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How Buzzlive achieves 10x efficiency with SleekFlow


Increase in efficiency

Buzzlive is a live commerce enabler in Indonesia. Seeing the fast-growing market potential in live commerce, Buzzlive is committed to helping businesses sell their products through live streaming. 

Aside from supporting live commerce, Buzzlive also functions as a marketplace for live streamers. With two types of target audiences, which are hosts and merchants, Buzzlive creates an ecosystem for customers to develop a mutually beneficial relationships on their platform. On one hand, hosts can invite the merchants on their live streams, while merchants, on the other hand, can increase sales for their businesses, no matter what e-commerce platform they use.

Challenges faced by the marketing agency

WhatsApp profile that lacks credibility and structure

WhatsApp messaging is commonly used for customer communications in Indonesia. However, without a reliable WhatsApp Business profile, Buzzlive found it challenging to acquire the trust of their target audiences. As a result, customers or potential leads rarely reply to their WhatsApp messages.

Manpower taken up by manual, repetitive tasks

Since Buzzlive has to communicate with two groups of customers, their team often has to search for the contacts manually and share product information selectively based on customer categories. Over time, the handover processes became complicated as the conversations were hard to keep track of. Besides, there were many FAQs such as pricing and packages from different customers, which their team members had to attend one by one. As the number of inquiries increased, these repetitive tasks became time-consuming, restricting their work efficiency with limited manpower. 

No campaign analytics for marketing performance assessment

Buzzlive sends package details or updates to customers through WhatsApp. As the business scales and the number of customers increases, it became more difficult for them to track customer engagement without an analytics dashboard. 

In need of a customer segmentation strategy

The WhatsApp Business App doesn't allow Buzzlive to segment its audience and send targeted messages. They wanted to reduce the risk of human errors or confusion caused by mixing up interactions with hosts and merchants. 

Using SleekFlow and WhatsApp Business API for effective B2B marketing

Buzzlive now uses SleekFlow features and a WhatsApp Business API (WABA) account to facilitate B2B marketing.

Personalized WhatsApp broadcast messages to upsell packages

Through SleekFlow, the official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), Buzzlive started using WABA to send broadcast messages to their existing contacts. They can now upsell Buzzlive products using a credible and reliable WhatsApp business profile, without risking losing their account if customers report their messages as spam and get their account banned. Using personalized messages, customer engagement has also increased, leading to better results for marketing campaigns.

Upgrade your WhatsApp Business account to a WABA today.

Improved efficiency with automated replies and agent assignment for inbound messages

By setting up auto replies on SleekFlow, Buzzlive has managed to maintain the standards of their replies with a consistent brand tone. They have also used the auto assignment of agents to equally distribute the incoming inquiries, so that the conversations are not missed out or overlooked, and that the customers receive replies wherever agents are available.

All-in-one inbox and internal notes for team collaboration

Other than that, their customer service agents can collaborate seamlessly in the same customer conversation. They can attend to customers simultaneously in the all-in-one inbox, ensuring that customers receive the required assistance as soon as possible. Also, with the Internal Notes function, Buzzlive agents can discuss specific customer needs in the same chatbox using messages that are not visible to the customers.

Analytics to devise a high-performing future marketing campaign

On SleekFlow’s analytics dashboard, Buzzlive is now able to access important campaign metrics such as open rate, reply rate, and conversions acquired through their WhatsApp broadcast messages. These data are useful for deciding the next steps for their marketing strategy, whether to readjust their target audience or improvise the content of their marketing messages.

Buzzlive sends auto reply on WhatsApp via SleekFlow

Structured customer segmentation for increased engagement

With SleekFlow Social CRM, Buzzlive has created auto-segmentation of inbound messages to identify inbound chats, whether from hosts or merchants, so they can send messages with accurate retargeting. They have also grouped these customers into organized contact lists on SleekFlow in line with the roles of their target audiences. 

Overall, the collaboration between Buzzlive and SleekFlow has increased the effectiveness of sending messages via WhatsApp by up to 10 times.

Fabian Tonny Hariyanto

Fabian Tonny Hariyanto

CEO/Founder of Buzzlive

About Buzzlive

Buzzlive is a dedicated online marketing team that holds the vision of democratizing influencer marketing, making live commerce successful for everyone. By connecting live stream hosts and merchants, Buzzlive helps increase sales and exposure for brands and influencers. With clients such as Nike, Innisfree, Nivea, and more, Buzzlive offers professional assistance for commerce via live streaming.

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