Lockdown Hacks: Customer Service on Instant Messaging
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Lockdown Hacks: Customer Service on Instant Messaging

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Just a few months ago, the idea of not being able to step out of the house for groceries, meals, or even a walk in the park seemed absurd. Undoubtedly, people around the world have been increasingly confined to the four walls of their houses in recent weeks. With more than a fifth of the world under lockdown, almost everyone has moved their lives online. Therefore, in the wake of social distancing, how do you close the distance between you and your customers? We’d like to introduce you to one of our lockdown hacks – Customer Service on Instant Messaging. 

With the surge in online shopping and food deliveries, searches for “customer service”, and especially “customer service number” have soared through the roof.

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As a result, this is great news for businesses who have hopped on the instant messaging for the customer service bandwagon! For those who are new to the game or have never even thought about it, it’s not too late. It only makes sense for companies to communicate with clients where they are most active and interactive.

1. The instant messaging customer experience

Clearly, the idea of “right now” is definitely not new in this age of instant gratification. However, delayed responses and long waiting times still persist. Consequently, these contribute to a feeling of frustration in customers and might cost you a customer in the long run.

Thus, using instant messaging can effectively reduce unnecessary delays as customer service agents can answer customer queries in real-time.


Furthermore, it breaks down the barrier between the customer and the business, allowing for a more informal conversation. This two-way messaging flow makes it easier to approach customers and helps them to open up about their concerns.

Apart from customer queries and concerns, businesses can also take advantage of the array of in-app features offered by the various instant messaging apps. Therefore, go beyond the emojis and share photos, stickers, and even the latest product catalogue to better engage your customers! 

2. The virtual loudhailer

Want to go a step further? Broadcast messages to keep them updated with the newest deals and promotions as well.

Undoubtedly, some instant messaging channels come with a built-in function that allows businesses to send a message to the masses. However, the downside is that the message will not be tailored to each individual customer.

The good news is, there is a workaround for that!

Businesses can make use of SleekFlow’s campaign function to broadcast messages on all messaging channels. Even the messaging apps do not have an inbuilt broadcast function.


That’s not all, businesses can also personalise the message with each and every customer’s name.

Thus, this feature could be invaluable for businesses that want to target specific groups of customers and keep them updated with the latest promotions.

As a result, by providing such personalized communications, the customer service agent can then foster a good relationship with the customer, leading to increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Say goodbye to maintaining a call center and buying expensive phone equipment! Handling customer service over instant messaging allows businesses to decentralize and increase staff efficiency.

In the age of phone calls, each customer service agent could only speak to one customer at a time. But with the use of instant messaging channels, a customer service agent can speak to many customers at the same time and reply on the go!


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