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How FloorINC doubles operational efficiency and boosts conversions by 30% with SleekFlow

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Increase in operation efficiency


Increase in conversions


Faster response time

FloorINC Marketing Sdn Bhd is a top-tier flooring company in Malaysia, recognised as a leading supplier of premium Malaysia and German flooring panel technology. Specialising in SPC, laminated, vinyl, engineered flooring, solid wood, and outdoor decking floor. FloorINC is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to quality. With an extensive network of over 300 dealers across Malaysia, FloorINC continues to lead the industry in innovation and excellence.

Challenges faced by the professional services industry

Drowning in daily messages from all directions

As a major player in the flooring retail sector, FloorINC faced significant logistical and communication challenges due to the high volume of daily messages. Customers inquired about product details and installation services; dealers inquired about inventory updates and pricing information, and suppliers coordinated shipments and deliveries.

Initially, they managed these inquiries by manually logging them in Excel spreadsheets and assigning team members to follow up. However, this manual process couldn't keep up with the demand, resulting in frequent delays in responses.

Juggling inconsistent customer service standards

With different team members using their phones to communicate with stakeholders, FloorINC struggled to track the effectiveness of inquiry handling. Management couldn't always determine if responses met standards, if response times were optimal, or if customers had provided any feedback. This lack of visibility made it difficult to ensure consistent service quality and identify areas for improvement.

SleekFlow’s business messaging solution for professional services

FloorInc now uses SleekFlow’s WhatsApp Business API solution to facilitate direct customer interactions, ensure seamless coordination with dealers, and enhance internal staff communication.

1. Build WhatsApp chatbots to speed up the inquiry process

FloorINC collects essential lead information upfront, significantly speeding up the inquiry process. With the WhatsApp chatbot, FloorInc can automatically drive customers through customised, predefined, multilingual automated chat flows. Customers can swiftly provide necessary details with just the click of a quick reply button. The team can also quickly understand the intentions behind incoming inquiries to provide timely and accurate customer service. 

FloorInc Flow Builder

Subsequently, the conversations are automatically assigned to available agents using a round-robin mechanism. This ensures the team handles every inquiry swiftly and effectively, minimising the risk of losing leads and opportunities. 

2. Automate information retrieval on WhatsApp for faster dealer responses

FloorInc Chatbot for Dealers

FloorINC has an extensive collection of documents, including flooring catalogues, price lists, and product guidelines, serving as indispensable resources for internal stakeholders and authorised dealers. To streamline document retrieval, FloorINC uses automated media messages on WhatsApp, uploading all necessary documents to build the automated workflow. When a specific keyword is triggered, the system automatically prompts relevant information. This automation eliminates manual searches, allowing stakeholders and dealers immediate access to up-to-date resources.

3. Connect with customers 24/7 and facilitate team collaboration through mobile apps

Every FloorINC agent can easily view and reply to conversations on the go using SleekFlow’s mobile app. With all essential documents stored in the cloud-based platform, every team member can conveniently access the information they need, even from their mobile phones. 

Moreover, they can add collaborators to a conversation for extra assistance. For example, if a support agent encounters a language barrier while handling a customer query, they can easily involve personnel proficient in the required language. All team members in a shared inbox gain a unified view of all conversation histories, improving service efficiency.

4. Segment contacts and enhance document access control with unique labels

FloorINC centrally stores all contact information in SleekFlow’s Social CRM. To manage contacts effectively, FloorInc labels and segments them according to their roles, such as customers, dealers, interior designers, or internal staff. This allows FloorINC's sales and customer support teams to quickly identify contact roles within the chatbox, enabling personalised and relevant interactions with each contact.

On top of that, the segmentation restricts document retrieval to authorised groups, ensuring only designated recipients can access sensitive information. For instance, when a dealer requests the latest wood decking catalogue via WhatsApp, SleekFlow automatically verifies their role and delivers the relevant document.

5. Personalised broadcast messages for timely product updates 

Instead of sending messages one by one, FloorINC uses WhatsApp broadcasts to simultaneously send the latest product updates, such as new flooring colours or accessories, to their dealers. This ensures dealers receive timely updates, enabling them to quickly adjust their inventory and provide better customer recommendations, improving customer satisfaction.

6. Comprehensive chat analytics for effective team performance tracking

By consolidating all customer interactions into a single platform, FloorINC now benefits from unprecedented visibility into team performance. Management gains clear insights into team-customer interactions, ensuring consistent brand tone and service quality throughout every customer interaction.

With SleekFlow's comprehensive analytics dashboard, FloorINC gains real-time insights into crucial performance metrics of their sales team and customer service agents. By analysing metrics such as message response time and reply rate, FloorINC can swiftly identify underperforming areas and individuals. Armed with actionable data, management can effectively pinpoint the root causes of performance gaps and proactively implement targeted measures to address them. This has helped FloorInc to deliver exceptional customer experiences consistently.

SleekFlow is really helpful for managers to get a clear overview of team performance and access detailed reports. It has significantly reduced the need to continuously monitor which customer has not yet replied or who has been waiting too long



Sales Manager of FloorINC

Doubling operation efficiency and boosting conversions by 30%

Since implementing SleekFlow, FloorINC has seen significant improvements in their business operations, including a remarkable 2X increase in operational efficiency. With SleekFlow's WhatsApp Business Solution, FloorInc achieved a 40% faster response time to inquiries, resulting in a notable 30% increase in conversions.

SleekFlow is very efficient; their customer service and support far surpass any other solutions we've tried



Marketing Manager of FloorINC

About FloorINC

About FloorInc

Founded in 1997, FloorINC Marketing Sdn Bhd is Malaysia's premier one-stop quality flooring solutions provider, including SPC, laminate, engineered, vinyl, outdoor decking, and solid timber flooring. Committed to excellence, their flooring products are manufactured with stringent quality controls, ensuring durability and performance. FloorINC combines innovation and sustainability to provide beautiful flooring ideas for homes and work spaces alike.


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