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How STACCATO used SleekFlow to boost its remote sales revenue

See how STACCATO, a renowned high fashion footwear retailer has adopted SleekFlow to bolster eCommerce while leveraging its enormous chain store network.



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Due to the unprecedented pandemics, governments all over the world have implemented a series of measures to maintain social distancing. Retail businesses are inevitably one of the most adversely affected. STACCATO, a renowned high fashion footwear brand, belongs to a fashion giant named Lai Wah Footwear Company (Lai Wah), which has proactively figured its way out to cope with the unexpected situation. 

Lai Wah owns a wide range of footwear fashion brands plus 20,000 retailer stores in over 300 cities. To bolster the eCommerce ecosystem while leveraging its enormous chain store network, it decided to adopt a chat commerce strategy for its footwear brands, such as Millies, Jipi Japa, Joy and Peace, and STACCATO. This time, we will delve deep into the STACCATO's case.

The Problem and Challenge

Visitors to brick-and-mortar retailers dropped

Since the public needs to comply with the reducing social contact policies, like many retailer businesses with annual visitors dropped, there is no exception for STACCATO. With no other assistance, visitors mean revenue to retailers. Believe it or not, the situation of pandemics is going to stay for a while. There is an urgency for STACCATO to break through this bottleneck while boosting its eCommerce alone cannot maintain its strong brand presence when compared to its established chain store network. 

No centralized social CRM for the ever-expanding chat commerce trend

Since WhatsApp, with 2 billion monthly active users globally, is a habit for most people, STACCATO’s frontline salespersons have increasingly relied on WhatsApp to build relationships with customers even before the pandemics. Especially for fashion retailer brands like STACCATO, an affable way of communication is preferred. 

Unlike company emails, there is no way for Lai Wah’s management to officially own or monitor the WhatsApp conversations for each brand. Besides, salespersons often pass on the physical work phone one by one when replying to different customers. Only one conversation can be handled at a time, while the quantity and quality of messages cannot be tracked efficiently. Lai Wah realized this is not a scalable way to handle the ever-expanding chat commerce trend. 

The chat commerce strategy via SleekFlow

Everyone can sell anytime, anywhere via their independent device

Through SleekFlow, multiple log-ins for their frontline salespersons from both website and mobile apps are possible. Even they are far away from the retail store due to quarantine or the legally restricted number of people at the workplace; staff can still be on duty via WhatsApp with an independent device. They can remotely assist clients and reply to messages right away. 

To enhance team’s collaborations, STACCATO has also utilized SleekFlow’s exclusive features, such as: 

Internal note 

Tagging their teammate inside the conversation while this internal note can only be visible to STACCATO’s team. The junior salesperson might tag the team leader when they don’t know how to handle a situation or some situations requiring a higher level of authority, like when a customer asks for a refund. The supervisor will instantly receive the notification on his or her mobile phone. Clicking on the notification brings him or her to the chatbox, where the supervisor can grasp the whole situation by reading the chat. A proper response will be sent by the supervisor, thereby enhancing the customer service. 

SleekFlow inbox

Quick reply

A lot of FAQs can now be addressed through a few clicks as a set of FAQs’ answers are in the SleekFlow x STACCATO database. FAQs like store opening hours, refund policy can now be answered with a standardized reply. The salesperson can simply type “/” in the inbox and find a corresponding answer from the lists of answers drafted by the team leader. Management does not have to worry about the discrepancy in response between different salespersons anymore.  

Smart customer survey via WhatsApp interactive buttons

Knowing your customers better is crucial to an effective marketing campaign. Therefore customer survey is an evergreen marketing activity. STACCATO’s team initiated an innovative means for a customer survey, and the result is impressive. 

Making use of the WhatsApp interactive button, closed-end questions with 2-3 answers are designed. Clicking a button is like a contemporary person’s instinct; customers are more likely to reply with this minimal effort. The reply rate improved compared to traditional means of customer survey via email. Please watch the example:

A centralized place for all the WhatsApp conversations with grouping according to brands or even chain stores

To effectively manage over 100,000 staff across a wide range of brands, the conversations should be categorized. All the conversations and clients’ contacts are centralized in the SleekFlow all-in-one platform and completely owned and monitored by the Lai Wah. Inter-team collaborations are taken to the next level by smart routing and collaborators’ functions according to brands.

Smart routing 

Routing can be set up, and conversations will be assigned accordingly. If customers consult the opening hours of the STACCATO store at Central, this client contact and conversation will be assigned to the Central STACCATO team.

Collaborator and level of access

Everyone in the STACCATO Central store team can now co-own the conversation. Whenever this customer sends the STACCATO group a WhatsApp message, only the STACCATO Central store team will receive a notification and can access the messages.

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STACCATO belongs to the footwear parent group named Lai Wah Footwear Company (Lai Wah), whose founder also started a fashion giant with over 100,000 employees. The fashion giant is headquartered in Shenzhen, with a strong network of chain stores in over 300 cities in China. Its brands range from Sportswear, high fashion to footwear, including names like Champion, initial, MOUSSY, SLY, etc.


credit: Festival Walk

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