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How RAALC Law Firm automates lead management on WhatsApp

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RAALC Law Firm, a leading legal services provider in the UAE, offers comprehensive corporate law, dispute resolution, intellectual property, and real estate law solutions. Serving both individuals and businesses, RAALC is dedicated to providing tailored legal advice with the highest standards of integrity, efficiency, and professionalism.

RAALC's vision focuses on innovation and client-centric service, fostering long-term relationships built on trust and transparency. Discover how RAALC uses SleekFlow to optimize customer interactions, ensuring every client receives prompt, personalized, and effective support.

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RAALC experienced a high volume of inquiries from their digital marketing campaigns, with people preferring to use WhatsApp over the phone and email. These prospects often had urgent legal issues requiring immediate responses. While they have a team of consultants with diverse specialized expertise ready to help, it took a lot of work to sort inquiries into different types and direct them to the right consultants using the free WhatsApp Business app, which has no proper contact segmentation and clear contact ownership.

Previous BSP lacks a mobile app and flexible automation tools

Previously, RAALC used a WhatsApp API solution that lacked a mobile app and didn't allow them to create their automation scenarios. They had to rely on the solution provider to implement any changes. Legal consultants, busy with court appearances, client meetings, and other tasks, found it difficult to manage inquiries through a browser-based inbox. As customer needs evolved, RAALC also needed the ability to adapt their automation scenarios independently. 


Automate lead distribution for faster response 

With SleekFlow, RAALC has automated the lead distribution process. When a new message comes into the shared team inbox, the lead is greeted with a welcome message and prompted to select their preferred language. They also receive an automated message asking for a brief description of their legal issue. Based on this information, the conversation is assigned to the appropriate legal consultant. When consultants receive the assignment, they have the context of the inquiry and are ready to assist immediately.

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Segment leads for targeted communication

Following the assignment, RAALC segments leads according to their preferences and needs into different contact lists, such as real estate, debt collection, and corporate law. The well-segmented contact base helps them better understand the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaign and their potential market. They also integrate SleekFlow with their CRM through webhooks, ensuring all conversations and new contact information are synchronized with their system for more in-depth analysis.

Channelling leads through WhatsApp has greatly improved our distribution efficiency and increased lead volume.

Lina Khudairi

Lina Khudairi

Head of Corporate Department, RAALC Law Firm

Utilize AI Writing Assistant for consistent communication

RAALC's legal consultants use SleekFlow's AI writing tools to format, translate, and adjust the tone of their responses to clients' questions. This enables them to write faster and ensures their answers align with the firm's brand tone.

Automate away messages for clear expectations

Even during non-office hours, RAALC ensures leads receive information about who will assist them and when they can expect a response by automating away messages that provide the necessary information, setting clear expectations for clients.

Automate survey messages to improve service quality

Given the personalized nature of legal assistance, RAALC must understand each prospect's experience. To gather feedback on the quality of service, they schedule automated survey messages to be sent after each chat consultation. This proactive step helps them continuously improve customer engagement and service quality based on client feedback.

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RAALC has significantly improved its lead management by funneling leads through a defined pathway. It's now easier to identify inquiry sources, distribute them to the proper legal consultants, and track progress. This streamlined approach has increased efficiency, allowing the team to collaborate better and deliver timely, high-quality legal services.

About RAALC Law Firm

RAALC is a premium UAE-based full-service law firm with the best local advocates and international legal consultants. It boasts vast experience in dispute resolution in the UAE courts and corporate and commercial transactional services. The firm has a superior track record of providing high-quality work and achieving optimum results for business and individual clients. 


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