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Messaging API for WhatsApp integration

Integrate WhatsApp into your application and connect with over 2 billion users worldwide. Customize user experiences with complete control over data management, without any front-end restrictions.

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Messaging API for WhatsApp integration

whatsapp gateway

Messaging API for WhatsApp


Sign up for multiple WABAs and instantly send messages, create templates, manage media files, and configure webhook settings on our cloud-based platform, with faster throughput rates than on-premise messaging APIs. Get volume-based messaging discounts through Meta's program support as a WhatsApp BSP user or partner.

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WhatsApp gateway for independent software vendors and enterprises by

WhatsApp Business Solution Provider


Send one-time passcodes for user registration, password reset, and two-factor authentication to enable users to quickly verify their identity and complete transactions.

One-time passcode verification to quickly identify users and complete transactions


Send personalized messages, customer surveys, event reminders, and create interactive messaging campaigns - all automatically and at scale.

Sending personalised messages to initiate interactive messaging WhatsApp campaigns


Integrate with CRM systems to efficiently send order updates and manage customer inquiries, while enabling thousands of agents to provide valuable customer insights.

Integrate with CRM systems to send order updates and manage customer inquiries

Developer-friendly text message api

Interactive documentation for faster API development

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Master development with practical use case guides

Consult our quick start guide to learn which API endpoints are ideal for various use cases, including customer support, sales and marketing. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the API by reviewing all parameters, methods, requests, responses, and programming constructs.

Practical parameters to master text message API

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Speed up coding with code samples in popular languages

Easily integrate the messaging APIs into you own codebase with ready-to-use code snippets available in Curl, C#, Node, Python, Ruby, Java and more. Read response examples to understand the data that the API returns.

Messaging API Integration with code samples in popular languages

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Build prototype faster with effortless API testing

Engage in up to 1,000 conversations and enjoy free WABA phone numbers with an unlimited free trial. Use a mock server to send API requests and simulate API responses and behavior in various conditions. Develop proof of concept and test your application with zero costs.

A mock server to send API requests and simulate API responses

Conversion rate increased by 5 times

I strongly recommend integrating WhatsApp Business API into product strategy. On SleekFlow, we can fill gaps in our customers' journeys and keep them satisfied by using WhatsApp Business automation.

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