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SleekFlow is now an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP)

SleekFlow as the official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

SleekFlow, the omnichannel platform that enables a complete social commerce journey through conversations, is now a verified WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP)*. As an official WhatsApp for Business API provider, SleekFlow is committed to offering WhatsApp Business API solutions with upgraded infrastructure for businesses and enterprises to deliver superior customer experience on WhatsApp for Business. 

SleekFlow is a Meta partner for business messaging

Caption: SleekFlow is now an official Meta Partner for business messaging.

“Messaging is quickly becoming the go-to way for businesses to communicate with their customers. Already, more than one billion users connect with a business account across Meta’s messaging services every week, and this pace is only accelerating. Earlier this year, we opened up the WhatsApp Business Platform to any business across the world to help them get started on WhatsApp in a matter of minutes – deepening customer relationships, driving sales, and providing support in an efficient and delightful way,” said Matthew Idema, VP of Business Messaging at Meta.

“We know how important it is to act fast when it comes to selling,” said Henson Tsai, the founder & CEO of SleekFlow. “Our customers often come to us about the tedious process when integrating the WhatsApp Business Platform. This is why as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, we’re now offering easy and accessible onboarding for you to test the powerful inbox in just 3 minutes. We have teams from across the globe, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, the UK, and Europe, to help scale your business.” 

We always try to ensure that enterprise customers with a large volume of messages obtain the best pricing.

Henson Tsai

Henson Tsai

Founder & CEO of SleekFlow

1. Scale your WhatsApp Broadcast campaigns with cloud API

SleekFlow uses the Cloud API, hosted by Meta, on the WhatsApp Business Platform, which supports up to 80 messages per second when sending or receiving text and media. Enterprises can even request 500 MPS (messaging per second) to manage a large number of WhatsApp conversations smoothly. This can ensure that WhatsApp Broadcast campaigns are conducted effectively within a short period of time. 

“Customers are naturally inclined to order on WhatsApp rather than on the e-commerce site. At some point, the number of inquiries on WhatsApp quickly increased. I knew we needed a solution to amp up customer interaction on a more powerful scale. SleekFlow’s solution is truly revolutionary because people don’t really read emails anymore. WhatsApp is really an untapped channel. The read rates and answer rates are much higher than emails,” said Julien de Préaumont, founder of Le Dessert. “The beauty of conversational commerce is that it enables local businesses to have a global outreach. I knew that having the ability to accept credit card payment within WhatsApp and letting the customer pay their way would be the game-changer.”

SleekFlow has a real impact on business growth. Our online sales have doubled since we started to use SleekFlow.

Julien de Préaumont

Julien de Préaumont

Founder of Le Dessert

Le Dessert broadcast WhatsApp Business newsletter

2. Maintain a stable connection for your WABA

WhatsApp Business Accounts, also known as WABA, are registered and used for businesses to communicate with customers. Some small businesses or companies with limited budgets may choose to use unofficial WhatsApp APIs for broadcasting messages, but there can be many connectivity issues. It also violates WhatsApp terms and may get you into trouble if you’re not using developer resources from Meta or broadcasting through WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. There are also some WhatsApp API providers using REST API that pull HTTP requests to access and use data, but they can result in errors rather frequently.

Unlike the typical REST API, SleekFlow uses WhatsApp Business Platform Cloud API. This means that users can count on free, powerful, secure, and reliable resources from Meta and scale quickly when using WhatsApp for Business.

3. Easy onboarding process in 3 minutes

SleekFlow’s team, as a verified WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, has always been closely working with Meta’s WhatsApp team to launch more new features and to ensure that our customers get to be the first ones in the industry to experience these exclusive benefits. An easy onboarding process is tailored to ensure that SleekFlow users can experience the advantages of using the WhatsApp Business Platform quickly and efficiently.

SleekFlow offers an affordable price for using WhatsApp Business API on SleekFlow. You will only need to pay a a monthly license fee of US$15 per hosted phone number and the standard WhatsApp Business Platform pricing.

More attractive features to come

SleekFlow also plans to launch more WhatsApp Business Platform features in the near future to help businesses sell better through WhatsApp for Business:

  • Product messages: an interactive message block or embedded catalog to showcase your product(s) and allows customers to engage directly with a CTA button

  • Mark message as read: manage your customer conversations easily by marking unimportant messages as read

  • Reply to customer’s message: reply to a specific message out of the whole string of text messages to avoid miscommunication and maximize efficiency

  • React to message: use emojis instead of text when replying to customers to save time and establish good relationships

The sales surge witnessed by SleekFlow users is largely motivated by the use of WhatsApp. Integrations with other popular messaging channels and potent software such as Salesforce and HubSpot are also used along with the WhatsApp Business Platform to supercharge the social commerce journey for businesses.

Still getting unstable and unreliable services for your WABA? Switch to SleekFlow today.

More than 2 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends, family, and businesses anytime and anywhere. Find out more about the sales-accelerating features of WhatsApp Business API on SleekFlow today.

*The Cloud API, hosted by Meta, on the WhatsApp Business Platform will only be available for newly registered phone numbers starting in December 2022. For existing SleekFlow users connected via 360dialog or Twilio, their WhatsApp Business API accounts will be migrated by batch starting in Q1 2023.

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