Targeted broadcast with instant messages

Run targeted broadcast campaign to increase sales and onboard new users with powerful instant messages that deliver to customers' preferred channel with our cross channel marketing platform.

SleekFlow sales automation broadcast

Target the right people with cross channel messages that matter

Target people based on who they are and what they do on your website or product with powerful outbound messages broadcasted to their preferred channels.

cross channel marketing segmentation

Live segmentation

With behavioural and customer data stored in SleekFlow and updated continously, you can filter and target the right people even as things change.

chat bot app messenger

All channel in one click

Send customised campaign to your leads and customers preferred/ last used messaging channel for the best engagement rates.

SleekFlow Targeted Broadcast Social

Single dashboard
for every broadcast campaign

Tailored for the statistical nerds - see every number of your instant messaging marketing campaigns with feedback to improve every single time.

cross channel marketing measure

Know how each message performs

View open, click, and reply rates, and track the true performance of an instant message all the way to a goal.

cross channel marketing test idea

Test your way to the best messages

Improve performance by A/B testing against variants to find a winner and use control groups to measure the impact.

SleekFlow Targeted Broadcast dashboard

Scale with Bots everywhere

The best team inbox to allow bots customisation without code and provide personalised and cohesive experience at scale for your customers across every messaging channel.

Bots work for you all day every day – starting conversations, asking questions, and delivering qualified leads when they're live on your site, and allow you to continue on customers’ favourite channel.

Our messaging solution connects to your tech stack, automate workflows behind the scenes, and act as extensions of your sales and support teams.

It’s truly inspirational, by innovation only.

Bring More Customers with Chat Automation.

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