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3-minute quick read: SleekFlow's Official WhatsApp Business API

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3-minute quick read- SleekFlow-s Official WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp has three main products: WhatsApp Personal, WhatsApp Business App, and Official WhatsApp Business API. The first two are free for anyone to use while the latter requires a verification process through the official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP). 

But first, what is an API?

SleekFlow official WhatsApp BSP WhatsApp Business API concept

In short, an API (Application Programming Interface) is a tool for connecting to the WhatsApp server and delivering advanced functions. Merchants can connect the API to their own application interface, or simply connect the integrated software directly to use these functions.

Looking for a programmable Messaging API for WhatsApp for your native mobile app? Find out how from SleekFlow.

As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), SleekFlow is a Meta-trusted third-party platform with expertise on the WhatsApp Business Platform, which helps you securely manage communications between your business and customers.

SleekFlow is an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider verified by Meta, offering advanced features for your WhatsApp Business account. Third-party WhatsApp API is now banned by WhatsApp. Choose wisely.

What is the Official WhatsApp Business API?

To start using the Official WhatsApp Business API, businesses must submit business registration details and sign up with a phone number dedicated to using the WhatsApp Business Platform. The Official WhatsApp Business API verification approval process usually takes 3 days to 2 weeks

Learn about WhatsApp Broadcast, an WhatsApp Business API feature in A complete walkthrough for WhatsApp Broadcast.

Key features of WhatsApp Business API

  • Log into one business account with multiple people and multiple devices

  • Send mass personalized messages to customers without the risk of being blocked

  • One-click reply, chat button with links

  • Official green tick certified business account

  • Enable internal messaging function between teams

  • Track and analyze conversation data, including delivery rate, read rate, and response rate

  • Develop an intelligent chatbot to automatically reply to users

A quick summary: 2 types of WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp Business AppOfficial WhatsApp Business API
Business toolsCompany profile, catalog, away messages, quick replies, labels Company profile, catalog, away messages, quick replies, labels, interactive messages with reply buttons or list messages
Business sizeFor small businesses (team size smaller than 4)For medium to large businesses
Number of loginsUp to 5 devicesUnlimited multi-logins depending on your WhatsApp CRM platform
Broadcast limitBroadcast contact list with only up to 256 recipientsMass broadcast messages without limit (upgraded according to tiers)
Omnichannel availabilityNot availableCan integrate with an all-in-one platform for centralizing all the social messages
Green tick verficationNot availableCan apply for green tick so that customers can see your business name instead of your phone number even if they did not save your phone number
Phone numberCurrent phone number can be used A new virtual number required
Account typeA normal account with a high chance of being blocked by WhatsAppAn official account verified by WhatsApp

Key advantages of the Official WhatsApp Business API

Verification and pre-approval process

Getting a green tick verification for your WhatsApp Business account is another major appeal for businesses to switch to Official WhatsApp Business API. The green tick displayed next to your WhatsApp name is a trusty indication to customers that your business phone number has been authorized by WhatsApp.

Official WhatsApp Business API

Without the green tick to prove verification, the customers will very likely be suspicious of the messages and mark them as spam.

Learn how to unblock your WhatsApp Business account here.

not using the official WhatsApp Business API

Constant and stable network connection to WhatsApp

A key advantage of using WhatsApp Business API is that your business phone number will never be blocked by your customers. When sending mass messages, many WhatsApp Business account users have experienced the issue of being blocked by the recipients.

Unleash your WhatsApp Business potential today!

WhatsApp Template & Session Messages

WhatsApp Template Messages are pre-approved message templates for marketing, one-time notifications, or outbound notifications like delivery alerts and appointment reminders. They fall under business-initiated conversations.

For example, if you want your customer to receive this message:


You would need to submit the following WhatsApp Template for approval:


Each WhatsApp Template Message will need to be approved before it can be sent out and the approval process usually takes around 1 to 2 days.

On the other hand, Session Messages are messages sent by the users or your customers, which are categorized under user-initiated or service conversations.

A "conversation” starts when your business or a user sends you a message. A conversation can have unlimited messages exchanged during each 24-hour session; however, the session will end exactly 24 hours after the first message was received. From then on, businesses must start a new conversation using a WhatsApp Template Message.

WhatsApp Template Messages are also subdivided into 3 categories:

  • Utility conversations

  • Authentication conversations

  • Marketing conversations

Different charges apply for each type of business-initiated conversation. Also, it is important to note that if 2 types of conversations are sent within the same 24-hour window, you will be charged for both types of conversations.

