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Everything about WhatsApp CRM integration | 2024 Guide

WhatsApp CRM

If you are using a CRM solution that does not provide integration for messaging apps, you need to read this:

Customers prefer texts rather than calls or emails. 

80% of WhatsApp messages are read 5 minutes after being sent, whereas email recipients generally take 10 hours to reply.

In this article, I will walk you through how to integrate your CRM customer profiles into WhatsApp communication. There are 2 steps: getting your WhatsApp API account ready and choosing a software solution that supports the integration of WhatsApp and popular CRM software like Salesforce and Hubspot.

SleekFlow social CRM

How to integrate CRM into WhatsApp

WhatsApp has two business versions: the native WhatsApp Business App and the WhatsApp Business API. To integrate your CRM into WhatsApp, you have to register a WhatsApp API account. What's the difference?


WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business API / WhatsApp Business Platform

Verified Business Profile (green tick)



Multi-agent access


up to four linked devices


Broadcast messaging


At risk of suspension


Managing multiple numbers in one view



Integration with other software



CRM, e-commerce software

Application method

Download from Apple App Store / Google Play Store

Download from Apple App Store / Google Play Store

via SleekFlow

WhatsApp Business App

The WhatsApp Business App is majorly used by small and medium-sized entities and can engage their customers through a smartphone application. It’s a known messaging application among IOS and android devices. It provides simple business features to automate, sort, and respond to messages fast. The interface is just like the personal WhatsApp application.

A summary of WhatsApp Business’ features:

  1. Create a business profile with contact information, official websites, and business location.

  2. Set opening hours to inform your customers of the appropriate time to reach out.

  3. Support swift automated responses to every message sent to the business account, but the automation is limited to greetings, quick replies, and away messages.

  4. Create a simple product catalog that allows customers to discover your products.

  5. Group chats with the labels and segment your customers.

WhatsApp Business API

Unlike the Business App, the WhatsApp Business API is more suitable for large-sized businesses that possess a large customer base and a large volume of messages.

SleekFlow WhatsApp

The Business API has a verified business profile that ensures trust from the customers. It also supports unlimited simultaneous log-ins and can be used on numerous devices, permitting larger teams and user access. Although it has various functions and features, it needs a software solution and an official WhatsApp provider to integrate with. It is not a stand-alone app provided by WhatsApp.

To delve deeper into WhatsApp Business API, check out our essential guide.

Normally, the software solution provider does not just Integrate with WhatsApp. Like SleekFlow, it integrates with various platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Shopify and Calendly to fill every gap in your e-business ecosystem. This way, a CRM with WhatsApp integration can improve communication with customers.

How to register a WhatsApp Business API account

Companies can obtain the WhatsApp Cloud API through an official BSP, like SleekFlow.

Each company (WhatsApp Business Account) can register for the Official WhatsApp Business API with more than one phone number. Register different numbers for each shop branch to better segment internal workflows while still allowing the management to see the full picture.

The entire approval process from start to end will take approximately one to two weeks. When your API account is provisioned, you need to complete the Facebook Business verification to increase the message sending limit. Looking for a step-by-step guide? Check out the Facebook Business Verification Guide.

After setting up the WhatsApp API account, the next thing to do is taking care the billing process. Please be aware that the message rate differs in the region, and WhatsApp determines your market operations by the person receiving the messages and the recipient’s country code. There is also a daily limit to the number of people you can message. To increase your messaging limit, you must maintain a quality rating of High or Medium.

Check our complete guide about how to apply for WhatsApp Business API with SleekFlow.


Business-initiated rate for utility conversations (USD)

Business-initiated rate for authentication conversations (USD)

Business-initiated rate for marketing conversations (USD)

User-initiated rate for service conversations (USD)

Hong Kong

$ 0.0472


$ 0.0732

$ 0.0224


$ 0.0472


$ 0.0732

$ 0.0224


$ 0.0200


$ 0.0860

$ 0.0220

United States

$ 0.0150


$ 0.0250

$ 0.0088

United Kingdom

$ 0.0398


$ 0.0705

$ 0.0388

How to choose a social CRM Platform for WhatsApp integration

You should be meticulous in choosing a social CRM platform since the cost of switching platforms is high. It takes time to migrate and transfer all the precious data. Your team might also need some time to adapt to the new interface. Here are the factors of considerations:

  • Ability to integrate with popular CRM softwares, e-commerce platforms and other messaging apps: Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Shopify, Magento 2, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WeChat, LINE

  • Level of convenience: Choose a cloud-based platform that users can access to the database anytime with mobile app and web app.

  • Access to localized support: Request a demonstration, or sign up for a free trial to understand if the platform support your business needs.

SleekFlow as a CRM with WhatsApp Integration

SleekFlow, as a CRM with WhatsApp integration, performs various duties to raise efficiency for marketing, sales, and customer service. We support your customers in every step of their request and purchase journey. Take a quick look at the list of some of the CRM features.

Messaging Salesforce leads with SleekFlow
  • Offers a two-way contact sync with Salesforce, Hubspot any many other CRM softwares through Zapier

  • Offers a native Shopify integration, filling the gap between Shopify and popular social messaging channels such as WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, WeChat, and Live Chat on a Shopify site.

  • Offers chatbot development tools, automation rules driven by events and keyword triggers, and campaign analytics dashboard enable merchants to streamline the workflows and processes associated with sales, marketing, and customer support along the conversion funnel.

  • Offer unique in-chat payment solution. As sales agents bond with customers, they can proactively add the customer's product of interest to the cart, draft an order on SleekFlow, and close the case with a one-click checkout link powered by the most trusted payment gateway - Stripe.

Mapping Salesforce and SleekFlow contacts

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