutt & Grill

Cutt & Grill Tantangan Operasional

What challenges did Cutt & Grill encounter that led them to choose SleekFlow as a solution?

1. Manual reservation process

Cutt & Grill has 5 branches spread across Jakarta. With this many branches, Cutt & Grill needs to consolidate all inquiries and reservations more easily, without administrators having to throw questions at each other manually. This manual work is deemed inefficient and requires additional time to handle it. Administrators have to work twice to ensure that incoming inquiries and reservations have been recorded by the branch the customer is going to.

2. Reach more customers

Aside from manual operations, Cutt & Grill wants to boost customer engagement, which is why they need the ability to send broadcast messages about promotions or other exciting deals.

3. Exclusivity and branding

As a steakhouse that offers a contemporary experience, it is important for Cutt & Grill to give exclusive perception of their business — not only through the best service and serving quality but also through other social aspects, such as WhatsApp.

SleekFlow for the F&B business

The good news is that SleekFlow can address all of Cutt & Grill’s challenges. The following are the solutions offered by SleekFlow to meet Cutt & Grill’s needs.

1. Automation & smart inbox for reservations and inquiries 

With WhatsApp Business API (WABA), Cutt & Grill is able to automate reservation messages and customer inquiries.

This automation enables customers to place orders through WhatsApp, which is then integrated with an online reservation platform. On this platform, customers can choose their preferred time and place online. Besides, customers who need additional details can also be redirected to the 

The WhatsApp automation matter has been addressed, but it does not end there. Cutt & Grill can also easily access the SleekFlow dashboard to set up smart-routing for incoming messages.

What exactly is a smart-routing message? Smart-routing messages allow users to delegate incoming messages to the team that is best suited to receive them.

In the case of Cutt & Grill which has 5 locations, they create a flow and delegate incoming messages to each administrator in the branch. As a result, all incoming inquiries are automatically routed to the right person and branch, without the need for a manual process and reducing miscommunications. 

For example, if a customer needs the detailed menu at the Senopati branch, the customer will be automatically redirected to the Senopati branch administrator, who can also respond directly without having to manually pass the incoming message. 

Read more about SleekFlow inbox feature.

2. Broadcast messages for exciting deals

Cutt & Grill Reservasi Tempat Template

To stay relevant to customers, Cutt & Grill will ask for the customer’s name and phone number for each transaction and add them to their customer list.

With this data, Cutt & Grill can send centralized broadcast messages without having to send them manually from each Cutt & Grill WhatsApp account.

Now they only need to produce promotional materials on SleekFlow dashboard and create a group list for the target broadcast recipients, with no limit on the number of recipients.

3. WhatsApp Business API (WABA) and green tick for exclusive results

Besides improving customer service, WhatsApp Business API (WABA) allows businesses to strengthen their exclusivity, especially for brands that have been in business for a long time and need to build trust from their customers. Green tick can be one of the ways to improve customer experience. 

Simplifying business operations with SleekFlow

In general, Cutt & Grill can achieve better operations without having to spend a lot of time on manual work. They can also answer incoming queries more quickly with the automation process, enabling customers to wait less time for responses. 

SleekFlow helps us to automate customer messages, so they don’t have to wait long to get a response because each incoming message will be redirected to the contact number of the preferred outlet.

Cut Meuthia Laimaniaty

Cut Meuthia Laimaniaty

Restaurant Manager

About Cutt & Grill

Tentang Cutt & Grill

Cutt & Grill is part of the LDS Group (PT Langgeng Dunia Selaras). LDS is a group that focuses on lifestyle, hospitality, and real estate business.

Their restaurant portfolio in Indonesia includes Cutt & Grill, a contemporary steakhouse with an extensive selection of high-quality meats; Terra, a healthy restaurant that serves freshly prepared various nutritional dishes; and Balboni, an Italian-concept restaurant that focuses exclusively on making fresh pizza and pasta.

LDS’ real estate portfolio includes residences in Erlangga, a luxury and modern co-living residential development, and a property development in Bintaro with a total of 50 townhouses. 

Visit Cutt & Grill | Visit LDS Group


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