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How retens medical enhances customer transparency on WhatsApp with SleekFlow

In retens medical’s pursuit to elevate the customer experience, their team looked for an all-in-one solution that could enhance the efficiency of managing WhatsApp conversations, so that customers understand the value of what they are offering. retens medical’s growth in Hong Kong demonstrates the upside of putting open communication with customers as top priority.

Challenges in Hong Kong’s traditional beauty industry

Maintaining consistency and reliability in customer service quality

Whether it’s for marketing their services or post-consultation check-ins, beauty centers need to manage a high volume of one-to-one customer interactions. While the industry norm is to have consultants personally follow up with customers after their appointments, this approach creates a slew of issues such as not responding to customers' appointments promptly, not following up on customers' skin progress, and having difficulty controlling whether the response is consistent with the company's training. 

Lack of visibility over customer service and frontline operations

With customer data and conversations stored across various channels, managers or supervisors find it difficult to monitor real-time responses, handle customer appointments, and promote seasonal offer packages. This lack of visibility can make it challenging to identify bottlenecks in customer service and evaluate the performance of promotional campaigns. 

How retens medical uses SleekFlow to enhance customer service quality

Use Labels to segment the right customers for marketing attractive packages

By adding a live chat widget on the website that directs customers to WhatsApp retens’ customer service team, customers can conveniently set up their monthly appointments, enquire about new service packages, and learn about treatment details on their go-to messaging app. The team manages all customer conversations in SleekFlow’s omnichannel inbox and labels customers based on their appointment dates. For example, the retens medical team created a label on our Social CRM to identify a customer’s monthly membership start date so that SleekFlow can trigger messages after a few weeks to schedule the next muscle therapy appointment. 

Customers can also be grouped based on their preferred treatment styles, spending tiers, or birthday months. This way, your customer service team can make the customer feel valued and build brand loyalty over chat.

retens medical beauty centre treatment signature thermage treatment

Image source: retens medical

Send Payment Links in WhatsApp for guests to prepay online or purchase limited-time offers instantly

By managing WhatsApp conversations through SleekFlow, the retens medical team can direct customers to checkout by sending payment links in the chat. After sending a promotional message about the treatment packages, customers can prepay or purchase limited-time offers right after demonstrating their interest. SleekFlow’s online payment solution provides convenience for guests while allowing them to earn points when paying with a credit card. 

Additionally, the accounting department can track payments in real-time, ensuring that the payment has been successfully received. This feature streamlines the payment process across internal teams, making it more efficient and secure for both the business and its customers.

Save time on confirming bookings and costs with quick reply responses without compromising on customer service quality

SleekFlow’s all-in-one platform makes it easy for retens’ management team to oversee the real-time WhatsApp responses. The quick reply feature ensures that customer inquiries are promptly addressed, such as booking information and package details, which can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, standardizing the content of replies can help businesses maintain consistency and reliability in their customer service quality. 

This visibility makes it easier for customers to make inquiries and book appointments, resulting in a closer relationship between the business and its customers. Supported by SleekFlow, retens delivers exceptional customer service both in-person and virtually.

Using SleekFlow to streamline customer communication processes in the beauty and medical aesthetics industry

As an SME, retens medical leverages SleekFlow and WhatsApp to maximize the efficiency of its frontline operations teams so that they can meet their customers’ every need. To extend its goal of providing worry-free skincare treatment, retens even recently expanded its operations and established a branch in the city’s retail hub Causeway Bay and later relocated its flagship store to the city’s largest shopping mall Harbour City. With plans for more outlets in the future, retens hopes to serve their customers with quality and convenience throughout their beauty journeys. 

SleekFlow’s most useful features are quick replies and automated message templates. My team no longer wastes time manually responding to messages and has maintained consistency in customer service quality, which has overall saved our business a lot of costs in managing customer communications.

CEO of retens medical

About retens medical 

retens medical beauty centre entrance causeway bay location

Located in Hong Kong, retens medical is a leading medical beauty center that offers high-end FDA and CE-certified treatments. The flagship store in Harbour City and Causeway Bay center both are equipped with cutting-edge medical aesthetic equipment to help customers sculpt, rejuvenate, and restore confidence. 

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