The team inbox for all customer communications

The most powerful team inbox for your marketers and agents to collaborate and handle multiple conversations in one place, accelerateing the entire process of inbound lead generation.

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Single inbox for messaging

Natively integrate with all instant messaging channels, emails and social media into a unified platform.

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Complete control of data

Get a complete picture of every customer including their location, activity and more – fully customisable and searchable.

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No more switching tabs

Bring all the notes and data you need into inbox, from their most recent activities to the last article sent.

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Qualify leads automatically

Create custom bots to qualify leads, route the right prospects and drive them with appropriate contents to take action, like booking a meeting

SleekFlow team inbox messenger
SleekFlow sales automation support team inbox

Seamlessly collaborate across teams on messaging

Create separate inboxes for sales and support, set role permissions, and use notes and mentions to collaborate on tough questions.

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Smart assignment Rule

Route people to the right sales or support reps based on channels, tags and information captured by bots.

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Notes for teammates

Make notes, pin on conversations and notify teammates on to facilitate inter-departmental communications.

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Follow up faster

No more fighting for the company phones. Trace your customer’s journey by viewing their activity in your product, website and past conversations on the side bar.

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Measure and improve

Track individual conversation volume, response times, meetings booked, deals won and more. Measure ROI and see overall revenue metrics.

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Scale with Bots everywhere

The best team inbox to allow bots customisation without code and provide personalised and cohesive experience at scale for your customers across every messaging channel.

Bots work for you all day every day – starting conversations, asking questions, and delivering qualified leads when they're live on your site, and allow you to continue on customers’ favourite channel.

Our platform connects to your tech stack, automate workflows behind the scenes, and act as extensions of your sales and support teams.

It’s truly inspirational, by innovation only.

Bring More Customers with Chat Automation.

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