Weirdo Beauty sets up a 24/7 virtual concierge with SleekFlow

Weirdo Beauty Thats Why I SleekFlow

Handling customer inquiries and appointments is definitely the daily routine that every beauty brand is going through. These unavoidable but time-consuming tasks occupy the precious time of your beauty consultants, not to mention they have their core tasks. In addition to being responsible for beauty treatments, the consultants also need to deal with hundreds of new and old leads. 

Trust me, sharing one work phone and replying to messages manually one by one cannot help much. What if customers request to reschedule their appointments? The team has to cross-check with a separate calendar. Apart from Copy and Paste, are there any ways to truly simplify the process? 

Just like all the counterparts, Weirdo Beauty, an up-and-coming beauty salon, has to handle up to hundreds of inquiries every day. With a small team size, they can still process dozens or even hundreds of customer inquiries efficiently. Meanwhile, they are capable of addressing the needs of around 5000 existing customers with automated WhatsApp marketing campaigns. 

Moving to a new place whose size is quadruple, Weirdo Beauty has been successfully expanded despite the pandemic. See the conversation below to figure out the Weirdo’s magic.

S: SleekFlow

CY: CheukYing 

Weirdo Customer Story p1

S: What was your workflow before using SleekFlow?

CY: Before using SleekFlow, we all needed to share one work phone. Each time, only one of us could use the phone. Mostly it would be me to manage all the messages and it was very likely to miss customers’ messages. The response time was long as well.

Weirdo Customer Story p2

S: Which function of SleekFlow surprised you the most?

CY: To a beauty salon, the chatbot function is practical. It can handle most simple FAQs such as treatment prices, business hours, or other straightforward questions. Due to the manpower constraint, sometimes it is impossible for us to reply right away. The chatbot function is hence helpful. When customers ask questions containing specific words, the chatbot is capable of detecting and can reply to them correspondingly. This greatly reduces our workload.

Weirdo Customer Story p3

S: What is the biggest progress after using SleekFlow?

CY: The biggest progress is that the response time has become much shorter. At the same time, we will not miss messages anymore. This elevates customer satisfaction.

Weirdo Customer Story p4

S: How would you recommend SleekFlow?

CY: I will probably recommend SleekFlow to the service industry whose customer-facing staff play a pivotal role. Almost 100% of our customers contact us via WhatsApp. Some might come from Instagram or Facebook. That’s why we need an all-in-one platform where we can combine all the social channels into one place. We can then handle and monitor all the customers' conversations from different channels by centralizing the messages and bookings. SleekFlow also allows our team members to transfer customer’s chats internally which enhances the collaboration. 

Weirdo Beauty replying to customers on SleekFlow

S: Do you think SleekFlow is a complicated software to use?

CY: In terms of interface, I think SleekFlow is kind of easy to operate and the functions are quite user-friendly. Both younger and senior colleagues are able to navigate on the platform.

Weirdo Customer Story p6

We can’t miss any lead as every customer’s WhatsApp message is an opportunity. If we are too slow to reply to them, or even miss their messages, we may miss an unknown number of leads in a split second.

Cheuk Ying Wong


Weirdo Customer Story p7

S: How will you describe SleekFlow?

CY: I would describe SleekFlow as the ‘virtual concierge’ because it can help me organize all the data and conversations. The backend analysis is of the essence as well. For instance, we can see clearly on the dashboard about the timing our customers message us, i.e the business peak hours, the number of customers who have not contacted us for a long time, the monthly number of new leads, etc., all these data are crucial for running and improving our business.

Weirdo Beauty Thats Why I SleekFlow

About Weirdo Beauty

Cheuk Ying, 25-year-old, the founder of Weirdo Beauty has successfully created a network of almost 5000 loyal customers within 3 years with a small team. Weirdo Beauty is determined to disrupt the existing fashion trend, deliver appropriate beauty knowledge and self-love concept to their customers. At the same time, Cheuk Ying aims to promote female self-love and women’s empowerment.

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