How to Run Instant Messaging Marketing?

Let’s just admit it. Email Marketing’s DEAD! It’s the era when Instant Messaging Marketing shines.

According to 2019 reports, the average email open rate is merely 22.1%.

What this means is that about 4 out of the 5 emails that you send over aren’t even opened.

R.I.P. Email Marketing

Imagine running an email marketing campaign only to find out a handful few emails that you sent over were opened, out of which even a lesser number of them were clicked-through.

Quite depressing, right?

And that’s where Instant Messaging Marketing knocks it out of the park.

Messaging applications like WhatsAppFacebook Messenger, and WeChat have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other.

Customers, nowadays, want the brands to get down their horses and talk to them in a personalized manner.

They want their favorite brands to connect with them at an emotional level.

In this blog post, not only will we take a brief look at how instant messaging like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger crushes email marketing, but we will also understand some of the key points that you need to keep in mind during your Instant Messaging Marketing journey.

Without wasting any further time, let’s just get started right away.

Why Is Instant Messaging Marketing The Future?

1. Higher Open & Click Rates

As we talked above, the average email open rate is merely 22.1% in 2019.

It’s no secret that the email open rates for different industries are entirely different.

Did you know that about 98% of the overall mobile users will click through and read a business-based message by the end of the day?

And that’s not it.


About 90% of the mobile users will read a message within a 3-minute time span of receiving it.

And that’s where I will let the numbers speak for myself.

In short, we can conclude that the instant messaging open rates are simply sky-high. If you want a wide variety of your prospects to read your promotional message and respond back, there’s no better option than instant messaging marketing.

2. Higher Engagement Rates

For decades, we have been enjoying the benefits offered by email marketing. However, it’s time for the tactic to rest in peace. The open and click-through rates of email marketing, in 2019, are at an all-time low.


The situation isn’t going to improve anytime soon. Instead, it will just get harder. And that’s the reason you need to switch to messaging applications.

It’s the same audience that you will promote your products and services in front of. However, in the case of instant messaging marketing, you will find the engagement rate to be quite high.

That’s because people love to text. Compared to emails, people prefer to interact with their favorite brands through instant messaging like WhatsAppFacebook Messenger, and WeChat.

Reliance Brands, a quite popular brand retailer, reported the conversion rate to be as high as 80% among the WhatsApp users.

3. Personal Touch

Nowadays, consumers want brands to connect with them at an emotional level.

They won’t opt for a faceless company simply promoting its products and services over a company that tries to build an emotional connection with them.

And there’s nothing more personal than instant messaging.

With the help of instant messaging marketing, brands can simply send messages to the audience directly.


One of the main goals of instant messaging is to allow brands to build two-way personal communication with their audience.

And there’s nothing better that your audience will love than saving you in their contact list and hitting you up whenever they have a doubt or query.

Let’s just assume that you are a consumer and have some doubts or queries regarding a brand’s product or service.

What would you do?

In the old times, people used to type up their queries in a mail and send them over, in hopes of getting a reply back in a day or two.

However, the same isn’t the case in today’s world.

Nowadays, people don’t have much time. They simply don’t prefer to wait.

In the case of instant messaging like WhatsApp, the response time is relatively shorter.

And that’s something that will attract your audience in a real positive manner.

Top Instant Messaging Marketing Tips & Tricks

1. Ask Questions

There’s one simple key to keeping your audience interested in your products and services at all times.

All you need to do is to ask them questions that interest them.

In case you are running an instant messaging marketing campaign, your first step is to understand what your audience really wants.

We are just a few days away from Christmas.

People’s minds are filled with happiness and grace.

It’s the time of the year when they are looking for their favorite brands to offer them the best deals on the products that they have long desired.

And that’s where the fun lies.

Let’s just assume that you are planning to have a secret Christmas sale for your VIP customers in the coming days.

In such a case, you shouldn’t send a message that sounds something like:

“It’s Time For Our Secret Christmas Sale. Tune In For The Best Deals”

Instead, you should focus on interacting with your audience in a personal manner.

Here’s what your message should sound like:

“Hey, Chris. This is Bella from MyConcept. We got a secret Christmas Sale For Our VIP Customers.

Would you like to attend?”

2. Answer Queries Instantly

Unlike newsletters and emails, people actually read and respond to messages.

As we discussed above, the open and engagement rate, in the case of instant messaging marketing, is SUPER-DUPER high.

Once you begin interacting with your consumers with the help of the different instant messaging platforms, make sure that you stand up to their expectations as well.

Whenever your customers have certain doubts or queries, you need to make sure that you are available to answer them straight away.

Your business should be prepared to answer your audience’s inquiries.

That’s the only way you will be able to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

For answering your audience’s inquiries as well as doubts, you will need to equip some people on standby.

That’s a big problem right there.

And that’s where the team inbox feature from SleekFlow comes into play.

What is the team inbox feature all about?

Let’s take a look.

With the help of this feature, your marketers, as well as sales and support agents, will be able to collaborate and handle multiple conversations in just a single place.

This will, thereby, boost the entire inbound lead generation process.

Here’s what you will get with SleekFlow’s Team Inbox feature:

  • Single Inbox For Team Messaging

  • Complete Control Of All Customer Data

  • Business modules e.g. smart assignment, internal notes, and reminders

Still, confused? Click here to know more.

Introducing SleekFlow: Sales, Marketing & Service Software For All Messaging Apps


With SleekFlow, you can now manage conversations and accelerate the team workflow on all messaging applications together.

Broadcasting personalized messages to your customers and lead has never been easier.

With Team Inbox, you will be able to integrate all of your different business instant messaging channels in a single place, allowing you to talk to your audience without any hassle.

While you create your company account on SleekFlow, you will be asked to connect a channel. From there on, you can add and manage channels depending on your requirements.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to make this process more convenient for everyone involved.

It’s really important for you to make sure that you control the number of messages that you send in the limited number of SleekFlow sets.

Another important point that you need to keep in mind is that you should only talk to the people you have talked to in the past. Otherwise, it will lead to the risk of getting blocked by SleekFlow and the different social networks.

In short, we can conclude that SleekFlow turns your entire instant messaging marketing journey smoothly.

And that’s something most businesses crave for.

So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time for SleekFlow to do wonders for your business.

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