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Automated messaging system & auto-reply solution

Set rule based automations for instant messaging apps and chatbots for your business in Singapore. Send automated messages on WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger or other social apps. Discover the benefits of auto reply messages and online chatbots integrated with social medias. Enjoy auto assigned messages to your team members to engage with clients.

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Save manpower

I can say 50-60% of the questions from our students are more or less the same. Setting automatic replies to those FAQs can solve most problems already. This saves a lot of manpower and students can get their answers right away.

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Ronald Tse

Founder, AfterSchool


Turn triggers and rules into actions in real-time

Optimise business processes by eliminating repetitive and manual tasks with workflow automations. Use an automated messaging systems to have auto assigned messages and auto replies to social comments and messages.

Respond to your client messages without delay

Create intelligent automation rules to segment and assign contacts

Route incoming inquiries and send auto reply messages. Place contacts into lists for targeted messaging campaigns.

Build your chatbot conversation flow

Create a tailored customer experience through an intelligent workflow. Use built-in logic and conditions to customise your chat responses based on context.

automation rules for customer services via whatsapp

Send targeted messages at the right time

Connect to Shopify stores

Set marketing automation for your customer journey. Provide order status updates, recover abandoned carts and more with simple triggers.

Greet new clients with onboarding automation

Set drip campaigns to send messages according to preset rules. Engage and convert customers with personalised recommendations.

Boost Customer Retention

Drive repeated business with effective greetings and interactions. Wish customers for their birthday, or send timely, targeted messages through a customer journey automation process tailored to your business and client base.

automatic message with rules for abandoned cart using shopify analytics

Build chatbot for FAQ or lead generation

Ask qualifying questions to understand the intention of customers

Set your faq chatbot to reply to frequently asked questions

Integrate your automation tools with third-party software to build a more advanced bot experience

automation rules for chat bots

Your perfect partner in Singapore to reduce manual work

Structured workflow

Use conditional logic to construct a marketing automation workflow to manage incoming messages.

Exceptional customer experience

Shorten response time to provide instant support. Deliver seamless experiences with customer service automation.

Increase in conversion

Employ sales and marketing automation to drive sales and shorter conversion cycles. Engage audiences with highly personalised and relevant conversations across Southeast Asia.

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