Quick Read: Official WhatsApp Business API and how it is different from WhatsApp Business.

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Quick Read: Official WhatsApp Business API and how it is different from WhatsApp Business.

Using the Official WhatsApp Business API means that multiple WhatsApp logins into the same phone number are now possible.

As such, the WhatsApp app will no longer be used. Instead, various users and team members can log into the SleekFlow web and mobile app to use WhatsApp at the same time.

Thus, to start using the Official WhatsApp Business API, businesses simply need to submit business registration details for verification and sign up for a new phone number that costs between USD $1 to USD $15 from Twilio. Both of which can be done at the same time and the approval process usually takes 5 to 7 days.

Following, previous conversation histories can then be retrieved. After which, businesses need to submit WhatsApp Template Messages for approval so that they can be used to contact customers.

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Introduction to the Official WhatsApp Business API

Stability & Connectivity

Firstly, the key difference in using the Official WhatsApp Business API is that the phone number will not be blocked by the recipient. Countless third-party WhatsApp users have reported the issue of being blocked by their users.

However, this will not happen when using the Official WhatsApp Business API. This is because the template message has already been approved and thus, will not be marked as spam.

Next, another key difference is that businesses using the Official WhatsApp Business API will be recognised and verified. This means that the Business’ name will be shown and there can be a green tick next to the Business’ name on WhatsApp to show that the phone number has been authorised. 

Official WhatsApp Business API

In contrast, when not using the Official WhatsApp Business API, the phone number, instead of the business’ name will be shown instead. As such, users can choose to block the number. Furthermore, there will be no green tick to verify the account.

not using the official WhatsApp Business API

Lastly, issues with connectivity and unsent messages will be eliminated. Most third-party WhatsApp providers’ services are built on the WhatsApp app’s connectivity strength.

Thus, the stability of these third-party providers depends heavily on the Internet connection on the master phone that has the WhatsApp app installed. As such, going into lifts or airplanes would affect the sending and receiving of WhatsApp messages for all users in the company.

Using the Official WhatsApp Business API removes the reliance on master phone connectivity and Internet stability. This is because each user is treated as a standalone user and a master phone is not required.

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Template & Session Messages

Template Messages are pre-approved message templates for outbound notifications like delivery alerts and appointment reminders.

For example, if you want your customer to receive this message:


You would need to submit the following template for approval:


Each template will need to be approved before they can be sent out and the approval process usually takes around 3 hours to 1 day.

As a messaging session starts when a user sends you a message and lasts for 24 hours from the most recently received message, businesses must use a WhatsApp Template Message if more than 24 hours has elapsed since the user’s last response to you. Any other types of messages sent outside the 24-hour window will fail to reach the user.

The charges for Template Messages differ depending on the message’s destination country. For most Asian countries, each Template Message costs USD$0.0555. To check the charges for your destination country, please click here.

Apart from Template Messages, there are also Session Messages. Simply put, WhatsApp Session Messages are any messages sent that are not from a Template Message.

As such, Session Messages do not require prior approval and costs USD$0.005 per message regardless of the message’s destination country.

Message TypeCost / Message
Template MessageUSD $0.0555
Session MessageUSD $0.005

Based on SleekFlow’s data, contacting and conversing with 200 customers using the Official WhatsApp Business API costs around USD $30 per month.

A quick summary: 2 types of WhatsApp

WhatsApp (Business)Official WhatsApp Business API
Business Tools such as profile, catalog, away message, quick replies, labels.Business Tools such as profile, catalog, away message, quick replies, labels.
For small businesses (team size smaller than 4)For Medium to Large Businesses
Up to 4 collaborators with different devices. (Still work-in-progress.)Unlimited multi-login depends on your WhatsApp CRM platform.
Create a list of contacts for broadcast only up to 256 recipients. Can do mass broadcast without limit.
Can integrate with an all-in-one platform for centralizing all the social messages
Can apply for green tick so that customers can see your business name instead of your phone number even without saving your phone number in their phones.
You can keep your current number Should apply for a new virtual number
A high chance of being blocked by WhatsAppAn official and legit account type

Achieve more with WhatsApp Business API

Supercharge Official WhatsApp Business API’s capabilities through SleekFlow! Use the WhatsApp as a team – together and at the same time – on both desktop and mobile. 

That’s not all, send out personalised broadcast campaigns to your customers and set automation rules to automatically route conversations and streamline your workflow.

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