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How Sybil Sleep Tech automates its chat campaigns

Sybil Sleep Tech drives sales with WhatsApp marketing


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In the modern world where people are often overworked, having a good night’s sleep is the best remedy, enabling your mind and body to relax and be free from stress. But what if you wake up the next day with back pain? A total nightmare. 

Sybil Sleep Tech’s Monfly® One Layer Mattress is here to make your sweet dreams come true. Designed to provide excellent body support, Monfly® mattresses and pillows adopt the cutting-edge technology from Japan, exhibiting perfect pressure distribution without sinking effect.


Having unlimited resources is impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises like Sybil Sleep Tech. To optimize the allocation of manpower, automating marketing campaigns and customer service becomes their priority. Sow Liong Woon, Marketing Director of Sybil Sleep Tech, explains how SleekFlow helps structure a chat strategy on WhatsApp with minimal human intervention.

Honestly, I think SleekFlow is suitable for every industry as long as they are on an e-commerce platform. Compared to other alternatives, SleekFlow is easier to understand and to learn. Sending bulk messages is quite easy on SleekFlow.

Sow Liong Woon

Marketing Director

monfly marketing director

The significant challenges Sybil Sleep Tech once faced

The transition from traditional email marketing to chat marketing

Singapore will have more than five million social network users in 2020, according to a Statista research, and the number continues to grow. Sybil Sleep Tech has noticed the trend and started switching to WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging software in Singapore and worldwide, for marketing purposes. Despite the fact that WhatsApp offers the SME-targeted WhatsApp Business App for free, the many restrictions that come together limit the scalability of Sybil Sleep Tech.

Restrictions on sending bulk messages with WhatsApp Business App

The ability to maximize the reach is the prerequisite of a successful marketing campaign. The more people receive your promotion materials, the higher chance that you will capture more leads. With the WhatsApp Business App, business owners can only add a maximum of 256 contacts to a WhatsApp broadcast list. They can, of course, send out mass messages manually, but it will be time-consuming.

Inability to respond to incoming messages automatically

A marketing campaign does not stop after you tab the send button. To keep the conversations going and encourage conversion, businesses may need to take follow-up actions when they find necessary. But going through all the chats one by one is not a realistic approach. Realizing the importance of chat automation, Sybil Sleep Tech started to look into solutions that could help reduce the amount of human effort needed. 

monfly mattress

How SleekFlow offers an automated chat solution

Broadcast messages to maximize campaign reach

Undergoing a transition from traditional email marketing to chat marketing, Sybil Sleep Tech, like many other companies, has observed a difference in open rates. People are more likely to open messages on WhatsApp than emails. Therefore, Sybil Sleep Tech decides to put more than 80% of its effort into chat marketing. With SleekFlow, Sybil Sleep Tech is now free from most of the restrictions that it once had. They can broadcast hundreds, if not thousands, of messages to potential customers, promoting their products and brand awareness.

monfly pillow

Chat automation to minimize human intervention

Minimizing human intervention is one of the most enormous benefits SleekFlow has brought to Sybil Sleep Tech. After using SleekFlow, they can formulate their chat strategy according to their own needs, such as sending follow-up messages to those who have not read the first campaign message at a specific time and sending onboarding messages to welcome new customers. It is especially crucial for SMEs like Sybil Sleep Tech, which has saved 20% of the time needed to handle messages.

Potential use of chatbot to customize automated customer journey

The human touch still matters in customer service as people want to feel valued and understood, and sometimes it is not what a chatbot can offer. However, a chatbot can be your valuable partner to take over the simple and repetitive tasks like asking qualifying questions to understand customers' intentions and answering frequently asked questions. Sybil Sleep Tech can now build their own chatbot to build a customized and automated customer journey on SleekFlow, transferring the complicated questions to human agents in a smooth and seamless way.

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About Sybil Sleep Tech

What sets Sybil Sleep Tech apart from other mattress retailers is they only produce mattresses using one single layer of prossima® foam instead of the usual multi-layer of mattresses offered by others. Prossima® foam has the attribute to produce a mattress with good airflow, excellent body pressure distribution, no sinking effect and it is not temperature sensitive. Sybil Sleep Tech is here to offer you a simple and yet effective way to solve your sleeping problem.

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