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Decrease in Response Time


While the world is moving towards reopening, the fifth wave of the pandemic has caught Hong Kong off guard. The government rushes to tighten restrictions in the hope of flattening the curve, ordering the closure of beauty salons and other non-essential businesses.

Facing tremendous uncertainty, beauty salons are desperate to find a way out. Many of them suffer significant losses as they are unable to attract purchases when brick-and-mortar stores are closed. However, EVRbeauty is one of the few exceptional cases.

EVRbeauty, a beauty salon specializing in laser hair removal and aesthetic treatment, manages to reach customers through social messaging applications and even sell services at such a difficult time. Rebecca Yu, the founder of EVRbeauty, shares how they equip themselves using SleekFlow for online customer interaction.

SleekFlow is like a train, where everyone can get on board and head to the same destination.

Rebecca Yu

Rebecca Yu

Founder of EVRbeauty

The significant challenges EVRbeauty once faced

Inability to collaborate and inflexibility

In Hong Kong, WhatsApp is the leading social network with the highest penetration rate, which makes it the favorite communication channel among consumers. EVRbeauty, like their competitors, allows customers to book appointments for treatments or procedures on WhatsApp. But with hundreds of incoming messages every day, it was challenging to get back to customers in time as only up to two people could share the same account at the same time - one using the web version and the other using the app version.

Scattered conversations across different platforms

Replying to messages as soon as possible is crucial but what is more important is not to miss any messages. While WhatsApp is perhaps the most preferred communication channel, Meta-owned Messenger and Instagram, where 20% of the customer inquiries are from, have their own popularity. In other words, conversations are often scattered across different platforms. Without a centralized platform to manage all the chats, EVRbeauty had to switch between apps and it was easy to miss messages.

Lack of face-to-face opportunity to sell

In the light of the pandemic, many businesses have shifted their focus from traditional commerce to e-commerce, trying to maintain or even scale up their operations in a different way. EVRbeauty has created an online store selling treatments and procedures at a discounted price for customers to ‘buy now enjoy later.’ But apart from posting on social media platforms, they were also looking into other solutions to launch effective marketing campaigns.

Customer of EVRbeauty

How SleekFlow helps EVRbeauty engage with clients remotely

Multiple logins anywhere to enjoy the flexibility

After thorough research, EVRbeauty has found SleekFlow as an ideal solution to upgrading their communication channel. Team members can now log in to the same WhatsApp account simultaneously and respond to messages accordingly. What is even better is that they can log in to the account even when they are out of the office. Before they used SleekFlow, their account was linked to the devices in the office, so they had to be physically present in order to log in to the account. But with SleekFlow, they can work remotely from home or anywhere, enjoying a high degree of flexibility. 

Bookmark feature to never miss crucial messages

Integrating SleekFlow with various channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, EVRbeauty can now manage all conversations in one place at a glance, reducing their response time by up to 50%. One of the most useful features that EVRbeauty finds is the bookmark feature. On SleekFlow, users can bookmark (or pin) important conversations to the top of your list so you can quickly find them. Hence, they will never miss crucial messages anymore. In addition, the easy-to-use interface allows staff to pick up promptly, minimizing the training time.


Social messaging channels to promote and sell online

Accelerated by the pandemic, social commerce is on the rise across the globe. But the key to leveraging social commerce is interaction and relationship. To facilitate two-way communication and sell better online, EVRbeauty now uses SleekFlow to promote its products and services as well. Beauty salons usually rely heavily on in-store beauty consultants to do the job, but as stores are closed temporarily, the only effective way out is via social messaging tools. With the help of SleekFlow, EVRbeauty is now able to sell treatments in chat in a personalized way and ensure revenue that would not have existed to keep the business running.

Entrance of EVRbeauty

About EVRbeauty

Since their establishment, EVRbeauty takes pride in their clearly marked prices and the principle of having no hard sells, focusing on achieving fair, silky smooth skin for women in Hong Kong. They are determined in providing authentic products and services, leading the market of hair removal in Hong Kong away from the trend of hard-selling, with treatment prices 100% out in the public and the accomplishment of zero retail selling. With over 100 thousand good customer ratings, they are the hair removal brand with the highest number of genuine clients in the whole of Hong Kong.


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