For more details about the latest WhatsApp pricing structure starting in June 2023, check out our quick guide.

WhatsApp pricing & charges

In February 2022, WhatsApp announced a new conversation-based pricing model where businesses are charged according to the number and type of conversations.

The good news about this update is that the first 1,000 user-initiated conversations (also known as service conversations) are FREE! 

Following that, conversations on WhatsApp Business API are charged depending on whether they are:

  • Business-initiated conversations - apply when WhatsApp Template Messages are sent to the customers to start a new conversation (prices vary depending on the type of conversation i.e. utility or authentication or marketing)

  • User-initiated conversations/service conversations - free form messages (do not need to be WhatsApp Template Messages) can be sent to customers (USD 0.0224 /conversation in Hong Kong)

Price (HKD)
First 1,000 service conversationsFree
Business-initiated conversations (utility/authentication/marketing)0.37 to 0.57 /conversation
User-initiated/service conversations0.18 /conversation

The fees are also dependent on the country you're in.

MarketBusiness-initiated rate for utility conversations (USD)Business-initiated rate for authentication conversations (USD)Business-initiated rate for marketing conversations (USD)User-initiated rate for service conversations (USD)
Hong Kong$ 0.0472$0.0425$ 0.0732$ 0.0224
Singapore$ 0.0472$0.0425$ 0.0732$ 0.0224
Malaysia$ 0.0200$0.0180$ 0.0860$ 0.0220
United States$ 0.0150$0.0135$ 0.0250$ 0.0088
United Kingdom$ 0.0398$0.0358$ 0.0705$ 0.0388

Calculate your WhatsApp messaging costs using our WhatsApp Pricing Calculator.

WhatsApp Business API cost = Conversation cost + Provider cost

Further reading: More about the pricing for Official WhatsApp Business API in 2023

Connect to SleekFlow, an authorized WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP)

Now that we have covered how conversations are charged, let’s talk about how you can secure that green tick. 

What is a Business Solution Provider (BSP)?

Business Solution Providers (BSPs) are Meta’s authorized global third-party partners with expertise on the WhatsApp Business Platform. All businesses are required to sign up for the Official WhatsApp Business API through an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), like SleekFlow.

As a BSP, SleekFlow has the authority to pre-approve message templates, resolving some merchants’ concerns about getting marked as spam or blocked by customers after sending mass messages. SleekFlow also provides a variety of WhatsApp Template Messages to help you broadcast messages without fuss. 

SleekFlow is a Meta partner for business messaging

Explore the list of authorized BSPs on Meta’s Partner Directory.

Why connect Official WhatsApp Business API to SleekFlow?

By connecting WhatsApp API to SleekFlow, merchants can unlock the full potential of an omnichannel all-in-one social commerce ecosystem. Directly communicating with WhatsApp’s server, SleekFlow allows merchants to send WhatsApp messages securely while enabling your sales, customer service, and marketing team to effectively engage customers on messaging apps through automation, campaigns, and messaging. 

Nowadays, shopping is a social activity which means savvy merchants are instantly reachable across all channels. With features like one-click checkout, in-chat payments, and centralized product listings, SleekFlow gives users the flexibility to integrate and transact seamlessly through popular social platforms (i.e. WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, Instagram) and provides the latest APIs to SleekFlow users. 

How much does WhatsApp API through SleekFlow cost?

To set up WhatsApp Business API through SleekFlow, you will need to pay a monthly API provider fee and a WhatsApp messaging fee that is charged per conversation.

For Pro and Premium plan users that are yearly subscribers, onboarding support will now include expert guidance throughout the completion of the official WhatsApp Business API application process, SleekFlow account setup to the management of Facebook Business verification, along with a one-hour-long user training and chat backup.

Achieve more with WhatsApp Business API

Unlock the power of Official WhatsApp Business API’s capabilities through SleekFlow! Use WhatsApp as a team – together and at the same time – on both desktop and mobile. 

Upgrading to Official WhatsApp Business API with SleekFlow allows you to enjoy these benefits:

  1. Best pricing along with the messaging cost charged by WhatsApp as mentioned in the pricing table above (based on a pay-as-you-go per conversation fee structure)

  2. Official WhatsApp broadcast without the fear of getting blocked

  3. Free 1000 service conversations per month

  4. Can apply for WhatsApp green tick verification 

and many more!

Begin your Official WhatsApp Business API journey with SleekFlow from just USD 79.

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