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All CRM mobile app features you need to know in Singapore

CRM mobile app features for Singapore

Today, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We carry our smartphones almost everywhere we go and rely on them for information, entertainment and connection with our loved ones. In fact, 70% of all media time is spent on the smartphone and the average Internet user checks their phone 58 times daily! In Singapore, the number of smartphone users is expected to grow to over 5.6 million by 2025. These statistics convey the prominence of smartphones and our dependence on them. As such, it becomes important for marketers to prioritize a mobile-first design, especially with regards to customer relationship management (CRM). With the benefits of a mobile CRM, more customers are turning to mobile CRM including WhatsApp CRM and social CRM for their customer care needs.

What is mobile CRM?

What is Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM allows employees to access customer information and accounts wherever they are through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, even on the go. It is built with all functionality of standard CRM software but optimised for a mobile experience, allowing users to perform the same actions as a laptop but with less effort. The primary benefit of a mobile CRM is its efficient and intuitive navigation without compromising its features, functionalities, and the flexibility it brings along. For instance, Singtel leverages WhatsApp Business messaging and chatbot to streamline and automate workflow. Customers can easily activate or deactivate services, check account statuses or balances, make payment requests, or even get product recommendations and offers.

Considerations in mobile optimising your CRM

The advent of digitalisation has brought about many new and improved technologies. In the realm of digital marketing and customer care, this presents itself in the form of mobile CRM software that leverages WhatsApp CRM and social CRM. With a plethora of choices, there are many considerations to take note of when choosing a CRM software designed for mobile optimisation, and these CRM mobile app features take the lead.

Omnichannel platform

A CRM software that integrates multiple social media chat platforms is ideal in optimising the CRM experience for mobile users. Social media has perpetuated the idea of instant gratification, which also means customers expect a fast response to their needs. An omnichannel platform such as SleekFlow, empowers full conversational journeys in one place, enabling more control, quicker response and greater efficiency.

Quality security

As network-housed information extends its storage to mobile devices, a trusted, mobile CRM software with strong security is key. SleekFlow, partnering with official WhatsApp Business API providers, ensures that any chat data or sensitive customer information is safeguarded. We take various steps to protect the information provided from loss, misuse, and unauthorised access or disclosure.


Personalisation is a crucial factor in mobile optimising your CRM. A mobile-first design allows for greater personalisation opportunities as coding is made simple compared to desktop. By personalising your CRM platform according to your needs and what you are familiar with, you can better provide exceptional service to customers. With SleekFlow you can personalise your broadcasts by automatically segmenting, filtering and labelling clients based on purchase behaviour, send out targeted campaigns across channels, and track analytics in real-time.

Chat commerce is now a big thing in Singapore. Read How Singtel leverages WhatsApp Business to drive Customer Experience 3.0.

Tips to enhance CRM mobile optimisation

Social CRM for Customer Care Needs

Even with good mobile CRM systems, there are still many ways in which you can further optimise them for mobile use. Firstly, consider connecting your CRM platform directly to your mobile-optimised site. This way, customers can easily access information and browse products, which is particularly useful for e-commerce brands.

Secondly, incorporate social messaging and social CRM. Social messaging is the new email of today, with proven results showing that text messages have a much higher open rate. On average, WhatsApp gets an open rate of 98%. Both organisations and customers are utilising social messaging to enhance productivity and improve customer care needs today.

Find out more about how a centralised CCM platform can help your business with social CRM.

Elevate your social CRM to the next level today in Singapore! 

An omnichannel messaging tool like SleekFlow comes in handy. SleekFlow allows users to import existing data using spreadsheets and categorise contacts into groups according to their own needs. Once set, they can effortlessly conduct a targeted campaign with just a few clicks.

Social messaging is the most direct communication if we cannot do face-to-face communication.


Executive Director, ZENXIN

Learn how ZENXIN, an award-winning retailer of organic produce, speeds up digital transformation and engages with customers across Southeast Asia using the power of SleekFlow.

Analyse campaign performance and measure the effectiveness of all campaigns in your back pocket. With a mobile CRM, you can gain insights like what drives your audience to take action, refine or optimise your marketing campaigns even if you are not at your desk.

SleekFlow captures and compiles all the information you need in a single dashboard: from your audience activities across social media platforms or the team's performance for training and evaluation.

As smartphones and mobile use continue to dominate our highly-digital landscape, businesses must be able to evolve and adapt to remain relevant and thrive in their industry. Simply optimising your website for mobile is no longer sufficient. It is important that you mobile-optimise the fundamentals of your marketing and sales efforts – your CRM.

Compare SleekFlow with other platforms and find out how it's better here.

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