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As of 2021, LINE has around 178 million monthly active users in its 4 focus regions, which are Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. It is not just a messaging app; it also provides a wide range of services, including voice and video calls, group chats, social networking, and commerce features. In recent years, LINE for customer service is gaining more popularity, providing businesses with a powerful platform to connect with their customers and offer exceptional customer service.

As of 2023, 90.7% of internet users in Taiwan used LINE the most out of all social media platforms.

What is LINE for business?

Instant Messaging apps for work: Line

LINE for business offers a comprehensive set of solutions and features tailored for businesses to connect with their customers effectively. As a renowned messaging app with millions of users worldwide, LINE empowers businesses to provide a smooth and hassle-free communication experience to their customers, improving overall customer satisfaction.

Features of LINE for business

LINE offers several features that businesses can use to improve their customer service, including greeting messages, auto replies, coupons, rewards cards, broadcast messages, and more.

LINE Official Accounts

Create a new LINE official account for your business

There are 3 types of official accounts on LINE for business:

Unverified accounts (grey shield)Verified accounts (blue shield)Premium accounts (green shield)
DescriptionDefault official business accountOfficial account to be discovered by customersOfficial account for large brands or organizations that need to build a million followers
Requirements-Must not be an organization or individual committing illegal, criminal, or prohibited activitiesNot disclosed by LINE
Review method-Business/enterprises submit documents for review, must have the exclusive (Premium ID) qualificationsOnly by LINE's invite
Available featuresOnly searchable by business ID (a string of letters randomly generated)Searchable by business nameSearchable by business name, can access LINE Pay and other features

Find out how to set up your own LINE Official Account.

It is recommended that you get your account verified so that it can be easily discovered by your existing and potential customers. Otherwise, you can also purchase a Premium ID without verification. However, if your business is not located in one of the LINE messaging app’s focus regions, the service might not be available.

LINE Messaging API

The LINE Messaging API allows businesses to integrate LINE with their customer service systems through a third-party app like SleekFlow. With this API, businesses can automate their customer service processes, such as answering common queries, providing product information, and scheduling appointments.

Note: you will not be able to send your customers a text on the LINE message app even if you have their phone number. They will need to drop your LINE for a business account a message first for you to start chatting with them.

Why use LINE for customer service

Creating LINE Business account successfully

Using LINE for customer service provides businesses with several advantages, including:

Instant response

LINE's messaging platform allows businesses to respond to customer queries instantly, providing a quick and efficient customer service experience. Especially when the customers have encountered issues with your product or service, immediate replies on your LINE customer service account will play a significant role in dealing with their frustration before the issues are resolved.

Furthermore, if you install a LINE support chat on your website, customers or leads who prefer using the LINE messaging app are more likely to interact with your brand for their product interest. Not only that you can get more contacts on your LINE for business account, but you can also continue the conversations with them even after they leave your website. You can even track their user behavior on your website to see which product they’re interested in.

Sign up for a SleekFlow account and install the live chat widget for free. 

Increased customer engagement

By creating LINE Official Accounts, customers can fully engage with your brand with trust. You can provide customers with useful information and promotions, increasing customer engagement with personalized messages. Once you start fostering long-term relationships with your customers, they are more likely to remain loyal to your brand and come back for repeat purchases.

Cost-effective and more efficient

Using LINE for customer service is cost-effective compared to traditional customer service channels, such as phone calls. This is because telco services often charge more for calls placed, not to mention that if your business have international customers, which will definitely take a toll on your business’s budgeting.

Moreover, since LINE for business is a form of instant messaging, it can bring in a higher open rate as compared to emails. Instead of using emails, you can use LINE for customer service so that your customers can get their queries answered quicker since most check their messaging apps more frequently than their emails.

Nearly 93% of consumers want to text with businesses.

Successful examples of LINE for business as a customer service software

There are several successful examples of businesses using LINE for business as a customer service software. Let's take a look at a few of them:


MUJI Taiwan's LINE official account

MUJI is a Japanese retail company that has been using LINE for customer service to connect with its customers. MUJI's official LINE account provides customers with information about new products, promotions, and sales. Customers can also contact MUJI's customer service team through the LINE app, and they will receive a quick and helpful response.


UNIQLO Singapore's LINE official account

UNIQLO, a global fashion brand, has also been using LINE for business to provide excellent customer service. UNIQLO's official LINE account allows customers to browse and purchase products directly through the app. Customers can also use the app to track their orders and receive updates about new products and promotions.

Integrate LINE for business with SleekFlow for a complete customer experience

SleekFlow's Line

LINE is revolutionizing customer service by providing businesses with a powerful platform to connect with their customers. By utilizing LINE's customer service features, businesses can provide quick and efficient customer service, increase customer engagement, and build brand loyalty. As businesses continue to adapt to new technologies, integrating LINE will become increasingly important in staying ahead of the competition.

On SleekFlow, you can integrate LINE for business to access a complete suite of features for a strong customer support strategy. 

  • Chatbots for handling common queries and provide quick responses to customer

  • Automation for customer service processes, such as appointment scheduling, order tracking, conversation assignment, and more

  • Free LINE support chat widget for your website

  • Analytics dashboard that provides valuable insights into customer interactions

  • CRM integration with popular CRM platforms, such as Salesforce and HubSpot, to manage their customer data and interactions in one place

  • Team collaboration for assigning tasks, collaborate on customer queries, and ensure timely responses

  • In-chat payment link as an alternative to LINE Pay

  • An all-in-one inbox to manage conversations on LINE message app with other popular social channels, such as WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram DM, and more

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