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Dec 2023: AI response enrichment, faster searching experience and Flow Builder condition enhancements

December 2023 updates

As we close out 2023, SleekFlow celebrates a year of remarkable achievements and growth. Our journey towards becoming AI-powered has resonated with thousands of brands worldwide, as they leverage our omnichannel conversion suite. This year alone, we've facilitated 57 million WhatsApp messages - a 5.6-fold increase in messaging volume. Additionally, our CloudAPI has been instrumental in executing 11 million actions.

Our team, affectionately known as #SleekFlowers, has expanded from 100 to over 140 professionals, spreading across more than 10 regions, including the United Arab Emirates. Amidst this rapid growth, we've dedicated ourselves not just to launching new features but also to enhancing our infrastructure, particularly with the new version - SleekFlow 2.0. This upgrade facilitates a smooth transition to a more reliable and scalable messaging experience. Let's see what's new in SleekFlow this month!

Power up your chat game with SleekFlow AI Response Enrichment

We're thrilled to announce that the first of the four core features of SleekFlow AI - Response Enrichment - is now available to all paid users! This feature allows you to:

  • Instantly translate content into multiple languages including English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, and Arabic. Perfect for global businesses, this feature ensures you can communicate seamlessly with clients worldwide, breaking down language barriers.

  • Adjust the tone of responses to match the intended message. Whether you aim for a professional, friendly, or empathetic tone, SleekFlow AI tailors the mood to suit your customer's needs.

  • Easily rephrase or reformat responses to better align with diverse customer inquiries. If a customer asks a complex technical question, SleekFlow AI can simplify the response, making it more accessible and understandable for the customer.

Especially beneficial for managing sales and support inquiries through our omnichannel inbox, SleekFlow AI enhances the clarity and consistency of your content. Additionally, with the ability to correct spelling and grammar, customize message length, and transform texts into point form, your messages will always hit the right note.

Exclusive to SleekFlow 2.0 (currently in Beta), each company account receives 1,000 SleekFlow AI Credits at no extra cost. Each credit permits one interaction with SleekFlow AI, shareable across the organization.

Easier to configure conditions in Flow Builder

Continuing to refine Flow Builder in SleekFlow 2.0, we’ve introduced several enhancements:

Configure multiple keywords in a condition: Set up a broader range of keywords and use cases in keyword conditions.

Create a custom condition with flow variables: Utilize dynamic data associated with a flow variable in a condition node, so contacts can progress through the flow specifically to the context.

Create new contacts on webhook trigger: Create new contacts in SleekFlow upon receiving new webhook payloads, with customizable customer identifiers including Contact ID, phone number, and email.

We have implemented many more quality-of-life improvements, and we invite you to explore them in SleekFlow 2.0. Discover for yourself how the Flow Builder is becoming increasingly user-friendly and adaptable to a wider range of use cases. As we continue to collect feedback during the Beta phase, our goal is to develop a product that truly meets your needs.

We're now offering a special Beta stage usage for all paid plan users. Enjoy the Flow Builder with specific quotas for active flows and nodes per flow, along with unlimited node runs.

Plan# of active flows# of nodes per flow

Faster searching contacts and managing inboxes experience

We've also enhanced our infrastructure by restructuring our database and optimizing backend APIs, focusing on the three core principles of improving the SleekFlow experience: stability, simplicity, and scalability. Here are a few ways you’ll experience these changes:

  • Faster conversation load times: We’ve made loading times 5X faster on average, resulting in a much smoother scrolling experience.

  • Improved message search speed: Now, message searches in inbox take less than 2 seconds, even for enterprises that have extensive message archives.

  • Quick access to inbox summary: Accessing total queries in the inbox now takes less than 1 second.

  • Improved contact search speed: Searching contacts via name, contact number, hashtag and custom filters is 5 times faster than before.

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