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EVRbeauty's Success Story | One-stop medical aesthetic solution brand increased sales efficiency by 5 times using SleekFlow

EVRbeauty is one of the fastest growing brands in the aesthetics industry, focusing on laser hair removal, hydrafacial, and skin rejuvenation. Its first core product - laser hair removal treatment, quickly gained popularity for rapid performance. Many loyal customers referred friends and family to the store. 

The brand grew fast, riding on its customer trust even amid the pandemic. EVRbeauty opened two city-center stores and launched two new product lines. First is Redefine by EVRbeauty, a professional injectable brand led by experienced doctors, followed by Vigour by EVRbeauty, which provides an all-in-one laser treatment working towards tightening pores and boosting collagen. It also opened an online store for remote selling, disrupting the traditional way of promoting aesthetic services face-to-face. Rebecca Yu, the founder of EVRbeauty, shares how they leverage SleekFlow to implement word-of-mouth marketing and soft sell approaches.

Why did EVRbeauty choose to use SleekFlow?

Rebecca: I first founded EVRbeauty as a consumer with expectations on hair removal treatments. Knowing how girls struggle with hair problems, effective treatments are normally discovered through referrals. This is why the business first started out based on recommendations through friends, attracting customers based on firsthand experiences. Of course, as the business grew, we had to tap into digital marketing and start advertising on search engines, social media, and YouTube. However, most mobile advertising strategies are incredibly oversaturated, characterized by fierce competition, and increasingly more expensive. Engaging influencers and measuring returns has become a hurdle for many beauty brands. 

So, instead, I chose to invest in building better word-of-mouth marketing strategies. We learned that WhatsApp is the most effective channel to cultivate customer relationships. Customers share our WhatsApp Business contact with their friends. We help new customers to navigate our website, answer questions about prices and bookings, and collect ratings and reviews all in one place. We needed to access the same WhatsApp Business account on multiple mobile phones concurrently so that about ten team members could work hand in hand. After trying out different business solutions in the market, we found that SleekFlow has the best user interface to drive efficiency. SleekFlow's customer success team was very responsive and proactive in addressing our needs as well.

How does SleekFlow help improve the sales efficiency of EVRbeauty?

Rebecca Yu: Before using SleekFlow, we could only use one company-owned mobile phone to reply to customers, limiting our business' ability to scale. After we connected WhatsApp Business API with SleekFlow, all team members can access customers' conversations from their phones anytime using SleekFlow's mobile application. As a result, the sales efficiency increased by five times.

Besides, customer inquiries were previously scattered across different social media platforms. We organized giveaway activities in the early days and attracted a number of customers with free treatment services. However, it wasn't easy to manage the high volume of comments and DMs. Not to mention how Instagram organizes messages into three inboxes (general, primary, and request), it was very inconvenient for us to oversee the overall situation. Not all messages had pop-up notifications, so it was very easy for us to overlook some messages. Since we integrated our Facebook and Instagram accounts into SleekFlow, we can quickly check all incoming messages in a centralized inbox. We also use the auto-reply tool to hold social media campaigns to convert comments into conversations and sales.

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Moreover, EVRbeauty has an online store. I believe that one of the most difficult challenges faced by the beauty industry in incorporating e-commerce is the mandatory closure enforced by the government throughout the past two years. Many were forced to close down in the end, so customers would naturally be worried that the services they bought online couldn't be delivered. Trust issues were the biggest challenge of running an online beauty store. Therefore, to build customer confidence, we attend to the visitors of our online stores instantly and have managed to sustain a group of loyal customers through timely and open communication. Since those who ask questions before purchasing are mostly ready to buy as soon as they get their answers, we always seize the opportunity to send a link for payment through WhatsApp. The ease of purchase without returning to the retail site prompted customers to take action immediately, and sales subsequently increased.

Which SleekFlow feature do you think is the best to use?

Rebecca: The advanced user team setting. We have colleagues who specialize in different services. We found it very helpful that SleekFlow automatically assigns inquiries to the responsible employee based on keywords and pre-set rules. We also simplified the appointment workflow by routing incoming messages to the customer’s preferred branch. While SleekFlow gave us a clear picture of everyone's responsibilities, ensuring clients are well taken care of, I could also view conversations across different teams to keep up-to-date on our customers' needs.

What kind of industry do you think SleekFlow is well-suited for?

Rebecca: Any business could make good use of SleekFlow's solutions. Everyone will need to interact with a client at some point, whether they are front-line sales or supporting staff in the back office. In the age of instant gratification, customers expect immediate responses. The more people could work together to provide a warm and engaging customer experience, the faster the business could expand.

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