Support your customers at every step of their journey

Tap on powerful inbox workflows and your teammates to help you resolve issues in real-time and improve team efficiency across all messaging channels, all in one place.
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Support your customers better with SleekFlow

27% of customers feel it is important to be able to get an instant response.

49% of customers want quick, detailed, and expert answers to their questions.

60% of consumers will stop using a brand due to unfriendly service.

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Serve all customers across all channels

Serve and support customers across all messaging channels by switching between different messaging channels with ease.

Keep track of your conversations with ease

Snooze conversations and set reminders to get back to them or close conversations to better focus on the ones at hand.

Work on conversations as a team

Reply customers faster with saved quick replies. Choose to assign multiple team members to a single conversation or simply mention teammates to collaborate together by adding notes that only you and your teammates can see.
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Power up your workflow with chatbots

Let chatbots answer basic customer queries and help you to qualify and route leads. Automatically assign conversations by queue or directly to specific staff.

Set up automation rules for your unique needs

Allow staff to indicate their availability and automatically re-route conversations when replies are not received after a stipulated timeframe.

Have each customer's information at your fingertips

Integrate with leading eCommerce platforms and CRMs to check everything from customer orders to membership points and payment statuses to provide the best all-rounded customer support.
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Data and analytics to improve your customer support workflow

Access a holistic suite of analytics to help you analyse how to serve and support your customers better by reviewing metrics such as individual response times and active conversations.
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"Customers can now easily reach us and SleekFlow's chatbot and automation help us to provide the best support to our customers."

Philip Tam, General Manager, Pokfulam Development Company Limited

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