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Ola Tech’s Success Story | A refurbished electronics marketplace uses SleekFlow to boost sales by 20%

In 2019, Ola Tech, an eco-friendly online marketplace for buying refurbished and renewed tech devices, was founded in Hong Kong with a mission to make tech devices affordable while supporting worthy causes. Currently, it has expanded across Southeast Asia and the greater Asia Pacific market. The brand sets itself apart from other C2C marketplaces due to its 1-year warranty, making the second-hand shopping experience as enjoyable as buying a brand new product. Wondering how Ola Tech captured the heart and mind of its consumers through instant messaging and successfully scaled its e-commerce business overseas within 4 years' time?

What were you looking for while choosing SleekFlow’s services?

Eric: When Ola Tech first started, it was inevitable that some people hesitated to buy online because people barely knew us. I knew we needed to provide top-notch customer service to build trust and engagement. Most people would inquire for additional information about the product and its shipping method through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Therefore, we started looking for a service that allows multiple agents to log in to one WhatsApp Business account at the same time. We also wanted to send automated order notifications through WhatsApp and to find an easy way to set up keyword-triggered AI Bot replies.

How does SleekFlow help to improve your team’s efficiency and boost sales?

Eric: SleekFlow has helped to reduce our customer support time cost by 50%. We have set up a chatbot to answer common questions about business hours, locations, and product ad shipping information, which accounted for a significant load of all customer inquiries.

We also launched multiple WhatsApp marketing campaigns using SleekFlow’s Campaign feature to send personalized marketing messages to a large audience. Speaking from experience, the average email open rate is just about 10-20%. However, 60% of WhatsApp message receivers would actually read it - and that helps to increase the conversion rate. We managed to increase sales by 20% from these campaigns. 

We have also integrated WooCommerce, our e-commerce platform, with SleekFlow to send order notifications automatically. Now, whenever a customer places an order online, they will immediately receive a confirmation message through WhatsApp. We also utilize SleekFlow’s Automation feature to set up an automated rule - once we fulfill an order, the system will send tracking numbers to customers automatically. The customer can click on the link in the WhatsApp message to track the order’s shipping status. If the customer is looking for after-sales support through instant messaging, our agents can quickly track and trace the order as the information is displayed side-by-side with the customer’s conversation history on SleekFlow’s Inbox interface. As a result, our agents can follow up right away on WhatsApp, without the hassle of switching back and forth between different platforms.

How does SleekFlow help to expand your business overseas?

Eric: Ola Tech leverages SleekFlow’s all-in-one social messaging solution to streamline operations across Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Australia in the near future. We have different social messaging accounts and WhatsApp phone numbers dedicated to serving customers from different regions. To make localization easier during our international expansion, we have integrated all of our messaging channels into SleekFlow, so it’s still very easy to manage inquiries and leads from different regions on one platform.

How would you describe SleekFlow in one phrase?

Eric: SleekFlow to me is like an automated customer service agent. Without using its services, I will probably get into a lot of tricky customer service scenarios, which is why the automation feature is so important to me. 

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