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What's new in SleekFlow: introducing automations for you to go autopilot

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Introducing Automations on SleekFlow- Go Autopilot

88% of customers expect a response from your business with 60 minutes

Today, we are releasing our long-awaited automation features, an essential tool for all businesses aiming to increase efficiency and revenue. In the past 10 years, many businesses have converted to using technology and messaging apps hoping to simplify and autopilot their workflow by using automations. Yet, many procedures still have to be done manually. As a sales or customer support staff, you probably still have many manual tasks.

You may wonder, can’t all this be automated to make life easier?

In fact, it can. While WhatsApp and other popular messaging apps may not offer this service, SleekFlow’s automations can actually help you go autopilot with these different scenarios:

1.     Eliminate repetitive tasks

2.     Drive sales with minimal effort

3.     Keep customers updated and build customer loyalty

4.     Build bots to qualify leads


We’ve found that on average, there has been a 32% increase in productivity, a 22% increase in leads generated, and an 18% increase in customer satisfaction when using our automation features. 

So, what specifically can these automation features help you achieve?

1. Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

A challenge that many sales or customer service staff face are that customers ask the same types of questions in a mixture of different ways. As a result, you have to type up many different answers. In order to simplify your workflow, SleekFlow can identify these different types of enquiries and deliver the correct answer automatically to your customer. Simply choose the type of questions and keywords SleekFlow should target, then leave it to the automations to go autopilot from there!

Keyword Auto Reply

One template that many of our customers find useful is our Keyword Auto Reply FunctionIt triggers a message based on the interest of the customer. It eliminates the task of manually replying customers over and over again.

Take a beauty salon as an example. It wants to send auto replies with information to anyone who enquires about facials, massages, and nail services. Simply create a rule with these keywords – Facial, Massage, Nail Services. If a person sends a message with any of those words in it, a customised auto reply will be sent to them regarding these services.

Other than sending a message, you can also take this opportunity to segment these specific customers. Use our Smart Lists and automatically place them onto a list.

Keyword Auto Reply

Off Business Hour Auto Reply

Once you are off work, who wants to continue replying customers? No one! The better question is, how can you engage customers during off-business hours so that you can convert them?

We realised a feature that many businesses would find suitable is our Off Business Hour Auto Reply Function. You no longer need to keep your phone by your side even during dinner. Instead, you can now choose your own off hours, for example from 6pm – 9am the next day. Any customer who messages you during this time period will receive a warm auto reply message. Customise the message to notify them that your company is currently off, but will get back soon.

Off Business Hour Auto Reply

Campaign Auto Reply

You may find the broadcasting feature extremely useful as it eliminates the manual element of forwarding messages, but what after? Say that you broadcast a message to 300 people and half of them reply. Now, you have to manually reply 150 people. Knowing this, you can autopilot the journey of your customer with our roadmap that can be tailor-made depending on your needs. First, give your customers multiple options (e.g. 1,2,3,4) in the initial broadcast message. Then, depending on the option they choose, send the correct message and so on. 

2. Drive Sales! Automate your Campaign

To be able to use our auto reply features effectively, you first need to establish a customer base. We understand that it may not be as easy as it seems to do that, therefore, we have added some features that will automate and speed up this process.


Facebook Lead Ads

Taking the first step can always be a bit nerve-racking, but we have made it easier. For all those Facebook users out there, you can now integrate SleekFlow with Facebook Lead Ads, an effective yet low-cost way of finding new leads. With the integration of Facebook Lead Ads, an automatic WhatsApp greeting message will be sent to anyone who clicks on your ad, starting a conversation with them.

Drip Campaign

Drip campaign messages is another effortless way to render interest and convert prospects. Send a series of automated messages that are staggered with wait time in between. With just one click, you will send the first message, and the rest will automatically follow!

Follow these steps!

1. Send first drip message today (June 1st)

2. Second drip message 1 week later (June 7th)

3. Third and last message 4 weeks after first message. (June 30th)

This way, you can auto pilot the entire experience from day 1 to day 30, upselling customers and reducing opt-outs, ultimately establishing a customer base.


3. Update Customers + Build Customer Loyalty

According to Oberlo, there are 2.05 billion online shoppers in 2020. Nowadays, so many people purchase online through their phones and laptops. It is important to keep them in the loop and update them.

Automatic Status Update

Take an online furniture company as an example. With our Status Update Auto Message function, keep your customers on the same page by taking them on the same journey your product does. First, send a message confirming their order. Then, notify them that their product will be delivered in X no. of days. Finally, on the delivery day, let your customer know it’s on the way.

Automatic Purchase/Booking Reminders and Confirmations

Whether you have your own CRM or decide to use SleekFlow as your company’s CRM, with a few simple steps, you can create rules to automatically send booking reminders and confirmations to your customers.

Order confirmation

These days, customers make it your responsibility to remind them of their own booking. With SleekFlow, you can schedule automatic messages to remind all customers who have a booking the next day/week etc. Same goes for confirmations; once you have received the payment, automatically notify your customers that the payment has been successful.

4. Building Bots

Our newest addition is a simple bot that automatically helps you qualify leads, collect information, and route customers to your sales. Essentially, it acts as a frontline customer support staff that gets a clearer picture of what your customer wants and needs. However, many people may wonder, are bots really that useful? Will it be a turn off for customers?

There is no right answer to that question, but we can guarantee that it will bring value to your company if designed correctly. Our bots can be easily customised by the user in order to deliver a better customer experience. To learn more about SleekFlow’s newest addition, click here: Simple Bot Guide.

SleekFlow bot

2020 has been a transformative year for consumers and businesses. It has never been clearer that technology, instant messaging, and automations will be part of the new status quo in the business world. It is up to us, whether to embrace it now or later. Start by using SleekFlow’s Free Forever plan or contact us directly to communicate with our team!

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